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Vocabulary Word

Word: unilateral

Definition: one-sided; involving or affecting only one side; Ex. unilateral declaration

Sentences Containing 'unilateral'

A problem arises with unilateral contracts because of the late formation of the contract. With classical unilateral contracts, a promisor can revoke his offer for the contract at any point prior to the promisee's complete performance.
After the conclusion of Hardtack II, the United States announced a unilateral testing moratorium, which the Soviet Union joined until September, 1961.
Application of option contract in unilateral contracts.
Argentina will support the initiative of Serbia within the UN General Assembly to ask the opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legality of recognising Kosovo’s unilateral independence and will actively advocate that this initiative is supported by Latin America countries and within the Non-Aligned Movement and Mercosur.
As a quid pro quo for the government's unilateral right to order changes, the Changes clause gives the contractor a right to compensation.
At about 7 p.m., President Saakashvili ordered a unilateral ceasefire, advised earlier that day by Kulakhmetov.
Attorney Manuel Genaro Villota, representative of the conservative Spanish, said that the city of Buenos Aires had no right to make unilateral decisions about the legitimacy of the Viceroy or the Council of Regency without the participation of other cities of the Viceroyalty.
Because Jeju people saw the election as unilateral attempt of the United States military government under the flag of United Nations to separate a southern regime and to employ its first president Syngman Rhee.
During January 2009, at the end of President George W. Bush's second term in office, Jonathan Clarke, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, proposed the following as the "main characteristics of neoconservatism": "a tendency to see the world in binary good/evil terms", a "low tolerance for diplomacy", a "readiness to use military force", an "emphasis on US unilateral action", a "disdain for multilateral organizations" and a "focus on the Middle East".
His unilateral actions determining who could participate in the monopoly of wine and meat triggered a revolt amongst the farmers, and in 1706 Adam Tas, Willem van Zijl and Henning Husing drew up a petition objecting to Van der Stel's activities.
However, it is an equally prominent feature in unilateral and bilateral initiatives that seek to improve the trade environment and enhance business competitiveness.
In 2005, as a part of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan, Tene Omarim absorbed 13 families from Morag, Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip.
In addition, fibers of the seventh cranial nerve wrap around the VIth nerve nucleus, and, if this is also affected, a VIth nerve palsy with ipsilateral facial palsy will result. In Millard Gubler syndrome, a unilateral softening of the brain tissue arising from obstruction of the blood vessels of the pons involving sixth and seventh cranial nerves and the corticospinal tract, the VIth nerve palsy and ipsilateral facial paresis occur with a contralateral hemiparesis.
In August 2005, the community hosted mass demonstrations in opposition to the Israeli government's unilateral disengagement plan, which included the forced evacuation of four settlements to the north of Shavei Shomron, and brought a potential frontier to the settlement's backyard. Following their evacuation and demolition, the community hosted some of the former residents of Homesh and Sa-Nur.
In June 1967, the French government announced their withdrawal from the AFVG project ostensibly on grounds of cost. The unilateral French decision led to a censure debate in the House of Commons.
In the wake of Israel's unilateral disengagement from Gaza, there were shortages of bread and basic supplies due to closure of the al Mentar/Karni border-crossing into Israel.
In unilateral contracts, the promisor seeks acceptance by performance from the promisee.
It has formed unilateral arrangements to allow more series between India and Australia and England.
It is also wise to advise patients that unilateral treatment can result in heterochromia or hypertrichosis that may become cosmetically objectionable.
It opposes a unilateral Palestinian drive toward statehood.
Leon Trotsky, representing the Bolsheviks, refused at first to sign the treaty while continuing to observe a unilateral cease fire, following the policy of "No war, no peace".
Management of MEN2 patients includes thyroidectomy including cervical central and bilateral lymph nodes dissection for MTC, unilateral adrenalectomy for unilateral pheochromocytoma or bilateral adrenalectomy when both glands are involved and selective resection of pathologic parathyroid glands for primary hyperparathyroidism.
MOC is recognized by the State Religion Commission but not by any other Orthodox churches, which consider its unilateral 1967 declaration of autocephaly a breach of canon law.
More often, however, she engaged in amphibious exercises – both unilateral and with units of foreign navies – as well as goodwill missions to Far Eastern ports.
Mutations in the gene encoding this protein are associated with the genetic skin disorders pachyonychia congenita, non-epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma and unilateral palmoplantar verrucous nevus.
On 4 August 2011 the BOJ announced a unilateral move to increase the commercial bank current account balance from ¥40 trillion (US$504 billion) to a total of ¥50 trillion (US$630 billion).
On April 28, 1939 Hitler denounced the A.G.N.A. To provide an excuse for the denunciation of the A.G.N.A, and to prevent the emergence of a new naval treaty, the Germans began refusing to share information about their shipbuilding,and thus left the British with the choice of either accepting the unilateral German move or rejecting it, thereby providing the Germans with the excuse to denounce the treaty.
On November 11, 1965, when Rhodesia announced its Unilateral Declaration of Independence (Rhodesia), Skeen was declared "Persona Non Grata" by the British government and was expelled from London, although Rhodesia House (The High Commission) still continued to function as a representative office with no official diplomatic status.
Subsequently, Glacier Northwest filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Belcher protesting her unilateral decision to establish the aquatic reserves (Gordon 2001).
The article shocked some readers, with its hawkish comments in support of more unilateral action by the United States, this time against Iran.
The condition is commonly unilateral but can also occur bilaterally.
The Cree have stated that a unilateral declaration of independence by Quebec would be a violation of fundamental principles of human rights, democracy and consent.
The invasion, he contended at the time, and again in a 1967 interview, was aimed at maintaining the sanctity of international agreements and at preventing future unilateral denunciation of treaties.
The move was seen as a violation whereby restoration could only proceed in parallel with the safe return of Georgian refugees to Abkhazia beginning with the Gali district. However, there had been no progress on the return of refugees, and so, unilateral Russian actions on the railroad violated the Sochi agreement.
The option contract provides an important role in unilateral contracts.
The Sierra Leone Protectorate was more in the nature of a unilateral acquisition of territory by Britain.
The unilateral abducens nerve palsy is the most common of the isolated ocular motor nerve palsies.
The unilateral recognition by Russia was met by condemnation from NATO, the OSCE Chairman, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, Foreign Ministers of the G7, and the government of Ukraine because of the violation of Georgia's territorial integrity, and United Nations Security Council resolutions.
There is no unilateral agreement among the different denominations of Judaism concerning truth.
This unilateral recognition by Russia was met by condemnation from some members of the United Nations (including France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States) and from NATO, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the European Council, due to the violation of Georgia's territorial integrity, of numerous United Nations resolutions on Abkhazia and of international law.
Unilateral cases tend to be uncommon, and may in fact be very rare if a very mild condition in the better eye is simply below the limit of clinical detection.
When the British territory of Southern Rhodesia issues a unilateral declaration of independence in 1965, it means freedom and hope for some; despair, fear, and death for others.

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