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Vocabulary Word

Word: ultimatum

Definition: last demand; last warning; last statement of conditions that must be met; Ex. They have ignored our ultimatum.

Sentences Containing 'ultimatum'

A Black Ops team called the "Avengers" debuted sometime after the "Ultimatum" storyline.
After Amanda's husband Oliver discovered her affair with the narrator, he left the house, giving Amanda an ultimatum to move out within a week.
All out of options, Mayor Quimby decides to give in to Bob's ultimatum — despite Krusty the Clown's objections.
But to a large and thorough sweeping comprehension of him, it behooves me now to unbutton him still further, and untagging the points of his hose, unbuckling his garters, and casting loose the hooks and the eyes of the joints of his innermost bones, set him before you in his ultimatum; that is to say, in his unconditional skeleton.
During a staged interview on MSG Network, which is the last time Dolan answered questions from the media, Dolan gave Thomas an ultimatum to show "evident progress" or potentially be fired.
During their time, Ultimatum performed with international bands H2O, Strife, Vision of Disorder, Sommerset and Australian bands 28 Days, Mindsnare, Vicious Circle and many others.
Finally, he orders two nuclear submarines to position their SLBMs on Libya, and orders his admiral to launch them unless the bomb is found and defused, or unless Gaddafi extends his latest ultimatum.
Giuliani's fundraising schedule had kept him from participating in the panel, a schedule which raised $11.4 million in speaking fees over 14 months, and that Giuliani had been forced to resign after being given "an ultimatum to either show up for meetings or leave the group" by group leader James Baker.
Immediately thereafter, separatist leader Vladimir Bierko gives an ultimatum to Logan, demanding President Suvarov's motorcade route or else face the release of the remaining nerve gas.
In 1995 upon release of their demo, Ultimatum raised the interest and ire of people within the small punk and hardcore scene in Australia with their expressedly militant lyrics and fanzine interviews.
In January 2007, having only played few games for his club team Fulham, Jensen received an ultimatum from national manager Morten Olsen to either find himself a new club or be dropped from the Danish national team.
In late 1996, after some line-up changes, Ultimatum rechartered their direction, taking a more personal and broader political focus in their lyrics.
In the song, a wife answers the phone to find her husband's girlfriend on the other end and seizes the opportunity not only to inform her mate that she knows of his affair but to give him the ultimatum of choosing between the two.
Israel would invade Egypt, Britain and France would give an ultimatum telling both sides to stop and, when one refused, send in forces to enforce the ultimatum, separate the two sides - and occupy the Canal and get rid of Nasser.
It followed a two-week ultimatum to GAM to accept special autonomy under Indonesian rule.
It was not until the Polish ultimatum of 1938, that the two states resolved diplomatic relations.
Leela still retains faith in Ram and sends Rasila (Richa Chadda), widow of Kanji, to give Ram an ultimatum to take her away.
Nazi Germany reclaimed Klaipėda after the 1939 German ultimatum to Lithuania.
On 10 April, Brigadier General Néstor González González appeared on television to demand Chávez's resignation and to issue an ultimatum.
On 15 December 2008 the New Zealand Government now under the leadership of John Key defied an ultimatum by Bainimarama threatening to expel New Zealand's acting high commissioner unless a visa is granted to the son, a Massey University student who is the son of Rupeni Nacewa, a secretary in the office of Fiji's president in Suva.
On 28 April 2003, the Indonesian government issued an ultimatum to end the fighting and accept special autonomy for Aceh within 2 weeks . Free Aceh Movement (GAM) leaders based in Sweden refused the ultimatum, but the United States, Japan, and the European Union urged both sides to avoid armed conflict and resume peace talks in Tokyo . On May 16, 2003, the government asserts that autonomy is a final offer for the movement, and the rejection of the ultimatum would lead military operations against Free Aceh Movement (GAM).
On April 1, his forces issued a radio message to the governor of the region, instructing his forces to leave the capital. An ultimatum was placed until 2 pm of the following day.
On June 19, 2006, the Mujahedeen Shura Council, a group affiliated with al Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the attack and issuing an ultimatum to Russia to withdraw from Chechnya and release all Muslim prisoners within 48 hours.
Other examples of Leykis 101 guidelines include never dating single mothers or co-workers; never cohabiting with a woman; using birth control during each sexual encounter; and immediately ending a relationship if a woman issues an ultimatum.
Philip rejected the Roman ultimatum to stop attacking Greek states and the Romans declared war on Macedon.
The Soviet press responded with attacking Veniamin’s character and he was presented with an ultimatum by the government in that he could either remove the excommunication or he and those close to him would pay with their lives.
Then Crane issues an ultimatum to Japan that he seeks the Anima Mundi and will threaten to destroy the country and the world if it is not met.
This made the episode the most-watched episode of the season and the third-highest-rated episode of the season after "Ultimatum" and "Nepotism" in the 18–49 demo.
Ultimatum were an influential hardcore punk band based in Melbourne, Australia formed in 1995.
Ultimatum were one of the early Australian bands to introduce the modern 'new school' metal influenced form of hardcore to Australia.
Ultimatum's second split EP released on Melbourne based Trial and Error/Shock Records, with highly regarded and now defunct hardcore band Not for You was well received.
Washington instead at the meeting launched an ultimatum, that if the clauses about heredity were not abandoned, he would resign from his post as president of the society.
While Kano was free to take part in the tournament of his own accord, Sonya and her unit were captured by Shang Tsung, who offered Sonya an ultimatum to compete in Mortal Kombat, or she and her unit would be executed.
With the palace surrounded by protestors, and with several hundred paratroopers still ensconced beneath the palace, their commander, José Baduel, telephoned Carmona to tell him that he too was as much a hostage as Chávez was, and gave him an ultimatum that he return Chávez alive within 24 hours.

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::: tenuous - thin; slim; rare
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