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Vocabulary Word

Word: turbulence

Definition: state of violent agitation; ADJ. turbulent: violently agitated or disturbed

Sentences Containing 'turbulence'

After the "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" tour he discovered that his voice had fully returned.
Because no wreckage was salvaged and the crew did not report any problems, it was concluded that the aircraft was probably lost due to loss of control while turning in severe turbulence and heavy rain.
By constitutional process, a by-election was to be called to fill the vacancy and move forward from the turbulence.
Devices can be inserted into the nozzle for special applications, such as gas lenses or valves to improve the control shielding gas flow to reduce turbulence and introduction of contaminated atmosphere into the shielded area.
For a fully developed turbulence, the resulting line profile is generally very difficult to distinguish from the thermal one.
Former President Süleyman Demirel described the deep state as synonymous with the military, and capable of subordinating the legitimate state in times of turbulence.
Géricault's compositional structure and depiction of the figures are classical, but the contrasting turbulence of the subject represents a significant change in artistic direction and creates an important bridge between Neoclassical and Romantic styles.
He carried out postdoctoral studies at the University of California in San Diego (INLS) in 1992, working on theoretical aspects of turbulence, and at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ETSIA) in 1994.
He said: "On the surface the faces in these portraits appear as calm as still water, but underneath there is great emotional turbulence.
His era was one of turbulence and also of intrigue.
If the turbulence within the drive exceeds the ability of the brain, the drive will explode.
In 1992 he received the title of Doctor of Philosophy, in Hydrodynamics, from the University of Padova with studies on vortex dynamics and turbulence.
In parallel to scientific research in turbulence, vortex dynamics, and biological fluid mechanics, Pedrizzetti has been a pioneer in medical imaging analysis and processing of medical data, starting the development of medical imaging software in 2001.
In the video game Grand Theft Auto V, the hand gestures are referenced in the mission "Minor Turbulence" in which Trevor hijacks a cargo plane, and is then shot down.
It is possible that the turbulence caused the torque tube driving the port elevator to break; this would allow the port elevator to move freely, but the pilots would still retain approximately half of their attitude control.
It is significantly cheaper, and a steel mast of an equivalent strength can be smaller in diameter than an aluminium mast, allowing less turbulence and a better airflow onto the sail.
Nevertheless, when airborne and experiencing turbulence, the person can be terrified despite having every reason to know logically that the plane is not in danger.
Other aircraft that passed through the accident area after Wideree Flight 933 experienced strong turbulence between and in altitude.
Permission was granted and the aircraft, already in severe turbulence, entered a left-hand turn and then crashed into the sea at 1:50 a.m., nine nautical miles from Madh Island.
Progressive metal band Dream Theater covered this song during their "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" tour.
Scientists and engineers from the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division located in Oak Ridge, TN, are assisting the NCDC USCRN program staff.
The (mostly) solid body rotation is probably due to the long length of time during which each parcel of air remains in the vortex — allowing friction between the inner parcels and outer parcels to have a notable effect. It is also usually agreed upon that there is a slight effect of hot air tending to "rise" toward the center, but this effect is negligible — especially if turbulence is kept to a minimum.
The accident area was suffering from strong clear-weather turbulence up to altitude.
The band recorded a video for the song "I Love Turbulence" on 15 September.
The Big Six were the first to jump from large military aircraft such as the Beverley - a feat previously thought impossible on the premise that anybody trying to exit from the ramp would be sucked back by the air turbulence.
The combined effects of limited aperture area and atmospheric turbulence generally limit interferometers to observations of comparatively bright stars and active galactic nuclei.
The controller advised them that they might encounter heavy turbulence if they went more than six or seven miles west of the airport.
The Indian Government worked on the plan to weaken and dismember Pakistan and to maintain hegemony on Kashmir through sheer might" - [""My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir","" 7th Edition," by Jagmohan, page 127-128.
The plasma motion (thought as fluid motion) occurs at length-scales so small that it is soon dumped by the turbulence and then by the viscosity.
The revolutions which the turbulence of the Greek clergy was continually occasioning at Constantinople, as long as the eastern empire subsisted; the convulsions which, during the course of several centuries, the turbulence of the Roman clergy was continually occasioning in every part of Europe, sufficiently demonstrate how precarious and insecure must always be the situation of the sovereign, who has no proper means of influencing the clergy of the established and governing religion of his country.
The tunnel has a low level of turbulence, with free stream pressure fluctuations of only 1 percent rms.
The wind speed was comparable to the levels used to certify the aircraft. Twin Otter pilots from both Widerøe and the RNoAF confirmed that control of the aircraft's altitude could be difficult in conditions of strong turbulence.
These studies suggested that the ST layout would include all the qualities of the advanced tokamak, the compact tokamak, would strongly suppress several forms of turbulence, reach high β, have high self-magnetism and be less costly to build.
They manage to fly away, but the town's explosion causes turbulence, forcing them to crash.
They soon relinquish this turbulence though, and when about three-fourths grown, break up, and separately go about in quest of settlements, that is, harems.
Turbulence and vortices play a much larger role in insect flight, making it even more complex and difficult to study than the flight of vertebrates.
Turbulent mixing by wind energy at the ocean's surface homogenises the water column vertically until the turbulence dissipates (creating the aforementioned mixed layer).
Understanding what a certain sound is or that an encounter with turbulence will not destroy the aircraft is beneficial to easing the fear of the unknown.
Widerøe Flight 933, also known as the Mehamn Accident (), was the crash of a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter operated by Norwegian airline Widerøe. The Twin Otter crashed into the Barents Sea off Gamvik, Norway on 11 March 1982 at 13:27, killing all fifteen people on board. The results of the four official investigations were that the accident was caused by structural failure of the vertical stabilizer during clear-air turbulence.
“The forms are inspired by internal organs, intestines, breast, stomachs, brains; their colorful, mottled, crumpled, broken shapes and expression of turbulence and restlessness.” Lipofsky is well known for having devoted his career in glass to endless variations on the turbulent, broken bubble form.

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