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Vocabulary Word

Word: trickle

Definition: flow in drops or in a thin stream; N.

Sentences Containing 'trickle'

Henry II bankrolled Guise with a sum of 150,000 écus, likely for bribes, and additional French cardinals began to trickle into the conclave: Georges d'Amboise and Philippe de la Chambre on December 28; Jean de Lorraine on December 31; and (the extremely elderly) Louis de Bourbon on January 14.
Murphy noted:”On December 20th, 1912, I photographed a pair of teals feeding in a trickle of water which ran through tall tussock grass from the melting edge of a glacier.
Once I fell headlong and cut my face; I lost no time in stanching the blood, but jumped up and ran on, with a warm trickle down my cheek and chin.
Prospectors, motivated by the economic panic of 1873, began to trickle into the Black Hills in violation of the Fort Laramie Treaty.
She had a thin trickle of blood running out of her mouth.
The improved border defences succeeded in reducing the scale of unauthorised emigration to a trickle.
These attacks removed many of the restrictions upon previous American targeting, seeded Northern waters with mines that cut Soviet and Chinese imports to a trickle, exhausted national air-defenses and crippled whatever significant remaining industrial plant and transportation network was left in the North.
This came on the heels of the nationwide strikes of fast-food workers and Pope Francis criticism of inequality and trickle-down economics.
This trickle turned into a flood as thousands of miners invaded the Hills before the gold rush was over.
Unless the reservoir is very high, or the pumps very powerful, the flow on the upper floors is noticeably less than that in the cellar, and in the upper stories of some high building the flow is scarcely more than a feeble trickle.
When Propertius alludes to the story of how Tiresias spied the virgin goddess Pallas Athena bathing, he plays on the sexual properties of "lympha" in advising against theophanies obtained against the will of the gods: "May the gods grant you other fountains "(fontes)": this liquid "(lympha)" flows for girls only, this pathless trickle of a secret threshold."

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