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Vocabulary Word

Word: tribute

Definition: tax levied by a ruler; payment made by one nation to another in acknowledgment of submission; mark of respect (such as praise or gift); Ex. pay tribute to

Sentences Containing 'tribute'

"Lichtenstein" was a romantic and patriotic German's tribute to the work of Walter Scott.
According to Wainwright, Flowers was "very flattered and somewhat bashful" about this tribute.
After being inspired by another tribute act Ed began a tribute to Elton John in 1992.
But while they freely waive a ceremonial like this, they do by no means renounce their claim to more solid tribute.
Dickson Wright said that after Paterson's funeral, she ate the caviar as a tribute to her friend.
Duffmuttu songs are a tribute to Islamic heroes and martyrs.
Few books are also published which tribute Mr. Shihab Dehlvi.
He converted to Roman Catholicism at Abingdon in 1973, after being asked to paint a tribute to Cardinal Newman.
His number was retired for the season by the team as a tribute.
In 2001 Jools Holland presented a TV tribute called "Astley's Way".
In 2008, a musical evening of tribute was held in his honor in Jerusalem.
In 2010 a tribute album for the band titled "" was released.
In December, another live tribute for John Lennon was done.
In early 2006, they put on another tribute to Elvis Presley, as well as a series of tribute nights to The Beatles at Mylos Club in Thessaloniki.
It is most likely both a tribute to Charles Lindbergh’s "Spirit of St.
It is named in tribute of Diana Cullen, the co-founder of the estate.
It is named in tribute to Reverend Benjamin Demers, promoter of the new parish in 1895.
Its centrepiece is the massive and fervent processions in tribute to the patron saint.
Lick It Up – A Millennium Tribute to Kiss
Lick It Up – A Millennium Tribute to Kiss is a tribute album to American hard rock band Kiss.
Madonna Tribute Act Evelyne Brink and Diana Ross Tribute Act Siam Hurlock found themselves in the Bottom Two.
Madonna Tribute Act Evelyne Brink and Rod Stewart Tribute Act Greg Dorrell found themselves in the Bottom Two.
Mellonius' story tells how he travelled to Rome to pay the British tribute.
Mr. Micawber closed this handsome tribute by saying, 'Mr. Heep!
On February, 2008 they held a tribute reading.
Paul played with one of premium Journey tribute bands called Voyage.
Prof. Pellman's "Carissima" tribute page
Ray Burton was quoted as saying, '"What a beautiful instrument and a wonderful tribute to Cliff."
Rights in the event are held by Tribute Inspirations Limited.
She paid tribute to her Filipino culture by incorporating OPM sounds into some of the ballads.
Siam was a Diana Ross tribute act from London.
Six-String Masterpieces is an ongoing charitable art tribute for Dimebag Darrell.
Six-String Masterpieces: The Dimebag Darrell Art Tribute.
That's a tribute to him as a person, that he looked far beyond the situation and had the courage to do what he did in playing guys of color."
The "Book of Rights" suggests that the name is derived from "Cais-il", i.e. "tribute stone", because the Munster tribes paid tribute on the Rock.
The album is a tribute to several artists which have influenced Chayanne through his life.
The drivers who were able to do so participated in a 5 lap tribute to Wheldon 10 minutes after the announcement.
The Ming had rejected many tribute missions from Turpan.
The negotiations were successful as the Burmese agreed to pay tribute.
The song "King of May" is a tribute to poet Allen Ginsberg.
The specific epithet is a tribute to Johan Christian Fabricius (1745-1808).
The traditional event was originally a tribute to the start of the fishing season.
There are many other songs that have been created over the years to tribute the team as well.
These include: The comic "Aardwolf" (No 2, Feb 1995) is a special tribute issue to Bloch.
These two acts were Robbie Williams tribute act Tony Lewis and Cher Tribute Act Joanna Berns.
They also recorded a cover of Tim Buckley's "I Must've Been Blind", for the 2005 tribute album, "".
This was a tribute to Dale Earnhardt, being inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in May.
This Week the three acts with the least votes were revealed; Cher Tribute Act Joanna Berns, Diana Tribute Act Siam Hurlock and Tom Jones Tribute Act Simon Abbots.
This Week the three acts with the least votes were revealed; Cher Tribute Act Joanna Berns, Elton John Tribute Act Ed Hintze and Kylie Minogue Tribute Act Victoria Jones.
Winning the race unlocks a video that is a tribute to him.

More Vocab Words

::: aperture - opening; hole; adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light
::: raconteur - story-teller; one who tells stories with wit and skill
::: enlist - (cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)
::: illusive - deceiving; based on illusion; causing illusion; deceptive
::: intelligentsia - intellectuals; members of the educated elite (often used derogatorily)
::: suppress - put an end to forcibly; subdue; stifle; overwhelm; inhibit the expression of; check; prevent from being published or made public; Ex. suppress a smile; Ex. suppress the magazine/truth
::: commemorate - honor the memory of; serve as a memorial to; Ex. commemorate the 100th anniversary/those who died in the war
::: attrition - rubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
::: isotope - varying from of an element
::: poignancy - quality of being deeply moving; keenness of emotion; ADJ. poignant: touching; deeply moving; (of sorrow, grief, etc.) painful; keenly distressing to the mind; Ex. poignant memory/anxiety; CF. prick