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Vocabulary Word

Word: tribune

Definition: official of ancient Rome elected by the plebians to protect their rights; protector of the people

Sentences Containing 'tribune'

"Rolling Stone" described her as "mesmerizing", while the "Chicago Tribune" called her a "performer of serious promise".
"Sum" was named a Book of the Year by Barnes and Noble, The Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, and The Scotsman.
A few months later, the Feral Tribune was introduced as an independent paper.
A picture of Lamb with the trio is featured in the January 10, 1951 edition of the Sarasota Herald Tribune.
According to "Historia Augusta", he was a military tribune under Valerian, but this information is challenged by historians.
Adrian Vore, journalist for the Times Tribune (Tribune Media Services), describes Jim as having ham-sized arms and a back the size of a California condor's wingspan in an article published by the Peninsula News.
After graduation he was a reporter for the New York Tribune.
At length an honorable peer, Morcerf's acknowledged enemy, ascended the tribune with that solemnity which announced that the expected moment had arrived.
At Marcelli's death in 1967, the "San Diego Tribune" memorialized him, saying
By the time he graduated from Morehouse College in 1997, his journalism had appeared in "VIBE", "Essence", "The Village Voice", "Upscale", "The Charlotte Observer", "The San Diego Union Tribune", and "The Atlanta Tribune".
Despite these issues, Feral Tribune continued to survive in part because of donations from abroad.
During his consulship, his main adversary was the Plebeian Tribune Gaius Terentilius Harsa.
Examples include The Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Tribune.
Feral Tribune was a Croatian political weekly magazine.
Feral Tribune's name is likely a play on "Herald Tribune".
Greg Kot of the "Chicago Tribune" commended the song for putting a "bounce" in Knowles' step.
He got Mayor of Santa Fe Larry Delgado, candidate for offices Roberto A. Mondragon, congressional candidate Richard Romero and the Albuquerque Tribune.
He headed Angelo, Gordon Co.'s efforts into becoming one of the main secured creditors in the bankruptcies of the Tribune Co., parent company of the "Los Angeles Times" and "Chicago Tribune"; Minneapolis' "Star Tribune"; as well as Philadelphia Newspapers L.L.C., parent company of the "Philadelphia Inquirer" and the "Philadelphia Daily News".
He is a columnist for "The New York Times" and "International Herald Tribune".
He is Deputy Editor with the English daily newspaper, "The Tribune", published from Chandigarh, India.
He joined The Tribune at Chandigarh, India, in 1991.
He left CBS in 1985 for Tribune Broadcasting, where he anchored the nationally syndicated Independent Network News as well as newscasts on Tribune's flagship station WPIX.
He told the "Tulsa Tribune" he had nothing else to do during the depression, so he thought he'd start a town.
He was the editor of Lead City Daily Tribune.
He was the jazz critic for the "New York Herald Tribune" from 1957 to 1960.
His lecture was covered extensively by the Peru Tribune.
His successor, Dean Baquet, refused to impose the additional cutbacks mandated by the Tribune Company.
However, Baquet was removed from the editorship for not meeting the demands of the Tribune Group — as was publisher Jeffrey Johnson — and was replaced by James O'Shea of the "Chicago Tribune".
I read Cato's speech on the Property of Pulchra, and another in which he impeaches a tribune.
In 1894, he became managing editor of the "Cincinnati Tribune", which became the "Commercial Tribune" in 1896.
In 1926 and 1927, Means was commander in chief of the United Spanish War Veterans, and president of the National Tribune Corporation and publisher of the National Tribune and Stars and Stripes at Washington, D.C. from 1927 to 1937, when he retired.
In 2003, after HDZ's return to power, "Feral Tribune" began to see a resurgence in popularity.
In 2006, he became the first senior editor for "The International Herald Tribune".
In December 2008, the Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy protection.
In May 2007, Fichter left the "Tribune" to join Emerson's organization.
Lucilius tribune of the people violently throws into prison a free Roman citizen, against the opinion of his colleagues who demand his release.
Nicolas Fallet was named director and it became a tribune for the Girondists.
On April 2, 2007, the Tribune Company announced its acceptance of real estate entrepreneur Sam Zell's offer to buy the "Chicago Tribune", the "Los Angeles Times", and all other company assets.
Saltas told the "Tribune" that the timing was "just an ironic coincidence."
Sarma started his career in Guwahati in the editorial staff of The Assam Tribune in 1954.
Sathyamurthy under the caption Tribune of the people.
Scaurus’ "cursus honorum" started when he became a military tribune in the Hispania provinces.
That's all I have to say," according to an April 6, 1995, "Chicago Tribune" article.
The "Coshocton Tribune" was founded in 1909 by William J. Bahmer, a former teacher.
The law which enacted it was, like all other laws relating to the coin, introduced and carried through the assembly of the people by a tribune, and was probably a very popular law.
The party published "Freie Tribune" 1919-1921.
The Tribune has hired two former reporters of the City Weekly, while City Weekly has hired several former Tribune reporters over the same time span, with moves in both directions affirming the legitimacy of news reporting in City Weekly.
The" America" Tribune is parallel to the" Olympic" one.
Tribune does not have an ownership interest in the CW.
Tribune held an initial 12.5 percent stake in the network at its launch, and later increased it to 22 percent; most of Tribune's television properties were key WB affiliates but not owned-and-operated stations of the network as Time Warner had controlling interest in it.

More Vocab Words

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::: ransack - search thoroughly; pillage (going through a place); Ex. Enemy soldiers ransacked the town.
::: emolument - salary; payment for an office; compensation
::: matriculate - enroll (in college or graduate school); CF. matrix
::: contiguous - adjacent to; touching upon
::: inebriated - habitually intoxicated; drunk; N. inebriety
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