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Vocabulary Word

Word: tribunal

Definition: court of justice

Sentences Containing 'tribunal'

A three man tribunal was thus constituted on 2 June 1990.
Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal. In fulfillment of its campaign promises, the Awami government initiated a Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal to bring justice related to war crimes committed during the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971.
Before that unjust Tribunal, there was little or no order of procedure, ensuring to any accused person any reasonable hearing.
Between 2003 and 2005, He was a member on the Federal government's Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (TATC).
Charles Darnay, alone in a cell, had sustained himself with no flattering delusion since he came to it from the Tribunal.
Eigen's photographs were later used as evidence by the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.
He testified to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda regarding the forensic team's findings.
He was brought in front of a tribunal, and stripped from the habit and cross of the Order.
He was later faced with a tribunal and the possibility of being struck-off.
He was sentenced to one year's imprisonment by the revolutionary tribunal, but released in early 1918.
He was taken into custody on his return, but was soon released by a military tribunal after he disavowed connections to the organization.
I am well prepared, but there are precautions to be taken, that could not be taken until he was actually summoned before the Tribunal.
I know you, Evremonde; I saw you before the Tribunal to day.
If you drag us both before a tribunal I will still say,`No, my daughter is not guilty; there is no crime in my house.
In 2006, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal ruled that 3,500 calls were 'unlawfully' intercepted.
In its judgement, the tribunal noted that the case did not require that the tribunal make findings other than those of guilty or not guilty, so consequently, no safe conclusion could be drawn from the acquittal of all accused.
In those disorderly times, it might have been extremely inconvenient to have left them to seek this sort of justice from any other tribunal.
More than the disapproval of all the four states of the new expert committee that was proposed, the proposal turned out to be a major embarrassment for the tribunal. This was because, not only were the four states opposed to it, even the Chief Judge of the tribunal was opposed to it.
Receive the victor's wreath; and the herald shall proclaim your victory aloud before your own tribunal: "M.
She also has a deceptive appearance, and is president of the banned Manchester Tribunal behind closed doors.
Subsequently, the extended deadline of the tribunal also passed and the tribunal was given yet another extension.
The "Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal" announced its final verdict on 5 February 2007.
The case went to an arbitral tribunal, which ruled in favour of the Brewers.
The constitution of the tribunal. The Supreme Court then directed the government headed by Prime Minister V. P. Singh to constitute a tribunal and refer all disputes to it.
The extension was granted and the tribunal's term was extended for another year until September 2006.
The four states presented their demands to the tribunal as under Interim award and the riots.
The Government of India then constituted a tribunal in 1990 to look into the matter.
The Holy Tribunal banned discussion of her case, under pain of excommunication.
The Judges having to take part in a public demonstration out of doors, the Tribunal adjourned.
The Leeds Employment Tribunal held there was a conflict between an Employment Appeal Tribunal decision and the decision of the Inner House of the Court of Session, in "MPS Structure Ltd v Munro" over whether such ‘rolled up holiday pay’ was lawful.
The Manchester Employment Tribunal held they should be compensated.
The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal had found the Waffen SS to be criminal organization.
The offices were a key location in the events described in the Mahon Tribunal – a tribunal which inquired into re-zoning and planning irregularities in the 1980s in County Dublin.
The prosecutions and convictions by the International Tribunal have resulted in rising political tensions among some interests.
The ruling was made by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal after referral by the NBPA.
The Supreme Court refused to entertain Tamil Nadu's petition and asked it to approach the tribunal. The tribunal examined the case and recommended that Karnataka release 11 billion ft³.
The term of the tribunal was initially set to expire in August 2005.
The Tribunal dismissed his application, and the EAT dismissed the appeal. The Court of Appeal held that the Tribunal found there was a break in continuity of the contract from 23 June to 24 July, and then a new contract. The EAT had ordered the case be referred back to the Tribunal to decide whether before August 2001 there had been any holiday pay in the contract, and any break in employment.
The tribunal had overlooked this crucial point when it gave the interim award and it had returned once again to haunt the situation.
The Tribunal has the power to hear and determine trade disputes, register industrial agreements, hear and determine cases relating to the registration of such agreements, make orders or awards and award compensation on complaints brought and proved before the Tribunal.
The tribunal rejected the defense of Superior Orders and found Dostler guilty of war crimes.
The tribunal was headquartered at New Delhi and was to be headed by Justice Chittatosh Mookerjee.
This tribunal hears and decides election contests and protests.
This was dismissed by the tribunal. Tamil Nadu now went back to the Supreme Court which directed the tribunal to reconsider Tamil Nadu’s plea.
Though initially implicated in the allegations that led to the Lynskey tribunal in 1948, he was ultimately exonerated.
To fail in submission to the authority of the Tribunal would be to put yourself out of Law.
Trial. Nyiramasuhuko was tried at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) from 2001 to 2011.
Well, I tell you I will not drag my daughter before a tribunal, and give her up to the executioner!
``But access to him,''said Mr. Lorry,``if it should go ill before the Tribunal, will not save him.''
``Inform the Tribunal of what you did that day within the Bastille, citizen.''

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