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Vocabulary Word

Word: treatise

Definition: article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly

Sentences Containing 'treatise'

-LRB- Footnote 1: Leonardo da Vinci, Treatise on Painting, paragraph 178.-RRB-
According to some views, however, multi-coloured copperplate engravings were invented by Abraham Bosse, as described in his 1645 treatise.
Although I intend to leave the description of this empire to a particular treatise, yet, in the mean time, I am content to gratify the curious reader with some general ideas.
An Analysis of the Laws of England is a legal treatise by British legal professor William Blackstone.
Another of Solomon's translations from the Greek, still extant in manuscript in various libraries, is the treatise of Ptolemy on the astrolabe.
At the same time he charged the King of France by his treatise on "L'ancien naturel des Français" never to tolerate heretics and against these latter he defended the dogma of the Church by an exhaustive treatise on the Eucharist. Through the patronage of Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine, he was appointed to the Bishopric of Évreux(1575).
Chief amongst these, and first in point of time, was his treatise in fifteen books, on the Incarnation.
Codex Marcianus CCXXVIII (406) is a manuscripts of the treatise On the Soul of Aristotle.
Dr. Prosper Lucas' treatise, in two large volumes, is the fullest and the best on this subject.
During this captivity he composed a treatise on the Eucharist, which was published at Paris in 1554.
Early in his career, before he left for the continent, Boniface wrote an "Ars Grammatica", a grammatical treatise presumably for his students in Nursling.
He also issued an edition of Chaucer in one volume for general readers, and a separate edition of his "Treatise on the Astrolabe", with a learned commentary.
He also wrote a long treatise, On Man, His Mortality, His Immortality, revered as one of the few great philosophical works of Russia.
He introduces the offices with a short Latin treatise on the feasts.
He then assisted William Tinwell, the author of "A Treatise of Practical Arithmetic", in conducting a school.
He was presumably the same Habron who was the author of the treatise "On the Pronoun".
He was wrote the first Serbian treatise on hygiene.
He wrote ""Fiziceskkoe Socinenie"" (Treatise on Physics).
He wrote the Asrar al-hikmah ("The Secrets of Wisdom"), which, together with his Arabic treatise Sharh-i manzumah ("A Treatise on Logic in Verse"), remains a basic text for the study of hikmat doctrines in Iran.
His first treatise on this subject dates from 1847 in the "Annali di fisica e chimica" of Maiocchi.
His treatise was presented as a scholarly, scientific work in a time when experimental physiology was practically nonexistent.
I saw another at work to calcine ice into gunpowder; who likewise showed me a treatise he had written concerning the malleability of fire, which he intended to publish.
In 1464 Berlinghieri started to work on a treatise based upon Ptolemy's "Geographica".
In 1484 he wrote a philosophical treatise on the "Destructio Destructionis" of Averroes, which he addressed to his son Ḥayyim Kalonymus.
In 1947 he published a reference treatise titled "The Upper Atmosphere" on atmospheric research.
In the Jesuit College of Palermo there is also found a treatise by Alagona on Logic and Physics.
It is considered to be a classical treatise on the subject. It has been reedited many times, the first edition being 1954.
Laennec wrote the classic treatise "De l'Auscultation Médiate", published in August 1819.
Large fragments of this treatise have been collected from various quarters.
Later Zapffe gave a more systematic defence in his philosophical treatise "Om det tragiske" (en.
Leonardo's treatise on painting, "Trattato della Pittura", was transcribed in the "Codex Pinellianus" "ca."
Locke quotes Hooker numerous times in the "Second Treatise of Civil Government".
Martin, in his excellent treatise on the horse, has given a figure of a similar mule.
Montagu himself referred the matter to the king in his treatise "Appello Cæsarem" (1625), which was censured by the Commons.
Other literary productions of Dufrénoy are an account of the iron mines of the eastern Pyrenees (1834), and a treatise on mineralogy (3 vols.
Several of his works are doubtless monuments of these pastoral labors, e.g. the catechetical lectures, the "ecthesis," and possibly the treatise on "Persian Magic."
The authorship of "Quatuor Principalia Musicae", a treatise on music, is generally attributed to him.
The Lituitida are the Lituitidae of the Treatise (Furnish Glenister,1964), reranked as an order and combined with other orthoceratoids.
The manuscript contains incomplete text of the treatise.
The Prince was known as a horseman and scholar, publishing a two-volume treatise on the breeding of Arabian horses.
The Scope and Meaning of the Treatise (or "Opening Explanation").
The Tale of the Princes of Vladimir (Сказание о князьях Владимирских) is an early 16th-century Muscovite treatise which propounds the conception of Moscow as the third Rome.
The work I speak of is called`A Treatise on the Possibility of a General Monarchy in Italy,'and will make one large quarto volume.''
Theodore's great treatise on the Incarnation belongs to this period according to Gennadius, and possibly also more than one of his commentaries on the Old Testament.
There is debate over the effects of this division on the underlying, holistic manner in which the original treatise was written.
This massive treatise of Abhidharma (200 fascicles in Chinese) contains a great deal of material with what appear to be strong affinities to Mahāyāna doctrines.
This treatise gives a technical exposition on the techniques of shipbuilding.
This was followed in 1732–3 by Robinson's major work, the "Treatise on the Animal Economy".
We do not come to Marcus Aurelius for a treatise on Stoicism.
… Whereunto is added a treatise, “De Facultatibus Medicamentorum compositorum et Dosibus”", 1655.

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