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Vocabulary Word

Word: traverse

Definition: go through or across

Sentences Containing 'traverse'

After the initial 50 metres, the slope widens to the left, allowing skiers and boarders to traverse to a less steep area and make their descent by curving around the more steep and dangerous path directly down the slope.
Anne Marie La Traverse is a Canadian television executive.
At one point in the story and while trying to traverse a cave to the other side, Titicaca gets trapped after a cave-in and the rest of the troop have to travel without him.
At the time, Walney residents where frustrated by the fact that they had to use a ferry to traverse the Walney Channel, and they also saw it as an opportunity to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.
Bay Harbor is in a sheltered bay on the south shore of the Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan.
For even the high lifted and chivalric Crusaders of old times were not content to traverse two thousand miles of land to fight for their holy sepulchre, without committing burglaries, picking pockets, and gaining other pious perquisites by the way.
From the Cross Creek car park it is a hour walk to the Cross Creek station yard. About six hours should be allowed to traverse the entire distance between Cross Creek and Kaitoke.
Guiting-Guiting Traverse by BluishTrekker(Nov 2-3, 2012)
High Stile is most easily ascended as part of a traverse of the three fells.
I suppose it took her a minute or so to traverse the place, but to me she seemed to shoot across the room like a rocket.
In 1996, the first refurbished Metro Cammell EMU was put into service, and trains now allow passengers to traverse from one end to another (except for the first class car), when trains once ran on four three-car EMUs.
In Britain, the road democratic government took seven centuries to traverse...
It is a good preparation for the longer traverse of the Simpson desert.
It would traverse from Whiteville to the Carolina Bays Parkway in South Carolina.
Its route was projected to cross the Taieri Plain and follow the Taieri Gorge upstream to Strath Taieri which it would then traverse from south to north as the main route to Central Otago.
La Traverse's other productions include "Cold Squad", "Murder Most Likely" (based on the story of Patrick Kelly), "", "Tripping the Wire" and "Playing House".
Late in December 1942, "Peto" decommissioned, was loaded on a barge, and departed Manitowoc for New Orleans, Louisiana, the first submarine to traverse the mid-western waterways to reach New Orleans and the sea from the building yards.
Many of the bus routes that currently traverse Anzac Parade to access the city would be replaced by feeder routes connecting to the light rail network.
Mining operations and a massive cement plant operated over and five miles (8 km) of Lake Michigan shoreline on Little Traverse Bay.
NC 45 does not traverse beyond the ferry terminal.
Now, it struck me, when we began to visit individuals in their cells, and to traverse the passages in which those cells were, and to have the manner of the going to chapel and so forth, explained to us, that there was a strong probability of the prisoners knowing a good deal about each other, and of their carrying on a pretty complete system of intercourse.
NY 153 northbound was closed first; travelers heading north were instructed to follow NY 31F, Lincoln Road and Linden Avenue to traverse the village.
Pickup is married to Lans Traverse and father to actress Rachel Pickup and Simon Pickup with whom he has starred in several productions including "Midsomer Murders".
Reds are the ranged attackers, hurling fireballs at enemies, combustibles and explosives; they have the added ability to remove flame from obstacles and can traverse through fiery obstacles without harm.
Scientists found that the dragonite contained properties related to "ether", an energy source that would allow spacecraft to travel faster than the speed of light, and thus traverse large distances of the universe in a short time.
The Clachlet Traverse is a 25 km north-to-south route linking the inn at Inveroran with the Kingshouse.
The fell is usually ascended as a traverse of the 'Buttermere Three', as the north eastern flank is very steep and rough.
The gapper has one defensive mechanism: it can leave a temporary "gap" in the grid that the seeker cannot traverse, allowing the gapper to put distance between itself and the seeker.
The layout, featuring different depths, corners, a spine and a bank wall, allows riders/skaters to traverse continuously around the sections of the bowl.
The line has now been restored from Massawa all the way through to Asmara, but no scheduled services traverse the whole length of the line.
The main challenges are the technical parts, which lead through wood areas, where competitors are challenged with natural terrain obstacles, they traverse over trees, rocks, mud, and climb and mountains.
The majority of the production was filmed in North Carolina and New Mexico. It was presented during the 2013 Traverse City Film Festival and also during the Locarno International Film Festival. Development.
The man was M. de Villefort; I fully believed that when he went out in the night he would be forced to traverse the whole of the garden alone.''
The mount can traverse 120° to either side and elevate between -12.5° and 40.5°.
The peak was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth-Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958.
The platform had rollers at each end which rested on the circular rail for 360° traverse.
The players must traverse through each level, picking up power-ups, gold and keys to pass through the various puzzles and mazes.
The principle is that smaller molecules have to traverse a larger volume in a porous matrix.
The RF signal can traverse walls and floors/ceilings.
The train was to traverse the surface of Mars from south pole to north pole, an extremely ambitious goal even by today's standards.
The turret has electro-hydraulic traverse and can elevate from -10 to +50° and can traverse and elevate at a speed of 60°/sec.
The twins attended Traverse City public schools, but dropped out of Traverse City Central High School during World War I to enlist in the United States Army on April 18, 1918, at Columbus Barracks, Ohio.
This allowed Whately to traverse the Nile and visit other towns and villages.
To generate the Dowker notation, traverse the knot using an arbitrary starting point and direction.
To the south, Mixup Arm leads to Mixup Peak and Magic Mountain, as well as to Cache Col, making Cascade Pass the start of the high-level Ptarmigan Traverse.
Two Allied submarines tried to traverse the Dardanelles but were lost to mines and strong currents.
Two major National Highways traverse through Thrissur city and Thrissur Metropolitan Area: State Highways.
Unusually, it is impossible to fully traverse the district by car in any direction, due in part to its extremely hilly topography, and to a system of road-blocks designed to combat ratrunning.
VBK and DB Stadtbahn routes traverse AVG tracks.
Where wiring, or raceways that hold the wiring, must traverse fire-resistance rated walls and floors, the openings are required by local building codes to be firestopped.

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