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Vocabulary Word

Word: transpose

Definition: reverse the order or position of

Sentences Containing 'transpose'

(Note: formula_31 denotes the transpose of S).
A variation is to use heavy cables, especially where it is desirable to transpose or "roll" phases.
After 3...e6, White can play 4.Nc3 Bb4 (transposing to the Nimzo–Indian Defense); 4.a3, when Black can either play 4...d5 (reaching a kind of Queen's Gambit Declined or Ragozin System), or 4...d6 preparing 5...e5 or even 5...g6 ("championed by Bologan", according to Palliser), reaching a sort of King's Indian Defense; or 4.g3, when Black can transpose to the Catalan Opening with 4...d5, recommended by Palliser or 4...Bb4+, preferred by Orlov, which transposes to a Nimzo–Indian after 5.Nc3, or to a Bogo–Indian Defense after 5.Bd2 or 5.Nbd2.
Calculation of attribute probabilities begins by presenting the neural network with both the generated expected examinee response patterns from Stage 1, with their associated attribute patterns which is derived from the cognitive model (i.e., the transpose of the Qr matrix), until the network learns each association.
In changes of this nature, there will be little or no tendency to alter the original pattern, or to transpose the parts.
In his own practice of literary theory, Felix Aderca nevertheless sought to transpose the spirit of international modernism, acclimatizing its diverse components to a Romanian context.
Now the game may continue in "Tango" fashion, for example with 5.Nf3 Ng6, or transpose to the King's Indian Defense with, for example, 5.Nf3 d6 6.e4 (6.Bg5!?)
Secondly, the "Transpose 2002" sculpture by Michael Dan Archer, located at the junction of Carshalton Road and Langley Park Road, about 250 yards from the town's historic central crossroads.
The design, location and dimensions of "Transpose 2002" all combine to make it a significant landmark for those entering Sutton town centre from an easterly direction along Carshalton Road.
The expected response matrix (E) is created, using Boolean inclusion, by comparing each row of the attribute pattern matrix (which is the transpose of the Qr matrix) to the columns of the Qr matrix.
The opening has some distinct variations but it is highly transpositional, and may transpose to the King's Indian Defense, Nimzo–Indian Defense, Bogo–Indian Defense, Chigorin Defense, Ragozin System, Catalan Opening, and English Opening.
They have an obligation to transpose those agreements into national law and put their provisions into practice on an ongoing basis.
Writing the transpose of the matrix of cofactors, known as an adjugate matrix, can also be an efficient way to calculate the inverse of "small" matrices, but this recursive method is inefficient for large matrices.

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