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Vocabulary Word

Word: transgression

Definition: violation of a law; sin; V. transgress: go beyond (a limit); violate; do wrong

Sentences Containing 'transgression'

A miracle may be accurately defined, _a transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent_.
At the University of Virginia a student taking an examination is also required to sign a pledge not to give or receive aid and there is but one penalty for transgression of the honor code, and that is dismissal from the University.
Because his actions are believed to be in accordance with the Will of God in the garden of Eden, Adam is revered in Mormonism rather than scorned for the Fall, as is prevalent today in mainstream Christianity . It has been explained that the fall had to be the result of a transgression of mankind, rather than the result of an act of God, so that mankind could not blame an unjust God for their fallen state.
For if any suspicion remain, that the event and command concurred by accident, there is no miracle and no transgression of the laws of nature.
He was forced to leave Bolton in 1885 due to a transgression of FA Cup rules regarding professionals, but not before turning out six times in the competition for the club.
If this suspicion be removed, there is evidently a miracle, and a transgression of these laws; because nothing can be more contrary to nature than that the voice or command of a man should have such an influence.
In 2013 the band announced their "Sang Enemy Worldwide Transgression 2013" tour, where they stated they would be performing with Love Me Butch.
In the episode "You Got F'd in the A", which is a spoof of the film "You Got Served", the Doctor treats Randy Marsh after Randy is "served" (slang term for being defeated in a dance competition) by a group of street dancers, as if "being served" constitutes an actual physical transgression that incurs major injuries.
Latter-day Saint doctrine holds firm that through repentance, Adam and Eve were eventually forgiven of their transgression in Eden.
Ratched threatens to tell Billy's mother about the transgression.
The book's sequel, "", which was published in 1992, continues Nin's odyssey of transgression and passion with detailed accounts of her simultaneous affairs with her analysts, Otto Rank and Rene Allendy, with Henry Miller and Antonin Artaud, as well as her incestuous affairs with her father and of her male and female cousins.
The Kranks were used for Transgression, and later sold in 2009, a few year after receiving his Randall endorsement.
The underwater finds evidence for other phenomenon, for which the scientists express only suppositions, such as transgression and regression of the strata.
They instead believe that "little children are whole, for they are not capable of committing sin; wherefore the curse of Adam is taken from them in Christ." Joseph Smith also stated that "men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression."
This prohibitive tableau permeates the entire genre, as virtually all ero-manga follows the same formula of transgression and immobilization.
This was followed by fluvial and shallow water marine deposits of the Ediacaran before a major marine transgression at the start of the Cambrian.
What I entreat of you is that you reproach me not with my transgression and grievous wrong-doing; for the same cause and force that drove me to make you mine impelled me to struggle against being yours; and to prove this, turn and look at the eyes of the now happy Luscinda, and you will see in them an excuse for all my errors: and as she has found and gained the object of her desires, and I have found in you what satisfies all my wishes, may she live in peace and contentment as many happy years with her Cardenio, as on my knees I pray Heaven to allow me to live with my Dorothea;" and with these words he once more embraced her and pressed his face to hers with so much tenderness that he had to take great heed to keep his tears from completing the proof of his love and repentance in the sight of all.
When thou art offended with any man's transgression, presently reflect upon thyself; and consider what thou thyself art guilty of in the same kind.
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