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Vocabulary Word

Word: trajectory

Definition: path taken by a projectile; Ex. trajectory of a bullet

Sentences Containing 'trajectory'

A ballistic missile is a missile only guided during the relatively brief initial powered phase of flight, whose trajectory is subsequently governed by the laws of classical mechanics, in contrast (for example) to a cruise missile which is aerodynamically guided in powered flight.
All solid-fueled ICBMs on both sides had three initial solid stages, and those with multiple independently targeted warheads had a precision maneuverable bus used to fine tune the trajectory of the re-entry vehicles.
Another promising asteroid mitigation strategy is to land a crew on the asteroid well ahead of its impact date and to begin diverting some its mass into space to slowly alter its trajectory.
Between this well and the pyramid was constructed an open chapel, breaking the trajectory between the pyramid and the once-sacred well.
Compared to the more popular .458 Winchester Magnum and the .458 Lott, the .460 Weatherby Magnum provides a flatter trajectory, dropping less than at when sighted in at with the 450 gr.
Directional drillers rely on receiving accurate, quality tested data from the MWD engineer to allow them to keep the well safely on the planned trajectory.
Dr. Puri stated about Granata, “The use of his research by other scholars worldwide had put him on a trajectory to become a notable star in these fields.” Memorial services were held in Blacksburg and a funeral Mass at Christ the King Church in Toledo, Ohio, where his parents, Joseph and Mildred, and siblings live, was later held.
Each year, in a different Canadian city, a public thinker leads a two-day discussion on the historical antecedents and future trajectory of our democratic institutions and culture.
Essentially, an MWD operator measures the trajectory of the hole as it is drilled (for example, data updates arrive and are processed every few seconds or faster).
Finally, in 2002 the trio was reunited at the MTV Latin Music Video Awards where they were awarded the Legend award in honor of their musical and visual trajectory.
For example, Morse showed that the number of conjugate points in a trajectory equalled the number of negative eigenvalues in the second variation of the Lagrangian.
He also reprogrammed NASA's Space Shuttle re-entry trajectory to cause the shuttle to land in on their neighbor's beet patch; his dad commented that that was kinda funny, but that Oliver was still in BIG TROUBLE.
He is uncompromising when changes are suggested, mirroring modern architecture's trajectory from dissatisfaction with earlier design trends to emphasizing individual creativity.
If this drag is oriented at an angle to the vertical, the animal's trajectory will gradually become more horizontal, and it will cover horizontal as well as vertical distance.
In cone-beam computed tomography (commonly abbreviated "CBCT"), the x-ray beam is conical. Helical (or spiral) cone beam computed tomography is a type of three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) in which the source (usually of x-rays) describes a helical trajectory relative to the object while a two-dimensional array of detectors measures the transmitted radiation on part of a cone of rays emanating from the source.
In contrast to the Einstein–Brillouin–Keller method of action quantization, which applies only to integrable or near-integrable systems and computes individual eigenvalues from each trajectory, periodic-orbit theory is applicable to both integrable and non-integrable systems and asserts that each periodic orbit produces a sinusoidal fluctuation in the density of states.
In contrast, the time average (left hand side) suggests a specific ordering of the "f"("x"("s")) values along the trajectory.
In each case, the goal is to translate raw data into meaningful information about the learning process in order to make better decisions about the design and trajectory of a learning environment.
Lupin and Fujiko escape the rocket's trajectory, but not before Lupin puts an explosive onto the rocket.
Luque has a long and broad expositive trajectory and a full curriculum.
MANPADS are capable of actively tracking the target as opposed to flying in a ballistic trajectory as the unguided RPG-missiles do; allowing kills at high altitude (which are too far to be hit by an unguided projectile).
Mathematical equations of motion are used to analyze projectile trajectory.
Miloš Ninković’s trajectory was atypical for a Serbian footballer; he is one of the few successful players from Serbia to have never gone through the more notable youth academies of Red Star, Partizan, Vojvodina, or OFK Beograd.
On May 9, 1921, Franco was promoted to first lieutenant Infantry and, on 13 August of the same year he was appointed commander of the Group of machine guns, with a seat in Asunción. Trajectory.
Once the bedrock of Irish resistance to the advance of the English state in Ireland, the Plantation of Ulster by Scottish and English colonists resulted in northern Ireland following a different economic, religious and cultural trajectory to the rest of the island.
Reuters reports that "emissions and coal consumption will continue to rise through the 2020s, even though at a slower rate, barring a major intervention including a shift to cleaner burning gas from coal" - in other words, "meeting the carbon intensity target will require a significant change in trajectory for carbon emissions and coal consumption."
Setting children on a Knowledge building trajectory is a promising foundation for education in the knowledge age (Scardamalia Bereiter, 2003).
Tampa was ready to move forward with the right leadership on a trajectory from “terrible” to “uneven but promising”.
The "smart" part comes from the bullet doing something other than simply following its given trajectory, e.g. turning, speeding up, slowing down, sending data, etc. The patent number 5,788,178 for the guided bullet is held by Rolin F. Barrett Jr., of North Carolina, USA.
The .460 Weatherby Magnum compares well with the classic English big bore cartridges; it exceeds all these cartridges in velocity, energy, trajectory and penetration.
The historian James T. Campbell wrote of Payne in his "Songs of Zion: The African Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States and South Africa" (1995): "No single individual, with the possible exception of Richard Allen himself, did more to shape the trajectory and tone of African Methodism."
The Kornet Anti Tank Missile system is an advanced ATGM with spiral trajectory.
The plot follows the personal life and career trajectory of its protagonist, Denise Waverly.
The result is a flatter trajectory when compared to the .22 Hornet.
The road continues on from New Town Road at Lenah Valley and runs in close proximity with the Southern Railway Line and travels on a near parallel trajectory with the Derwent River until it reaches Granton where it merges with the Brooker Highway. Prior to the construction of the Brooker Highway the only way traffic could travel to the northern cities of the state was to drive via Main Road.
The show is distributed worldwide by Televisa.The opening theme, "Un Rincon Del Corazon" in English (A Corner Of The Heart)is sung by Patito played by Laura Natalia Esquivel.In 2009 under the licence of "Ideas Del Sur" "Luis De Llano" made a Mexican version of the show "Atrevete a sonar" starring Danna Paola. Trajectory.
The Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin had orbited the Earth almost a month earlier, on April 12, 1961; and the next day, on May 5, Alan Shepard flew a sub-orbital trajectory on the Mercury Redstone rocket.
The theory "encompasses the foundational learning, subskills, and socio-cognitive dynamics pursued in other approaches, along with the additional benefit of movement along the trajectory to mature education".
There were even designs for small "boats" to shuttle crew and supplies between ships during the cruise to the Red Planet, which was to follow a minimum-energy Hohmann transfer trajectory.
These modes of locomotion typically require an animal start from a raised location, converting that potential energy into kinetic energy and using aerodynamic forces to control trajectory and angle of descent.
This gives higher velocity and a flatter trajectory than would be found with typical .223 loads.
Tianlian I-01 will be able to cover around half of the spacecraft's trajectory, compared to around 12 percent which was previously covered using tracking stations and a fleet of ships.
To obtain reliability in providing accurate trajectory data, the Mercury spacecraft was equipped with C-band and S-band cooperative beacons.
Windows 8 surpassed Windows Vista in market share with a 5.1% usage rate according to numbers posted in July 2013 by Net Applications, with usage on a steady upward trajectory.
With Abraham Calleros and Gustavo Orozco switching interests, Olvera continued his musical trajectory with the Calleros, Juan Diego (bass), Ulises (lead guitar) and himself (vocals and backup guitar).

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