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Vocabulary Word

Word: torque

Definition: twisting force; force producing rotation

Sentences Containing 'torque'

"How it works " – Multiple disk clutches operate via an electrical actuation but transmit torque mechanically.
"How it works" – Electromagnetic tooth clutches operate via an electric actuation but transmit torque mechanically.
"Introduction" – Magnetic particle clutches are unique in their design, from other electro-mechanical clutches because of the wide operating torque range available.
"Introduction" – Multiple disk clutches are used to deliver extremely high torque in a relatively small space.
"Introduction" – Of all the electromagnetic clutches, the tooth clutches provide the greatest amount of torque in the smallest overall size.
(In this way, it was less sophisticated than the 1924 Vulcan prototype, which had a torque converter.)
A calibrated dial with a calibrated spring attached to it was used to apply a restoring torque to equal that of the torque applied by the unknown weight.
A hydraulic torque wrench is a tool designed to exert torque on a fastener to achieve proper tightening or loosening of a connection through the use of hydraulics.
A hydraulic torque wrench is significantly quieter, lighter weight and more accurate than pneumatic impact wrenches capable of similar torque output, making it an appealing alternative for many users to the very loud and cumbersome impact wrenches or torque multipliers which were formerly the only viable option for working with very large nuts and bolts until the hydraulic torque wrench was introduced.
A torque washer is used in woodworking in combination with a carriage bolt; it has a square hole in the centre which the carriage bolt square fits into.
A torque wrench is applied to the nut either directly or in conjunction with an impact socket.
All DX and LX models used the "D15B7" a 16-valve SOHC engine rated at and of torque.
Also in 2004 he has released tracks such as Kiss You, Torque and Generation (Street Parade Intro) as a tribute to Street Parade in Zurich Sender participated in.
Because torque is transmitted without any slippage, clutches are ideal for multi stage machines where timing is critical such as multi stage printing presses.
By staging the expansion in multiple cylinders, torque variability can be reduced.
Depending upon the output torque required, this pull eventually can match the input speed, giving a 100% lockup.
Depending upon the output torque requirement, the output and input may lock at 100% transfer.
Diesel engines are most often found in applications where a high torque requirement and low RPM requirement exist. Because of their generally more robust construction and high torque, diesel engines have also become the workhorses of the trucking industry.
Electrical hysteresis units have an extremely high torque range.
Electromagnetic clutches operate electrically, but transmit torque mechanically.
However, in a magnetic particle clutch torque can be controlled very accurately.
Hydraulic torque wrenches apply a predetermined, controlled amount of torque to a properly lubricated fastener.
Investigation of the wreckage showed that, prior to the accident, there were cracks in the torque tube connecting the port elevator to the elevator control system.
It developed 182-190 hp (depending on the market model year) and of torque.
It is the highest torque V8 used in a production car.
Like a standard, single face clutch, torque to voltage is almost linear.
Output is 493 hp (373 kW) at 5000 rpm with 590 ft.lbf (800 Nm) of torque at 1800-3500 rpm.
Output is 543 hp (410 kW) at 5250 rpm with 664 ft.lbf (900 Nm) of torque at 2300-3000 rpm.
Output is 604 hp (450 kW) at 4800-5100 rpm with 738 ft·lbf (1000 N·m) of torque at 2000-4000 rpm.
Performance was greatly improved and top speed was raised to , but the main improvements were in acceleration and torque.
Post-1990 SL202s have the D2866 engine, with higher power and torque figures.
Since all torque is transmitted magnetically, there is no contact, so no wear occurs to any of the torque transfer components providing for extremely long life.
Since drag torque is minimal, these units offer the widest available torque range of any electromagnetic product. Most applications involving powered hysteresis units are in test stand requirements.
Since these units can be controlled remotely, they are ideal for testing applications where varying torque is required.
Telemetry system displays properties, like engine torque, rpm.
That is, the AC motor behaves like a DC motor in which the field flux linkage and armature flux linkage created by the respective field and armature (or torque component) currents are orthogonally aligned such that, when torque is controlled, the field flux linkage is not affected, hence enabling dynamic torque response.
The attraction of the armature compresses (squeezes) the friction disks, transferring the torque from the in inner driver to the out disks.
The base engine produced and of torque, with and for the EFI version.
The Bentley V8 has thus increased power and torque by more than 150% in its life.
The Cornish engine had irregular motion and torque though the cycle, limiting it mainly to pumping.
The engine is normally used in helicopters and provides 650 horsepower and 583lb-ft of torque.
The front suspension by torque arms (torsion bars) and hydraulic shock absorbers.
The hydraulic torque wrench was invented by George A. Sturdevant in Houston, Texas.
The main characteristics of a hydraulic torque wrench which set it apart from other powered wrenches of similar function are that (1) it must generate torque using only hydraulic means (2) it must be self ratcheting, and (3) it must include an accurate method of determining the amount of torque applied.
The majority of pre-1990 SL202s have a D2566UH engine, developing about of torque at 1,400 rpm.
The Prison currently holds fictional notable college football player Torque (Construction Noise) Lewith [2].
The stress is determined from the torque exerted by the drums.
Therefore, the only torque seen between the input and the output is bearing drag.
When the clutch is fully engaged, there is no relative slip, assuming the clutch is sized properly, and thus torque transfer is 100% efficient.
When used remotely, an electric motor is used to apply short pulses of torque.

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