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Vocabulary Word

Word: thwart

Definition: block or hinder; baffle; frustrate

Sentences Containing 'thwart'

As the two personalities begin to struggle for dominance, Dr. Jekyll only just manages to thwart Hyde's attempt to kill Susan.
Assigned to Destroyer Squadron 24, she operated out of Newport until departing 29 September for duty in the Far East. Steaming via the Panama Canal and the West Coast, she joined the 7th Fleet 23 November as part of America's powerful naval commitment to thwart Communist aggression in Southeast Asia.
Austria explained to the boundary determination commission its belief that the loss of Lockenhaus, Hammerteich, Liebing and Rattersdorf would thwart the then proposed expansion of the Kirchschlag-Deutschkreutz railway line to Liebing and also the expansion of a line to Oberschützen-Hartberg.
By February 1865, Sherman's army had reached the outskirts of Columbia and the college was spared from destruction by the Union forces because of its use as a hospital. In addition, a company of the 25th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment was stationed at the campus on February 17 to protect it from harm and to thwart off pillaging Yankee soldiers.
Earth Corps is able to convince D'Compose to allow them access to Infernac — a deal made easier by the fact that the Inhumanoid already fears for his own survival in the face of Metlar's insane plan — and they manage to defuse enough of the missiles to thwart the explosive scheme.
Encryption is a law and order issue since it can be used by criminals to thwart wiretaps and avoid detection and prosecution."
For myself I can say that since I have been a knight-errant I have become valiant, polite, generous, well-bred, magnanimous, courteous, dauntless, gentle, patient, and have learned to bear hardships, imprisonments, and enchantments; and though it be such a short time since I have seen myself shut up in a cage like a madman, I hope by the might of my arm, if heaven aid me and fortune thwart me not, to see myself king of some kingdom where I may be able to show the gratitude and generosity that dwell in my heart; for by my faith, senor, the poor man is incapacitated from showing the virtue of generosity to anyone, though he may possess it in the highest degree; and gratitude that consists of disposition only is a dead thing, just as faith without works is dead.
Further conflict with Spain followed in the War of the Quadruple Alliance, in which the Navy helped thwart a Spanish attempt to regain Sicily and Sardinia from Austria and Savoy, defeating a Spanish fleet at Cape Passaro, and an undeclared war in the 1720s in which Spain tried to retake Gibraltar and Minorca.
He directed his brother to seek information about those who had tried to thwart the colony and to contact William Claiborne to determine his intentions for the trading station on Kent Island.
He had lighted with such energy upon a thwart of his boat that his ivory leg had received a half-splintering shock.
He wrote the following on the work of IFE youth workers: ""the brave Muslims involved have received no praise for their outstanding bravery and good citizenship, and instead faced a never ending barrage of denigration."" More recently during the 2011 England riots, on 9 August, IFE youth workers made use of social media to thwart and chase away a large mob of looters from Whitechapel, where the East London Mosque is located.
Her life lies in danger as House's own determination to diagnose the hostage-taker threatens to thwart the SWAT team's plan to put an end to the standoff in the "Last Resort" fire.
However, the Iraqis, now occupying the significant border defenses, and now fighting for the protection of the nation, as opposed to an offensive into another country, were able to thwart Iranian hopes for a victory in 1983.
If he opposes them, on the contrary, and still more, if he has authority enough to be able to thwart them, neither the most acknowledged probity, nor the highest rank, nor the greatest public services, can protect him from the most infamous abuse and detraction, from personal insults, nor sometimes from real danger, arising from the insolent outrage of furious and disappointed monopolists.
In 1862, to thwart collectors, Andrés Pico conveyed all of his land in California, including a half interest in the family’s Rancho Santa Margarita to brother Pio Pico. In 1864, Forster purchased Pio Pico’s Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores y San Onofre, which included Andrés’ prior interest. The rancho adjoined Forster’s own Rancho Mision Vieja y Trabuco; Forster thereafter ruled over a vast empire, the largest single-owner ranch in southern California.
Kiran overhears this, and decides to thwart her father's decision that Kiran is allowed to marry any man, be he a destitute or Singhania's enemy but Rahul.
Local campaign groups THWART and the Marshlink Action Group have campaigned for services to be increased, and from December 2010 a two-hourly service in each direction has been restored, resulting in an increase in passenger numbers.
Publishers of some video game consoles, such as Nintendo actively attempted to thwart such devices, both through legal action and hardware or software alterations in the platform.
Release groups formed to cater to the need of fresh games, and also to crack the protection that was employed to thwart copying in several games released after copiers became available.
The combination of new and enhanced sensor technology, coupled with information exchange between targeting systems and strike aircraft, helicopters, or smart missiles, can defeat threats that, in previous times, were considered too difficult to thwart without greatly widening a war effort.
The conquest of Mexico was the project, not of the council of Spain, but of a governor of Cuba; and it was effectuated by the spirit of the bold adventurer to whom it was entrusted, in spite of every thing which that governor, who soon repented of having trusted such a person, could do to thwart it.
The latter was eliminated, in a decision that undermined federal power to thwart private racial discrimination.
The Putts are so dysfunctional, in fact, that when victimized and held captive by a home invader, a crazed biker named “Helmet Head” they thwart his plans to rob them and instead recruit him into their family.
They had informally tried to thwart the founding of another colony for years, but their first formal complaint was lodged with the "Lords of Foreign Plantations" (Lords of Trade and Plantations) in July 1633.
To thwart the development of these Protestant settlements, the Maliseet, Mi'kmaq and Acadians conducted numerous raids on the settlements, such as the Raid on Dartmouth (1751).
was divisive between the Lowes; Peter welcomed the bid, whereas Tamara and her brother, Brian Forte, who was the Senior Vice President at Get Motivated Seminars LLC, launched their own efforts to thwart the bid and buy out Peter.
While senators may attempt to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee in an attempt to thwart confirmation, no nomination for Associate Justice has ever been filibustered.
Winthrop took advantage of a rule requiring unanimity in a church vote, and was thus able to thwart the appointment of Wheelwright.

More Vocab Words

::: untoward - unexpected and adverse; unfortunate or unlucky; Ex. untoward encounter
::: mediocre - ordinary; commonplace; neither good nor bad
::: unequivocal - plain; clear; obvious
::: brindled - tawny or grayish with streaks or spots (of animals)
::: recumbent - reclining; lying down completely or in part
::: consensus - general agreement; opinion reached by a group
::: winnow - sift; separate the chaff from grain by blowing; separate good parts from bad; CF. wind
::: trappings - outward decorations; ornaments (as an outward sign of rank)
::: surly - bad-tempered; rude; cross
::: retrieve - recover; put right; find and bring in; regain; Ex. retrieve the situation