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Word: terminology

Definition: terms used in a science or art; study of nomenclature

Sentences Containing 'terminology'

"Now-Swedish") in linguistic terminology and started in the last decades of the 19th century.
A naming controversy (naming dispute) is a controversy surrounding terminology:
Although terminology refers to the position as a Senior 'Man', a woman may also fill this role.
Before Adaptec and later SCSITA codified the terminology, the first parallel SCSI devices that exceeded the SCSI-2 capabilities were simply designated SCSI-3.
Development work is also taking place between NATO and Russia on common terminology for extended air defence, in English, French and Russian.
East Brunswick Public Schools uses "leveled reading" terminology to specify reading skills.
GM has decided on a new descriptive terminology distinct from calling it a hybrid.
He has worked in the fields of literary criticism, literary theory, literary history and literary terminology.
He uses skillfully the idioms, the phrases, the traditional terminology and expresses all in the simplest form.
In ballet, with its elaborate terminology, a full (360 degrees) pivot turn on one foot is called pirouette.
In Borgmann's terminology, a device is an artifact or instrument or tool or gadget or mechanism, which may be physical or conceptual, including hardware and software.
In Regan's terminology, we each experience being the "subject-of-a-life."
In the terminology of the GDR's rulers, West Germany was enemy territory ("feindliches Ausland").
In traditional Indian medicinal terminology "rus" translates as "mercury" and Nagarjunacharya was said to have developed a method to convert the mercury into gold.
It corresponded to the army group in western military terminology.
Most of these discussions use fictional Arbran terminology, but treat ideas from actual science and philosophy.
Note: The above is the original SABSA Matrix, which is still valid today, but it has been expanded by a comprehensive service management matrix and updated in some detail and terminology areas.
Obsolete and/or unacceptable terminology.
Of all Buddhist terminology, the word Dhamma commands the widest, most comprehensive meaning.
Similar to "legal terminology" and related to "political terminology", military terms are known for an oblique tendency to incorporate technical language.
Some VRS services also offer: Videotelephony descriptive names terminology.
Tango terminology is described in several books.
The community has developed its own unique terminology.
The dialysis catheter contains two lumens: This is a confusing terminology for layperson, because both lumens are in the vein.
The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception is a teaching of Eastern origin but is expressed in the terminology of the Western Church.
The first work published using the new orthography was a book on terminology specific to these areas.
The following is a glossary of terminology used in motorsport, along with explanations of their meanings.
The Japanese corresponded to an army corps in American or British military terminology.
The name ""PCB"" is abbreviation for "PicoCoulomB" which is technical terminology defining an electrical charge of the type generated by the piezoelectric sensors they manufacture.
The problem is that the arithmetic mean is very sensitive to the inclusion of any outliers; in statistical terminology, the arithmetic mean is not robust. In the presence of outliers, the statistician has two options.
The terminology has no specific application for describing materials found on the planet Earth except for dust that has demonstrably fallen to Earth.
The terminology is based on what happens in the region around the value 0, and uses the analogy of viewing the input-output function of the quantizer as a stairway.
The terminology is used by some paleogeologists and geographers in reference to some land masses.
The vernacular terminology and 19th century subdivisions for the town is "Bairro" (neighbourhood or quarter).
There are many guides and dictionaries to tango terminology on the internet.
There is some debate over the terminology of space architecture.
They then come into effect. Types, usage and terminology.
This capability, known as "horizontal" in Intel terminology, was the major addition to the SSE3 instruction set.
This is a huge eagle-like "buzzard" ("hawk" in American terminology).
This is often the terminology used to refer to the study of nonadiabatic systems.
This may be for stylistic consistency with the related terminology FAQ and README.
This terminology has fallen out of use in most of the technical literature, however, in preference to the FRFT.
This terminology is helpful to consumers, because "Ultra-2 SCSI" device has a better-defined set of capabilities than simply identifying it as "SCSI-3."
This terminology is not consistent with the terminology for sheaves: prestacks are the analogues of separated sheaves rather than presheaves.
This use provided the analogy and terminology for computer clipboards.
Until the industry evolves and adopts a standard practice of terminology, both consumers and real estate brokers will continue to experience some confusion over the terminology describing the services being offered.
Using such terminology helps avoid possible ambiguity and confusion.
We have not fundamentally changed the structure or principles of the matrices (very few elements have changed position) but have focussed on terminology update and consistency."
Whether the terminology will stay or not remains to be seen.
While unpublished, this terminology became widely known and used in the microtonal music community.
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