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Vocabulary Word

Word: terminal

Definition: part that forms the end; railroad or bus station; ADJ. forming an end; ending in death; fatal; Ex. terminal cancer

Sentences Containing 'terminal'

A $1 billion international terminal opened in December 2000, replacing Terminal 2.
A graphical terminal can display images as well as text.
Adele had terminal cancer so she died early in the novel.
After Terminal 2 is completed in June 2014, it is expected that all Star Alliance airlines currently based in Terminal 3 will move to Terminal 2 throughout 2014.
Connects to the Tullow Bacton terminal via the Thames pipeline.
Dec Terminal was one of the first terminal programs for the popular Altair.
Devices in the ANDVT family include the AN/USC-43 Tactical Terminal (TACTERM), the KY-99A Miniaturized Terminal (MINTERM), and the KY-100 Airborne Terminal (AIRTERM).
For an example, to make the terminal font color red, execute
In 1887 a terminal designed by Henry Hobson Richardson was constructed.
In 1954 the airport's Central Passenger Terminal opened.
In 1954, Willey left the company due to terminal cancer.
In 1972, the company purchased the data terminal operations of Facit.
In 2009, a terminal was opened for the transport of cars.
In the simplest form, a text terminal is like a file.
International Terminal. SFO's international terminal was designed by Craig W. Hartman of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and opened in December 2000 to replace International Departures from Terminal 2.
It connects to the Perenco Bacton terminal via the Eagles pipeline.
It has a direct covered connection with the adjacent airport terminal building.
It operates both a grain and an oil terminal as well as a passenger terminal. The building of an oil terminal started in 1996 and it was launched on October 26, 2006.
Meanwhile, Uncle Benjy finds he has a terminal illness.
Mohakhali Bus Terminal is a place in Mohakhali, Dhaka.
NC 45 does not traverse beyond the ferry terminal.
Only York Region Transit (YRT) routes connect to this terminal.
Santana has the Tietê Bus Terminal (Terminal Rodoviário Tietê), that connects São Paulo to other cities in Brazil and Santana Bus Terminal (Terminal Santana).
Terminal 2 also hosts an Admirals Club Terminal 3.
Terminal 3 is connected by an underground subway to Terminal 1.
Terminal 3 is used by the majority of Oneworld alliance partners (except British Airways who use Terminal 1 and Terminal 5, Iberia (Terminal 5), Malaysian Airlines (Terminal 4) and Qatar Airways (Terminal 4)).
Terminal moraines also formed at the end of these lobes.
Terminal. The passenger terminal covers and is long.
Terminal. The terminal has an annual capacity of 500,000 passengers.
The expansion of the terminal is scheduled to commence in 2012.
The ferry terminal was destroyed in the 2011 floods.
The first segment is well developed and the terminal segment annulated.
The forewings are beige with a dark terminal area and fringes.
The Grain Transhipment Terminal was opened on July 24, 2009.
The major bus terminal is main bus stand.
The modern term for graphical terminal is "thin client".
The outer sleeve is the negative terminal and the inner tip is the positive terminal. Connectivity.
The point of sale terminal might be attended or unattended.
The second terminal opened in 1999, and in 2008 saw the opening of terminal three.
The System console is a text terminal used to operate a computer.
The tail is light brown with a dark brown terminal band.
The terminal area and fringes are light brown.
The terminal required its own set of ramps to connect it with Highway 101.
The terminal was designed by Welton Becket and Associates.
The total cost of the terminal is expected to be €950 million.
The yellow flowers are terminal, in diameter and surrounded by thorny bracts.
There is a plan to create a gas corridor from the Świnoujście terminal to Adria LNG terminal in Croatia.
They are either terminal or inter caloary.
This syllable is called the Designated Terminal Element.
This terminal has an aviation library and museum.

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