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Vocabulary Word

Word: tenuous

Definition: thin; slim; rare

Sentences Containing 'tenuous'

Although the university was a designated land-grant college under the federal government's Morrill Act, it received insufficient annual financial assistance from the state government, and its finances remained tenuous.
Aside from previous Cold War tensions, Russia has often had tenuous relations with the West, especially under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.
Bragg held an ineffective siege against Chattanooga, but refused to take any further action as the Union forces there were reinforced by Ulysses S. Grant and reopened a tenuous supply line.
By the winter of 1862–63, disease and their life at the end of a tenuous supply chain had left the garrison at Fort Hindman in a poor state.
Craig’s Brother has had a tenuous relationship with the Christian music industry since its inception.
Groff Conklin, writing in "Galaxy Science Fiction", called the book "tenuous," rating it "far below the best that Fletcher Pratt can do."
However the decision in "Kitzmiller" made no order regarding "Pandas", rendering the basis for considering it to be "banned" highly tenuous, and the assertion was dismissed by Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Deputy Director of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom who does not consider the book banned.
In a review of Egan's treatise for the "Times Literary Supplement", Bart Van Es also challenged Egan's attribution, arguing that the verbal links he had found were often tenuous.
In the episode "Blood in the Water" after Hardman's dismissal Harvey angrily confronts Louis in his office and accuses him (falsely) of betrayal; leaking a list of the best Pearson Hardman associates to Alison Holt at Bratton Gould, Louis emphatically insists that he didn't (which Harvey eventually accepts) but Harvey recites many of Louis's worst transgressions against Harvey and Jessica as reasons not to trust Louis whatsoever: bugging Harvey's office, leaking the CM lawsuit to Hardman (significantly damaging Jessica's already tenuous position with Hardman back) spying on Mike's clandestine meeting with Monica Eaton and telling Hardman, being rewarded by him with a senior partnership, casting the swing vote for Hardman as managing partner, and once successful, sneaking into Harvey's office and searching it after hours for information to damage Harvey's credibility, and immediately instituting a new partner drug test policy less than 12 hours later specifically (and solely) designed to force Harvey's resignation; all reasons to make Harvey tell him that for all intents and purposes (other than strict business required by Jessica) their relationship is finished and will never be repaired.
Interplanetary space is defined by the solar wind, a continuous stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun that creates a very tenuous atmosphere (the heliosphere) for billions of miles into space.
The 1975–76 series between various NHL teams and two touring Soviet teams, the powerhouse Red Army team and the somewhat lesser Soviet Wings squad, was another seminal moment in the tenuous relations between the NHL and the Soviet hockey program.
The alliance between Aetolia and Macedon was held together only by the Aetolians' fear of Philip, and this incident worsened the already tenuous relationship.
The claim is rather tenuous as it requires that the northern extremity is taken to be Orkney rather than Shetland.
The coincidental plot-line has forces plotting to upset the tenuous balance in the Middle East's geopolitical situation.
The now independent Casablanca Records was suddenly put in a tenuous financial situation as it still had yet to score a major hit album, and now it no longer had the backing of Warner Bros.
The operation was a disaster, and Gwinnett and McIntosh publicly blamed each other for the failure, straining the already tenuous relationship between the two men.
The tenuous beachhead was expanded over the following days, and the original D-Day objectives were accomplished by D+3.
Though its hold on the forward ground was tenuous, it was in position to outflank the Soviet forces at Prokhorovka.
Three Spanish cavalry regiments hovered around the bank of the Guadiana and attempted to turn the French left, but Lasalle and his men held on to their tenuous positions.
Throughout this time, and during the "Van Halen III" period, the public was unaware of Anthony's tenuous status within the band and was led to believe that he was still a full-time member.

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