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Vocabulary Word

Word: tenacity

Definition: firmness; persistence

Sentences Containing 'tenacity'

A Private Rowdy, Troop A, of the Indian Scouts, was also decorated for ""faithfulness, zeal, and great tenacity, making it possible to encounter the Apache renegades."" The native warriors continued to resist by maintaining dozens of holdouts until the Battle of Bear Valley in 1918 but hostilities continued for several more years.
All this was incomprehensible, and then, with the tenacity peculiar to prophets of bad news, the failure was put off until the end of September.
Built on the young dancers’ talent, tenacity and passion, "First Position" gives audiences across the world an "all-access pass" into the backstage world of dance, capturing the process of how dance stars are born.
He had remarkable tenacity, bearing in mind that harnesses were not yet invented, on one occasion he fought a tuna for 19 hours before being forced to cut his line.
He took office on 13 September, saying at his opening speech that the international community had an opportunity to "define our place in this decisive moment in history" and to "prove that we have the courage, wisdom and tenacity to seek creative and visionary solutions."
It was in vain for Madame Defarge to struggle and to strike; Miss Pross, with the vigorous tenacity of love, always so much stronger than hate, clasped her tight, and even lifted her from the floor in the struggle that they had.
One 1972 analysis for the US Senate on bombing notes the tenacity and resilience of PAVN and its logistics system: The infiltration south.
said Danglars, pretending to restrain Caderousse, who, with the tenacity of drunkards, leaned out of the arbor.
Schoolboy Q, the last of the four to join the label, admitted to initially being intimidated when he first started going to the studio, but eventually the tenacity of his collaborators rubbed off on him.
She was accompanied in her single-engined Fokker F.VII (G-EBTS, Princess Xenia, which she renamed "The Spider" for its tenacity) by her personal pilot Captain C. D. Barnard and mechanic Robert (Bob) Little.
The Cervantes branch had more tenacity; it sent offshoots in various directions, Andalusia, Estremadura, Galicia, and Portugal, and produced a goodly line of men distinguished in the service of Church and State.
The pianist and singer Michael Feinstein, a friend of hers, praised her tenacity and talent in what at the time was a man's world.
The remarkable tenacity of the people here to their homes is beyond all comprehension.
The Vunivalu’s tenacity and actions however they are judged paid off.
Their brutal and bloody Street Fight saw Galloway gain respect from for his tenacity and endurance but his losing streak continued.
With faith, commitment and tenacity he believes that this dream will also become a reality.

More Vocab Words

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::: antipathy - aversion; dislike or opposition
::: appall - dismay; shock deeply
::: abash - embarrass
::: entrance - put under a spell(condition caused by magical power); carry away(fill with strong feeling) with emotion; put into a trance; fill with delight
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