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Vocabulary Word

Word: temporal

Definition: of time; not lasting forever; limited by time; temporary; secular; worldly

Sentences Containing 'temporal'

"Temporal Heat Index" - Depict the total calls per hour and DOW graphically to identify temporal hot spots "Analyses" - crime rate generator, spatial trends.
(Wired, 2013) Sociodemographics, along with spatial and temporal information, are all aspects that crime analysts look at to understand what's going on in their jurisdiction.
A "wazn" is only used in musical genres with a fixed rhythmic-temporal organization including recurring measures, motifs, and meter or pulse.
A little later the bishops abandoned their temporal sovereignty and a royal captain was installed.
Against the law of temporal monotonicity, subjects were more willing to repeat the second trial, despite a prolonged exposure to uncomfortable temperatures.
Alyx grows in influence in the Trans-Temporal Authority and apparently reshapes the agency, leading to a rift between its members.
Another technique, temporal imaging using a time lens, can also be used to slow down (mostly optical) signals in time.
Areas for which he is known include temporal encoding, time warping, manipulations of the perception of causality, and time perception in high-adrenaline situations.
But the temporal power of the clergy, the absolute command which they had once had over the great body of the people was very much decayed.
By coincidence, she's picked up by a time travel device being used by archaeologists in the distant future, the Trans-Temporal Authority.
Changes in the content of information is done by emulating similar features of a temporal database in a relational database.
Denis, was the temporal defender of the abbey.
Enlargements were seen bilaterally in the superior temporal, posterior middle temporal, and inferior postcentral gyri, and superior frontal gyrus, straight gyrus, cuneus, and precuneus in the medial views of the right hemisphere.
Exordium is a method of communication, wherein its participants create a "tunnel" or link through spacetime to exchange knowledge across temporal loci.
Financial instruments are used to allow insurance and inter-temporal wealth transfers across spot markets at each nodes of the tree.
Following the imam's occultation, the Dai has served as the his temporal representatives on earth; the current (53rd) Dai is Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin.
Forecasters for A.R.M.O.R. discover that several alternate realities afflicted with a variation of zombieism will temporarily merge during a cross-temporal "planetstorm".
General air flows, physical, geographical and topographical characteristics enforce territorial and temporal changes of climatic elements.
In order to handle changes in the information content Anchor Modeling emulates aspects of a temporal database in the resulting relational database schema.
In part superseded by Louis Duchesne's researches, It argued that the popes exercised temporal power over sovereigns during the Middle Ages.
It provides a graphical notation used for conceptual modeling similar to that of entity—relationship modeling, with extensions for working with temporal data.
John Balance described the album as an attempt to create "temporal slips" Production.
Leers and Blommaert give examples of the language spoken by Monneba and his people, and it is obviously that of the Duala. The connection also makes temporal sense.
Meanwhile, Garibaldi investigates a distress signal coming from the temporal rift. The signal is from Ivanova aboard Babylon 5 which is under attack by the Shadows.
On a peculiar environmental dependency syndrome in a case with frontal-temporal damage: Zelig-like syndrome
Proponents of the Temporal Single System Interpretation (TSSI) of Marx's value theory claim that the supposed inconsistencies are actually the result of misinterpretation; they argue that when Marx's theory is understood as "temporal" and "single-system," the alleged internal inconsistencies disappear.
Receive temporal blessings without ostentation, when they are sent and thou shalt be able to part with them with all readiness and facility when they are taken from thee again.
Reductions in brain volume, smaller than those found in Alzheimer's disease, have been reported in areas of the frontal cortex and temporal lobes.
Researchers have found that some of the biggest price deviations from random walks result from seasonal and temporal patterns.
Right parietal-temporal lesions can produce significant changes in personality (Neuroskills: TBI Resource Guide).
Something of note is that the typical person processes music in the superior temporal and middle temporal gyri.
Temporal information is encoded by a combination of aspect, inherent lexical aspect ("aktionsart"), and pragmatically governed conversational inferences.
Temporal rains also completely flooded the area where the Christian forces had camped making a breeding ground for disease and illness.
Territorial and temporal climatic elements.
The Allomantic metals come in four groupings of four metals: Physical, Mental, Temporal, and Enhancement.
The cardinal showed himself a warm advocate of the temporal power of the popes, and firmly protested against the withdrawal of the French army from the Pontifical States.
The creation of professional service teams that transcend geographic and temporal boundaries offers the potential to change the face of many industries.
The hospitality and charity of the clergy, too, not only gave them the command of a great temporal force, but increased very much the weight of their spiritual weapons.
The jurisdictions of the clergy, therefore, in their particular baronies or manors, were equally independent, and equally exclusive of the authority of the king's courts, as those of the great temporal lords.
The right parietal-temporal lobe is concerned with non-verbal memory (Neuroskills: TBI Resource Guide).
The source analysis of the N400 effect indicated generators located in the posterior portion of the middle temporal gyrus (MTG, Brodmann´s area 21/37), quite close to the superior temporal sulcus.
The superior aspect is the base of skull, namely the sphenoid and temporal bones.
The temporal and spatial resolutions and signal to noise ratios of EEG have always lagged behind those of comparable intracortical devices, but it has the advantage of not requiring surgery.
The use of temporal probabilistic models has been shown to perform well in activity recognition and generally outperform non-termporal models.
There are also neuroanatomical associations of ASA through the posterior cortical areas, including the posterior superior temporal lobes and the posterior cingulate.
These knowledge, skills, and procedures become the attributes in the cognitive model, and their temporal sequencing documented in the verbal report provides the hierarchical ordering.
These two solutions are very similar to the debacle between place coding and temporal coding.
They found "a clear temporal pattern of progressively increasing pathogenicity".
Valid time (VT), a concept originated by Richard T. Snodgrass and his doctoral student, is used in temporal databases.
Yucatec is further unusual for lacking temporal connective such as 'before' and 'after'.

More Vocab Words

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