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Vocabulary Word

Word: temperate

Definition: moderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature; CF. temperance: moderation and self-restraint; abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Ex. temperance society

Sentences Containing 'temperate'

A prairie is a type of temperate grassland.
A temperate subhumid climate in the higher elevations and semiarid climate in the lower elevations.
Also is remarkable its temperate rainforests.
Although the majority of the targeted species are tropical, the majority of the global catch is in temperate waters.
Biomass accumulations are among the highest in the temperate forest zones.
Greengages are grown in temperate areas and are known for the rich, confectionery flavour.
However they can be used in cold temperate areas to maintain warmth as well.
I had thought, now, that at your temperate North the generations were cold and holy as the hills.--But the story.'
If you would be chaste, you must be temperate.
In temperate regions the tree is summer-flowering.
It is fairly uniform nationwide, since the country is located entirely within the temperate zone.
It is located in the tropics but its high altitude modifies this to a warm temperate climate.
It is native from Europe and sometimes cultivated in gardens in temperate zones for its showy flowers.
It is very widespread in temperate areas throughout the world, growing in summer and fall.
It now also appears, as I hear from Dr. Hooker, that some of these same temperate plants have been discovered by the Rev.
Its habitat ranges from tropical desert to subtropical or warm temperate desert to rainforest zones.
Its natural habitat is temperate desert.
Its natural habitat is temperate forests.
Its natural habitat is temperate grassland.
Its natural habitat is temperate shrubland.
Its natural habitats are boreal forests and temperate forests.
Its natural habitats are temperate forests and heavily degraded former forest.
Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.
Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
Its natural habitats are temperate grassland and subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland.
Its natural habitats are temperate grassland and temperate desert.
May not thy mind for all this continue pure, prudent, temperate, just?
Puerto Varas has a rainy temperate climate.
Scald is common disease of barley in temperate regions.
Slovenia is located in temperate latitudes.
South of the taiga are a belt of temperate broadleaf and mixed forests and temperate coniferous forests.
Species are found nearly worldwide but the greatest concentration is in the northern temperate regions.
The breeding range of this bird is from easternmost Europe across temperate southern Asia.
The climate is also temperate and not particularly prone to hurricanes or tropical storms, which increase further south.
The climate is temperate and semi-arid with rains in the summer.
The climate is temperate maritime, which leads to mild but wet winters and dry humid summers.
The climate is temperate rainy, with average temperatures of 11.4 °C.
The climate is temperate there with abundant rainfall in the monsoon season, and has clearly differentiated summers and winters.
The count was, it may be remembered, a most temperate guest.
The east side of the municipality is dominated by temperate ecosystems, especially in the higher altitudes.
The forests are a part of the temperate deciduous forest that extends from Florida north to eastern Canada.
The genera are native to cool temperate and arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
The genus is widespread in northern temperate areas, and contains 16 species.
The genus, widespread in northern temperate regions, contains four species.
The species is widespread in temperate forests of the Northern Hemisphere.
The valley has a temperate climate while the higher elevations have cold climates.
They are found in tropical and warm temperate parts of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.
They are native to northern temperate and Arctic regions.
They grow in dry or wet, tropical or temperate climates.
They occur in Europe and temperate areas of Asia.

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