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Vocabulary Word

Word: taint

Definition: contaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of something bad; Ex. tainted reputation; N: stain; touch of decay or bad influence; CF. touch

Sentences Containing 'taint'

'And when I came to you, that night, to lay down all my load of shame and grief, and knew that I had to tell that, underneath your roof, one of my own kindred, to whom you had been a benefactor, for the love of me, had spoken to me words that should have found no utterance, even if I had been the weak and mercenary wretch he thought me--my mind revolted from the taint the very tale conveyed.
As a nova's ability to touch the quantum fabric of the world grows, he begins to experience "Taint", the side effects of channelling larger amounts of energy.
Badamdorj was branded a coward for not standing up to the Chinese threats and he soon became the victim of a rumor campaign designed to taint his reputation.
Because ones memory is affected by the associations, judgments, suggestions, penetrate into every one of our observations and taint out memory and our recollection of events.
Danik greatly disagreed with this and worried it would taint their Transition, but Solusandra was right.
His "Old Man's Diary" (1871–72) is an interesting record, though even here the taint of fabrication is not absent.
In the first film, he expresses a desire to leave the Matrix to escape its repulsive taint, and reasons that with Zion destroyed his services will no longer be required, allowing him in some sense to 'leave' the construct. This at least partially explains his extreme antagonism towards Neo, who fights relentlessly to save Zion.
Over the next few years he had numerous love affairs, and was prevented from a love marriage with one Esther Raizel because his own dubious reputation compounded the taint of his mother's divorce.
Taint is the 'non-humanness' side of quantum manipulation and at higher levels novas begin to show either physical or mental defects.
The band embarked on a European tour with Welsh rockers Taint.
The gloomy taint that was in the Murdstone blood, darkened the Murdstone religion, which was austere and wrathful.
They are, in short, peasants, plain homely people, without any taint of disreputable blood, and, as the saying is, old rusty Christians, but so rich that by their wealth and free-handed way of life they are coming by degrees to be considered gentlefolk by birth, and even by position; though the wealth and nobility they thought most of was having me for their daughter; and as they have no other child to make their heir, and are affectionate parents, I was one of the most indulged daughters that ever parents indulged.

More Vocab Words

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