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Vocabulary Word

Word: tactile

Definition: pertaining to the organs or sense of touch

Sentences Containing 'tactile'

According to sthalapurana, Surapadma, though fought against Muruga with all his might combining the tactile of asuramayopaya, was routed in the end.
As Bronn gives the length of the ears and tail in the several species of mice as instances, though trifling ones, of differences in structure which can be of no special use, I may mention that, according to Dr. Schobl, the external ears of the common mouse are supplied in an extraordinary manner with nerves, so that they no doubt serve as tactile organs; hence the length of the ears can hardly be quite unimportant.
As part of a general renovation in preparation for the state horticultural show held in 2010 in Bad Nauheim, the platform heights were increased to 76 cm to provide barrier-free access for the disabled, tactile paving was installed for the visually impaired and the station was given a friendlier appearance overall.
Body load is the specific tactile sensations brought on by psychoactive drugs, especially psychedelics.
Courtship is more or less the same in all butterflies. Once a female enters the visual field of a male, the male moves quickly to hover over her so that his wings beat rapidly.  The female is then induced to land so that the male can attempt to mate with her.  There are various ways in which the male entices the female, including visual, olfactory, tactile, and auditory cues. Of particular interest is the use of olfactory cues.  Male butterflies produce pheromones from different structures, such as that of the anal fold of the hind wing, that cause the females to perform the appropriate response.  Sometimes, however, females choose to reject a male’s attempt at mating, usually due to the fact that she has already mated with a different male.  She can do so by either avoiding his approach or, if she lands, she will flap her wings quickly and deliberately all while raising her abdomen until the male flies away.  In this way, courtship is primarily a female’s choice.  Furthermore, it has been observed that females also produce a pheromone that aids males in determining whether a female has already mated or not.
Dejerine–Roussy syndrome most often compromises tactile sensation.
Developed in the 1970s near the height of the AI boom, automatic diagnosis systems are capable of gathering data for medical diagnosis with its knowledge based subsystem, and tools such as a tendon-actuated, anthropomorphic finger, skin-like sensors for tactile perception, etc.
Genie, 13 ½ years of age upon discovery, was malnourished, insensitive to tactile senses, and silent even upon being evoked; however she had proper social skills and she was able to maintain eye contact with caregivers, giving the impression that she understood instruction.
His work incorporating living trees, accelerometers and hands equipped with tactile sensors is based on random-picking software, and adds a mystical quality to the otherwise objective process of transduction of physical phenomena.
However, one proposed mechanism is the stimulation of serotonergic 5-HT receptors, particularly those involved in tactile sensation and, equally importantly in many cases where nausea is experienced, those located along the lining of the digestive tract. Serotonin is heavily involved in appetite control, and over-stimulation of serotonergic receptors has been shown to cause nausea in overdoses of SSRIs or MDMA.
In 1858, he devised an aesthesiometer, a device for measuring tactile sensitivity of the skin.
In this study, subjects were presented with an object in both visual and tactile form (a subject is shown a sphere but cannot touch it, and later is given a similar sphere to only hold and not view).
One study suggests that there is a difference in mental processing level due to innate differences between visual and tactile stimuli representations.
River's and Early's tactile and spiritual connection with physical objects reflects an existential experience in Whedon's youth and his subsequent study of Jean-Paul Sartre's existential novel "Nausea".
Subjects had more trouble identifying size difference in visual fields than using tactile feedback.
Symptoms may not appear for some decades after the initial infection and include: weakness, diminished reflexes, paresthesias (shooting and burning pains, pricking sensations, and formication), hypoesthesias (abnormally diminished cutaneous, especially tactile, sensory modalities), tabetic gait (locomotor ataxia), progressive degeneration of the joints, loss of coordination, episodes of intense pain and disturbed sensation (including glossodynia), personality changes, urinary incontinence, dementia, deafness, visual impairment, positive Romberg's test, and impaired response to light (Argyll Robertson pupil).
Tactile memory representations are similar in nature to visual representations, although there is not enough data to reliably compare the strength of the two kinds of stimuli.
The "Solar Engine" circuit, many H-bridge circuits for small motor control, tactile sensor designs, and meso-scale (palm-sized) robot construction techniques have been documented and shared by the BEAM community.
The defining symptoms of fibromyalgia are chronic widespread pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and heightened pain in response to tactile pressure (allodynia).
The difference between this and the older point of view is its insistence on the observation of the flat visual impression to the exclusion of the tactile or touch sense that by the association of ideas we have come to expect in things seen.
The gnathochilarium is richly infused with chemosensory and tactile receptors along its edge.
They can include delusions, disordered thoughts and speech, and tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory and gustatory hallucinations, typically regarded as manifestations of psychosis.

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