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Vocabulary Word

Word: symbiosis

Definition: interdependent relationship (between groups, species) often mutually beneficial; ADJ. symbiotic; CF. together + life

Sentences Containing 'symbiosis'

"L. tripunctata" is unusually tolerant of creosote, a preservative often used to protect timber piles, due to symbiosis with creosote-degrading bacteria.
Celtiberian tradition of Wicca, consisting of Fernando Gonzalez in the 80's of the twentieth century from the Hispanic Traditional Witchcraft to which he belongs, is a structured religion through the symbiosis between "traditionalism wizard" (inciatic and mystery), the historical reconstructionist (cultural and archaeological) and "adaptationism" liturgical (conditioning ceremonial) of Hispanic Traditional Witchcraft, paganism, religious worship pre-Christian Celtic and Iberian mainly and those that were previously formed (shamanism, Neolithic and Paleolithic cults).
Integrated into this gospel is Kammer, who has been cured from his injuries by the Chupchups and was brought into a symbiosis with the mat-like organism.
It has been shown that when released, new generations of nematodes do not continue their symbiosis with "Moraxella osloensis" but associate with a complex and variable mixture of other bacteria while still retaining their virulence.
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The bacteria then differentiate specialized nitrogen-fixing cells called heterocysts and enter into a working symbiosis with the plant.
The main goal of these projects is: saving the traditional way of their breeding as a symbiosis among them and their living environment.
The name is derived from the Greek "trophē" meaning "nourishment" and "-biosis" which is short for the English symbiosis.
This symbiosis occurs with various species of pine, and the fruit bodies (or mushrooms) of the fungus appear scattered or in groups on the ground near the trees.
Without telling her new husband, Marie-France embarked on a plan to create artificial intelligences and envisioned a future whereby the family and the AIs would create a sort of symbiosis to expand and run the family corporation and grant them a sort of immortality.

More Vocab Words

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