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Vocabulary Word

Word: sustain

Definition: suffer (harm or loss); experience; support; prop; maintain; keep in existence; nourish (to maintain life); Ex. sustain the family/the trapped miners

Sentences Containing 'sustain'

30 (12 ha) to sustain supply of basic foodstuff (maize, beans) to the schools.
A "subcritical" mass is a mass of fissile material that does not have the ability to sustain a fission chain reaction.
A miserable foreboding that she would yield to, and sustain herself by, the same feeling in reference to any sacrifice for his sake, had oppressed me ever since.
after the varied relations I have had the happiness to sustain towards you, can it be that you know me so little as to ask such a thing?
All that it has advanced to the public must be lost before its creditors can sustain any loss.
All these factors contributed to the conclusion by Fannin and other officers during the night that they could not sustain another day of fighting.
Assemblyman Aubry stated the Rockefeller drug laws is "a failed policy that we can no longer sustain."
At the same time, Detroit was able to sustain pressure on several occasions during the period.
But it is your weakness that you sometimes need to see your victim and your opportunity, to sustain you.
But one cannot sustain an indifferent air concerning Fedallah.
Cubbison and Minehart were not hurt, but the driver did sustain minor injuries.
Earnestness is what that Somebody must look for, to sustain him and improve him, Trot.
Eventually, even his support within the armed forces proved to be inadequate to sustain his ambitions.
However, this species cannot sustain heavy fishing pressure due to its low reproductive capacity.
If my brow be severe, it is because many misfortunes have clouded it; if my heart be petrified, it is that it might sustain the blows it has received.
If the individuals in the Money Market oblige Mr. Micawber to sustain a great sacrifice, that is between themselves and their consciences.
In early June, there was speculation that players would have their salaries cut in order to sustain the league, which was allegedly on the verge of collapsing.
It also changes the amplitude envelope of the sound by increasing the sustain.
It has been suggested that even during wet periods the canyon was able to sustain only 2,000 people.
It is much lighter than the M30, has a greater range, and can sustain a rate of fire of four rounds per minute while the M30 could sustain only three.
It is remarkable how many creatures live wild and free though secret in the woods, and still sustain themselves in the neighborhood of towns, suspected by hunters only.
Neither Uganda nor Somalia, however, have the logistical capability to sustain a long-term push.
No response to these letters came, and others were written, and yet these old customers, with plantations under water, were refused even what was necessary to sustain life.
Pretorius and Kruger, realising that they would have to sustain attack from both north and south, abandoned their enterprise.
Regarding Shay's self-defense assertion, the editorial said, "The only testimony that even tends to sustain that theory was his own."
Secondly, its dwindling workforce cannot sustain the economic output level that is maintained in the future.
Since broadcasts were live, and airings were frequent, Muñiz, who was the writer for these programs as well, felt that the family sitcom format was quite challenging to sustain.
Subsequent budget cuts meant that Browne was unable to sustain this level.
The aquifer on South Maury Island relies on rainwater to sustain it.
The broadest and most prevalent error requires the most disinterested virtue to sustain it.
The commune resisted, however, and the following year it was able to sustain another attack from Asti.
The expense of operating and maintaining the station had simply become too great for the Physics Department to sustain.
The food was often thought to sustain the Gods and keep order in the universe.
The greater part of goods, besides, are more perishable than money, and he may frequently sustain a much greater loss by keeping them.
The Ladies Auxiliaries of the IUMMSW helped to sustain and build the strength of the union.
The landing caused the plane to sustain major damage, and it was written off shortly after the incident.
The loss which Spain and Portugal could sustain by this exportation of their gold and silver, would be altogether nominal and imaginary.
The mass of the guitar is spread out over a wider area than most guitars in order to maximize sustain.
The ML was created by Dean Zelinsky in 1977 to be the guitar with the ultimate sustain and tone.
The pianist is asked to sustain certain pitches by humming.
The ship did not sustain any damage from the attack.
The sound is similar to a glockenspiel, but with much more sustain, similar in this respect to a vibraphone but without the vibrato.
The sparse soil of Apataki cannot sustain a great variety of vegetation.
They have no cause of their own to plead, but while they enlighten and sustain the reader his common sense will not refuse them.
This race would consequently multiply, while the others would decrease; not only from their in ability to sustain the attacks of disease, but from their incapacity of contending with their more vigorous neighbours.
This was the young man whom his mother and sister called to their aid to sustain them under the serious trial which they felt they would soon have to endure.
Thus, the government was unable to sustain funding this growth.
Van Aartsen was not hurt but the co-worker did sustain a shoulder injury.
``Ah, you shall see; I promise you I will sustain my part to admiration.''
``Sir,''said he,``do you suppose for a moment that a man can sustain a physical shock, such as M. Noirtier has received, without any detriment to his mental faculties?''

More Vocab Words

::: disarray - state of disorder; a disorderly or untidy state; Ex. with her clothes in disarray
::: raspy - making a harsh noise; grating; harsh
::: granary - storehouse for grain
::: diversion - act of turning aside; pastime; V. divert: turn aside from a course; distract; amuse
::: concerted - mutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together
::: exhale - breathe out; OP. inhale
::: regeneration - spiritual rebirth; Ex. regeneration of the prisoners; V. regenerate: give or obtain new life; reform spiritually
::: arid - (of land) dry; barren; unproductive
::: revert - relapse; backslide; turn back to; return to the former owner; N. reversion
::: exhort - urge (by strong argument or advice); Ex. The general exhorted his men to fight bravely; N. exhortation