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Vocabulary Word

Word: suspense

Definition: state of being undecided; anxiety or apprehension resulting from uncertainty

Sentences Containing 'suspense'

"Final Things: A Novel of Suspense", about a man awaiting execution on Connecticut's death row, was published in 2002.
"The Navigator" was a "Top 100 Amazon Best Seller" in the category "Political Thrillers Suspense."
A cross between Jaws and The Exorcist."—Liz Smith, "New York Newsday" "An intense, meticulously researched thriller that handles Native American beliefs with both suspense and dignity."
A trying suspense, to be passing a whole summer night on the brink of the black ocean, ready to take that plunge into it upon which Monsieur Gabelle had resolved!
After a moment of suspense, I went and kissed my mother: she kissed me, patted me gently on the shoulder, and sat down again to her work.
After the strike was over, he became a much used scriptwriter in television and film projects in the mystery, suspense, and horror genre.
As for Jane, her anxiety under this suspense was, of course, more painful than Elizabeth's, but whatever she felt she was desirous of concealing, and between herself and Elizabeth, therefore, the subject was never alluded to.
As I must therefore conclude that you are not serious in your rejection of me, I shall choose to attribute it to your wish of increasing my love by suspense, according to the usual practice of elegant females.''
Based on a Native American legend set in Northern Michigan, it was compared with "Jaws" and "The Exorcist" for its gripping suspense and horror scenes.
Brian J. Frost stated the book was one of the best werewolf novels in the series, stating it "heightens the suspense by concealing the identity of the werewolf until the very end."
Dana Stabenow (born March 27, 1952 in Anchorage, Alaska) is an American author who has written science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller novels.
Daniel has completed the suspense/thriller Independent feature film Story of Eva, in which he plays the role of psychologist Dr. Cornelius.
Dantes passed through all the stages of torture natural to prisoners in suspense.
Darcy, in wretched suspense, could only say something indistinctly of his concern, and observe her in compassionate silence.
Elektro first appeared in "Tales of Suspense" #13 (Jan.
Elizabeth, who was left by herself, now smiled at the rapidity and ease with which an affair was finally settled, that had given them so many previous months of suspense and vexation.
Filled with suspense and gore, "The Monstrumologist" "might just be the best horror novel of the year."
He later directed three episodes of the 1984 series of TV movies Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense.
He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres, including suspense and horror.
His output of thrillers increased and he began to appear regularly in "The Saint", "Ellery Queen" and similar mystery magazines, and to such suspense and horror-fiction magazine projects as "Shock".
Hitchcock preferred the use of suspense over the use of surprise in his films.
In 2012, she appeared in Reema Kagti's suspense-drama "Talaash".
In suspense, the director tells or shows things to the audience which the characters in the film do not know, and then artfully builds tension around what will happen when the characters finally learn the truth.
International Thriller Writers, Inc., was founded October 9, 2004, at Bouchercon XXXV, the "World Mystery and Suspense Conference", in Toronto, Canada.
Isabella had told her ambassador in London, Dr Puebla, that Ayala's job would be to keep James IV in suspense.
Isler found the revelation surrounding Harris to be "deliciously surprising," and wrote that the "last twenty minutes of the episode really ramped up the suspense and action."
It abounds in striking situations and "coups de théatre"; it offers opportunities for a display of the most intense and varied emotions; and it is full of suspense."
Many of his suspense films use this device: a detail which, by inciting curiosity and desire, drives the plot and motivates the actions of characters within the story.
Mary Jane Clark ("née" Mary Jane Elizabeth Behrends) in an American author of two series of suspense novels.
Most reprints were faithful, though DiPreta's "Escape From Nowhere", from "World of Suspense" #7 (April 1957), was reprinted in "Amazing Adventures" #28 (Jan.
My rival is called Anselmo and I myself Eugenio--that you may know the names of the personages that figure in this tragedy, the end of which is still in suspense, though it is plain to see it must be disastrous.
On the tenth morning of his suspense, he was startled by the shining of the sun into the room where a heavy slumber had overtaken him when it was dark night.
One of Hitchcock's favorite devices for driving the plots of his stories and creating suspense was what he called the "MacGuffin".
Schwartz described the episode as "the most promotable television suspense since David Janssen was vindicated after a four-year run on "The Fugitive" in the mid-1960s".
She could not bear such suspense; and hastily seizing a sheet of paper, wrote a short letter to her aunt, to request an explanation of what Lydia had dropt, if it were compatible with the secrecy which had been intended.
She looked so steadfastly at me: with a kind of doubt, or pity, or suspense in her affection: that I summoned the stronger determination to show her a perfectly cheerful face.
The critical consensus is: "Suitably grand and special effects-laden, "The Wolfman" suffers from a suspense-deficient script and a surprising lack of genuine chills."
The daughter of a special agent with the FBI who uncovered Russian espionage during the Cold War and, later, worked on kidnapping and extortion cases, Clark's interest in suspense started at an early age.
The Emily Pollifax novels frequently employ comic relief and suspense.
The film falls in the suspense thriller genre.
The Healing is a 2012 Filipino horror suspense film directed by Chito S. Roño, starring Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu.
The Living Colossus", starring a stone giant introduced in an anthological science fiction-monster story in "Tales of Suspense" #14 (Feb.
The novels are most often classified as romantic suspense, and the protagonists are put into life-or-death situations in order more clearly reveal their true characters and feelings.
They are in a "breathless state of suspense" by the opening of the last scene in the tomb: If Romeo is delayed long enough for the Friar to arrive, he and Juliet may yet be saved.
This Cide Hamete Benengeli thought fit to reveal at once, not to keep the world in suspense, fancying that the head had some strange magical mystery in it.
Weaver was awarded a Romance Writers of America RITA Award in 1998 for Best Romantic Suspense for her novel "On the Way to a Wedding."
Well-crafted with lush descriptions of Michigan's north country, this book will send chills down your spine as it builds suspense upon suspense."
While "Kwaidan" is often described as a horror film, it is not gory or sensational, relying instead on slow buildups of tension and on quiet suspense.
Your suspense is nearly ended, my darling; he shall be restored to you within a few hours; I have encompassed him with every protection.
``Well, what does it signify, Valentine, so long as I am satisfied, and feel that even this long and painful suspense is amply repaid by five minutes of your society, or two words from your lips?

More Vocab Words

::: distant - reserved or aloof; cold in manner; Ex. distant greeting; ADV. distantly
::: genre - particular variety of art or literature
::: pucker - gather into wrinkles or folds; N: wrinkle or fold
::: humdrum - dull; monotonous
::: blackball - vote against (an applicant); ostracize; N: negative vote
::: appellation - name; title
::: bound - leap or spring; limit or confine; constitute the limit of; Ex. bounded by Canada; N: leap or jumping; boundary; ADJ: certain; having a duty to do something (legally or morally); confined by bonds; Ex. We are bound to be late; Ex. I am bound to say my opinion; CF. bounce, rebound
::: cadet - student at a military school
::: overture - musical introduction to a long musical piece; first offer or proposal (to begin talks in the hope of reaching an agreement); Ex. overtures for peace
::: acrimonious - stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior