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Vocabulary Word

Word: susceptible

Definition: impressionable; easily influenced; sensitive; having little resistance as to a disease; likely to suffer; receptive to; capable of accepting; Ex. susceptible to persuasion/colds; Ex. The agreement is not susceptible of alteration; N. susceptibility

Sentences Containing 'susceptible'

"Acropora" is especially susceptible to bleaching when stressed.
"Asterionella formosa" is known to be susceptible to the chytrid fungus "Zygorhizidium planktonicum".
A new breed of hop that is starting to replace the Hallertauer Mittlefrüh variety, which has become more and more susceptible to disease and pests.
A periodic check of susceptible foodstuffs is necessary, especially in summer months when most insects are more active.
A shaft-equipped motorcycle may also be susceptible to shaft effect. Wheels.
After training more thoroughly with his "zanpakutō", Shinji is even able to invert the words he says, as well as make those more susceptible to the ability "Sakanade" very ill.
Another problem is the harsh climate, which makes the forest highly susceptible to fire, as well as climate change and associated erratic weather events.
As a public authority, HMIC is susceptible to judicial review.
Belt drives are more susceptible to breakage in off-road conditions.
Card-less operation has advantages, particularly as cards are susceptible to hacking, forging, theft, and loss.
Cellulose from the organosolv process is susceptible to enzymatic hydrolysis into glucose followed by fermentation to dilute ethanol.
Children so begotten – cambions – were supposed to be those that were born deformed, or more susceptible to supernatural influences.
Cinsaut is very drought resistant but can be susceptible to disease, so appreciates a dry climate.
Control with herbicides and grazing with less susceptible animals (such as sheep) have been suggested.
Haidee's nervous system is delicately organized, and she is peculiarly susceptible to the odors even of flowers nay, there are some which cause her to faint if brought into her presence.
His views were at least susceptible of an Arian interpretation.
Horses are considered the natural host for "B. mallei" infection and are highly susceptible to it.
If it happen, from a defect of the organ, that a man is not susceptible of any species of sensation, we always find that he is as little susceptible of the correspondent ideas.
It concluded that if studies least susceptible to response bias are considered, they suggest there is no association between abortion and breast cancer.
It has a high tolerance to botrytis but can be very susceptible to powdery and downy mildew.
It is also slightly susceptible or sensitive to powdery mildew.
It is plausible that such induced abortions are more susceptible to recall bias than induced abortions performed within the legal context in Sweden.
It was susceptible to the Melding Plague and was destroyed by it.
Its seafaring qualities were poor and the aircraft was susceptible to bad weather conditions.
Like all species of Japanese Wood Pigeons, the Ryukyu Wood Pigeon was very susceptible to habitat destruction.
Many "C. psittaci" strains are susceptible to bacteriophages.
Many facts clearly show how eminently susceptible the reproductive system is to very slight changes in the surrounding conditions.
Many of the self-taught people were susceptible to enthusiasms of folk religion.
Moreover, Rosenfeld's alternative technique proved susceptible to countermeasures (Rosenfeld "et al." 2004).
Moreover, the facility could be susceptible to an earthquake, which could lead to a release of radioactivity.
Negative attributes of this particular grape are that it is highly susceptible or sensitive to black rot as well as moderately susceptible or sensitive to downy mildew and "Botrytis".
Neutropenia makes an individual highly susceptible to infections.
Not only is evacuation ruled out by Gaddafi, but some fallout shelters are loaded with junk, susceptible to flooding, or badly stocked with no supplies or rotten supplies.
People who suffer from seasonal affective disorder are particularly susceptible to these conditions.
Reptiles, which rely primarily on anaerobic energy metabolism (glycolysis) for intense movements, can be particularly susceptible to lactic acidosis.
Shallow processing (e.g., processing based on phonemic and orthographic components) leads to a fragile memory trace that is susceptible to rapid decay.
Social bookmarking is susceptible to corruption and collusion.
Some physicians do not recommend waxing for persons suffering from diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation as they are more susceptible to infection.
The local marble is a sedimentary rock, a limestone, that is not susceptible to frost damage.
The loss of the cytoplasmic microtubules leads to impaired uptake of glucose by the larval and adult stages of the susceptible parasites, and depletes their glycogen stores.
The significance is that Van-A VRE is resistant to both vancomycin and teicoplanin, Van-B VRE is resistant to vancomycin but susceptible to teicoplanin, and Van-C is only partly resistant to vancomycin, and susceptible to teicoplanin.
The soil of these layers is very susceptible to landslides which has resulted in the unevenness of the meadows.
The sterility is innately variable in individuals of the same species, and is eminently susceptible to action of favourable and unfavourable conditions.
The true firs are most susceptible to insects such as the Balsam gall midge ("Paradiplosis tumifex"), and the Balsam twig aphid.
These caterpillars sequester smaller amounts of PAs and are more susceptible to predation.
This shark is caught most readily on longlines, but is also susceptible to gillnets, driftnets, trawls, and handlines.
This species is susceptible to the plant disease anthracnose caused by the fungus "Colletotrichum gloeosporioides".
Thousands and possibly millions of species remain unstudied and/or susceptible to extinction by habitat destruction.
Vermes dismisses the "two extremes", stating that they "are not susceptible to rational judgment".
Which children are particularly susceptible to potential negative effects of advertising, pornography, and media violence?

More Vocab Words

::: belie - contradict; give a false impression; disguise; Ex. The poor sales belied our high hopes; Ex. Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure.
::: pedigree - ancestry; lineage
::: enumerate - list; mention one by one
::: ineluctable - irresistible; not to be escaped; unavoidable
::: tentative - not fully worked out or developed; provisional; experimental; uncertain; hesitant; not definite or positive; Ex. tentative agreement/reply
::: chagrin - annoyance and disappointment; vexation (caused by humiliation or injured pride)
::: delirium - mental disorder marked by confusion; uncontrolled excitement; ADJ. delirious
::: coterie - group that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
::: effulgent - shining brightly; brilliant
::: pharisee - Pharisee: member of an ancient Jewish group that emphasized strict observance of the Mosaic law (considering themselves very holy); hypocritical self-righteous person