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Vocabulary Word

Word: surpass

Definition: exceed

Sentences Containing 'surpass'

A geographic society, the Institute of Incoherent Geography, plans to make a world tour in such a way as to "surpass in conception and invention all previous expeditions undertaken by the learned world."
A result will be that our technological and computational tools eventually completely surpass human capacities.
After working together with the player Turk to fight against the Ravens, Elena decides to become a Turk and surpass her sister.
Albert understood the allusion in a moment, and was about to throw his glove at the count, when Morrel seized his hand, while Beauchamp and Chateau Renaud, fearing the scene would surpass the limits of a challenge, held him back.
Also during 1930, Hutton watched the Australian Don Bradman hit 334 not out at Headingley in a Test match, then a record individual score in Tests—which Hutton himself would surpass eight years later.
Anderson is the 38th player in Richmond history to surpass 1,000 points and only the 12th player to accomplish that feat in his junior year (2009–10).
Anselmo, it is true, was somewhat more inclined to seek pleasure in love than Lothario, for whom the pleasures of the chase had more attraction; but on occasion Anselmo would forego his own tastes to yield to those of Lothario, and Lothario would surrender his to fall in with those of Anselmo, and in this way their inclinations kept pace one with the other with a concord so perfect that the best regulated clock could not surpass it.
At the same time, I say that the poet by nature who calls in art to his aid will be a far better poet, and will surpass him who tries to be one relying upon his knowledge of art alone.
Because the volumes of data surpass traditional means of storage and dissemination, Big Data mining and analytical techniques are often used to sift through the vast amounts of social media content.
Before release, demand for the album made it surpass 200,000 pre-orders.
But even his cruelty did not surpass his rapacity and extortion, in which he was fully aided and seconded by his mother, Philotis (or Philota).
certainly,''cried his faithful assistant,``no one can be really esteemed accomplished who does not greatly surpass what is usually met with.
did surpass the glorified White Whale as he so divinely swam.
For extreme delicacy and purity of line no medium can surpass this method.
He comments that "Anthems of Rebellion" "is an excellent follow-up to their now classic breakthrough album", but the band will probably never surpass the song "Enemy Within" from "Wages of Sin".
He had the same assistant-chief that he had worked with during Chicago's Expo, and they worked to surpass this previous fair, and also the Paris Exposition Universelle (1900) in every way that they were able.
He recalls reading an interview with James Morrison that said that Morrison had done 200 gigs in a year, and Sheeran wanted to surpass that number.
He strove to collect a band of followers, and followed the footsteps of Decesaris and Gasperone, whom he hoped to surpass.
However, the effectiveness of its aircraft lagged far behind its rivals, and around this time the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy began to surpass the Royal Navy in air power.
However, the US-VISIT program will very soon surpass Walt Disney World for biometrics deployment.
I intend to build me a house which will surpass any on the main street in Concord in grandeur and luxury, as soon as it pleases me as much and will cost me no more than my present one.
In 1994, his next swimming expedition was to surpass Mihir Sen's record of completing five channels in a calendar year and unbroken for over 30 years.
In round eight against the Cheetahs, Hewat's 27 point haul saw him surpass 300 Super points.
In the game against the Blues in round seven of the Super 14, Hewat moved on to second on the all-time pointscorers list for the Waratahs, his 28 point haul in the match seeing him move on to 359 points to surpass Marty Roebuck who held the spot with 337 points.
Intended to surpass its predecessor in opulence, the series' producers were handed an immensely high budget for the era and cast a handful of well-known movie stars among its leads, including Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck, Katharine Ross and Ricardo Montalban.
It is therefore considered as a matter of great importance to observe the consequences of things; and as one man may very much surpass another in attention and memory and observation, this will make a very great difference in their reasoning.
It would surpass the powers of a well man nowadays to take up his bed and walk, and I should certainly advise a sick one to lay down his bed and run.
Know that Don Quixote of La Mancha, knight-errant, is posted here to maintain by arms that the beauty and courtesy enshrined in the nymphs that dwell in these meadows and groves surpass all upon earth, putting aside the lady of my heart, Dulcinea del Toboso.
Logan states that their "united thickness may possibly far surpass that of all the succeeding rocks, from the base of the palaeozoic series to the present time.
Nevertheless, "A Show of Hands" managed to surpass the gold album mark, reaching number 21 on the "Billboard 200".
On February 26, 2011, Anderson became the third player in Richmond men's basketball history to surpass 2,000 career points.
One can never hope to surpass the illusionary appearance of a#tableau vivant#.
The British government drastically changed their mindset after the Black Week disaster to the realization that the Boer war would not be an easy victory, and they undertook many changes in the military including military personnel, better mobilization, and better modernization in order to match and then surpass the Boer troops.
The direct sequel ' (set six years after "Metal Gear Solid 3") shows Big Boss preferring his former Naked Snake codename as he believed that he has yet to surpass The Boss as a warrior.
The racing drivers used to adopt one of four colours--red, blue, white, or green--and their partisans showed an eagerness in supporting them which nothing could surpass.
The reason is, that art does not surpass nature, but only brings it to perfection; and thus, nature combined with art, and art with nature, will produce a perfect poet.
The sea and its activities were extremely important for these desert people in the 7th century, when they traveled from Spain to China skirting the African coast. Sinbad’s stories are based on those journeys, but reality may well surpass fiction.
The secrecy caused "The Sun" to claim the film would surpass "Titanic"s 200 million budget, which at the time held the record for the most expensive film ever made.
The vehicles security and safety features were specifically designed to surpass EU crash and safety standards and the vehicle was confirmed by lead designer Daniel Mastretta to already be undergoing tests to qualify for European quality and safety standards in 2009.
The video was acclaimed by the lesbians and feminist movements because it showed that women could surpass men.
They contemn one another, and yet they seek to please one another: and whilest they seek to surpass one another in worldly pomp and greatness, they most debase and prostitute themselves in their better part one to another.
They share the common goal of building human towers, democratic values, cooperation and team work, a constant desire to surpass themselves, and a will to maintain a lead over a select and competitive group of rival human tower associations.
The`burnt district'of Boston was commonplace before the fire; but now there is no commercial district in any city in the world that can surpass it or perhaps even rival it in beauty, elegance, and tastefulness.
This achievement of his has made him surpass his previous Asian Championship achievement of 3 Gold medals and 2 Bronze Medals which was the highest grade medals won by a single skater ever in Asian Championship Artistic Skating.
Wellspring recommends 10,000 steps per day (each and every day) as the goal for young weight controllers with the belief that, if they hit that goal or surpass it, they'll achieve far more consistent activity than their peers and improve their long-term prospects to lose weight and keep it off Diet.
While the ability is common for any competent Soul Reaper, her speed movement is almost unmatched, leading her to be called the . Even after a century later, Byakuya Kuchiki is still unable to surpass her speed.
With a weight of and a length of , they are the smallest ungulates in the world, though the largest species of mouse-deer surpass some species of "Neotragus" antelopes in size.
Young reached a win/loss record as a starter of 30–2, ranking him #1 of all UT quarterbacks by number of wins, although his successor, Colt McCoy, would far surpass him with 45.
``They are perfect mother, so perfect, that they surpass by far all I have known in the leading aristocracy of the three proudest nobilities of Europe the English, the Spanish, and the German.''
``You are certainly a prodigy; you will soon not only surpass the railway, which would not be very difficult in France, but even the telegraph.''

More Vocab Words

::: intuition - immediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning; ADJ. intuitive; V. intuit: know by intuition
::: connotation - suggested or implied meaning of an expression; V. connote
::: devotee - enthusiastic follower; enthusiast; Ex. devotee of Bach
::: muted - silent; muffled; toned down; Ex. muted traffic noise
::: annuity - yearly allowance
::: cardinal - chief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
::: graphic - pertaining to the art of delineating; vividly described
::: augury - omen; prophecy; sign of coming events; V. augur: predict; foretell; be a sign of (something in future)
::: integrity - honesty; uprightness; wholeness; state of being whole and undivided; completeness
::: primordial - existing at the beginning (of time); rudimentary