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Vocabulary Word

Word: surge

Definition: powerful movement of or like a wave; V.

Sentences Containing 'surge'

1,421 houses were completely destroyed, and 63 were lost from the storm surge and wave action.
A BBC News poll published the day of Petraeus' testimony reported that 70% of Iraqis believe that the surge has worsened conditions in the country.
A recent surge of research has been conducted to create these surfaces in order to benefit the biological, nautical, mechanical, and medical fields.
A storm surge of occurred south of Miami and winds on Miami Beach were recorded at before the anemometer blew away.
After an initial surge of enthusiasm, the educational context changed rapidly.
As of December 2007, roads remained closed on Pensacola Beach because of damage from Ivan's storm surge.
As such, he recommended a gradual drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq, with a goal of reaching pre-surge troop levels by July 2008.
As well, ANCOP are also heavily utilized as a "surge" force of police wherever necessary within the country.
At 18, Stark started at the University of Southampton where he Studied politics and was given his own show on the student radio station Surge.
Beginning with the surge in coal use which accompanied the Industrial Revolution, energy consumption has steadily transitioned from wood and biomass to fossil fuels.
Biden wrote an opinion column to the "Sacramento Bee", which called the surge a "failed policy".
Due to an unexpected user surge (peaking at an estimated 10 million hits an hour), the servers were unable to cope with the massive load.
He conceded that violence was down in Iraq but that the "militia... simply waiting out the surge" accounted for the downward trend.
He initially drew four others with him, but a second surge from the line gave him the win two seconds ahead of the leading group on the road.
He opposed the 2007 'surge' of troops into Iraq.
He partially attributed those declines to recent blows dealt against Al-Qaeda during the surge.
However, Connecticut used a 12-0 surge to get back in the game.
However, the quest for further education, the industrial revolution and the subsequent surge in national population in the mid-20th century—especially in the north—resulted in a professional transposition.
In 1570, a storm surge from the Rhone entered the etang and breached the costal strip forming a new grau.
In 1999, Swiderski began working on new Atari 5200 game cartridges for the newly popular retro-gaming surge.
In actuality, a late surge in Conservative and federalist support kept the Bloc's share of the popular vote below 43% giving the Bloc only 51 seats.
In April 2007 Biden criticized Republican presidential candidate John McCain calling him " fundamentally wrong" for his support of the surge policy in Iraq.
In one instance, a yacht was brought onshore by the surge and crashed into a restaurant, destroying both.
In pursuit of the wounded mutants, Predator X then managed to get past Surge and attack the infirmary, although Gentle and Armor attempted to stop it.
Niue received more significant damage, experiencing a storm surge of up to and sea spray up to inland.
On Lavau Island, residents took shelter in limestone caves to avoid the oncoming storm surge.
Part of this sea wall was damaged in the storm surge in December 2013 including damage to homes along the seafront.
Petraeus concluded that "the military objectives of the surge are, in large measure, being met".
Severe damage also took place on Niuatoputapu where coastal homes were impacted by Waka's storm surge and several structures lost their roofs.
She started her tenure there in 1984 as a camper and got to watch the camp expand to accommodate the surge in popularity of BMX and Freestyle riding.
Since 2001, overall enrollment has tripled, but male enrollment has declined since the initial surge.
Since then, there has been a surge of interest in extending Shannon's sampling theorem for signals which are band-limited in the Fractional Fourier domain.
Slovakia's Martina Moravcová moved herself up from fourth to surge past the field for the silver medal in 57.97.
Surge and current are often significant however.
Surge jumped in to protect them and instructed any students to head to the infirmary.
The daily new cast at 11.p.m. is particularly popular and has had a large surge in the ratings.
The growth surge was fuelled by debt, particularly among firms, and especially in construction.
The guitars surge tastefully; the drums thump like they belong on a Phil Collins solo record and Dion plays the banshee to perfection."
The island of Diviseema, which was hit by a six metre high storm surge, experienced a loss of life running into the thousands.
The island was also damaged by strong tidal swells and storm surge.
The local media reported on what the Bergquist family was doing, and the coverage led to a massive surge in contributions.
The migration surge would not be an issue if the local working age population was stable or shrinking as some commentators assert.
The new viceroy court in Bogotá led to a surge in demand for portraits of civilians and clergymen.
The storm also produced significant damage, rainfall up to , and a storm surge up to in the Florida Panhandle.
The storm surge at Ocean City was estimated at 6.6 ft (2 m), which washed over the city's dune system in several locations.
The surge of heat turned the leaves yellow.
The surge of the Kőbánya beer production attracted Dreher's attention, in part because Schmidt's beer was competition for him.
The survey also stated that 32% of Americans have not heard of the report and that, overall, the President's address and Petraeus' report did not change minds about the surge.
This has created a surge in the production of renewable energy.
With the surge of technology and disapproval from the Japanese government, the itako are seen as a fading tradition.
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