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Vocabulary Word

Word: superficial

Definition: of the surface; not deep; shallow; not thorough; trivial; Ex. superficial analysis/knowledge

Sentences Containing 'superficial'

"Henodus" was the placodont that had the greatest (albeit superficial) resemblance to a turtle.
"Heron" received superficial damage after being hit by a shore battery at Wonsan, North Korea, no casualties, 10 September 1951.
"Nepenthes gracilis" also bears a superficial resemblance to "N. micramphora" in the size and shape of its leaves, but this species is absent from the Philippines.
A cloudbuster, bearing only a superficial resemblance to the genuine article, was designed and built for the video.
A fire of criticism from pamphlets, newspapers and reviews opened on his volume of "Orations", published in 1823; but the excitement produced was merely superficial and essentially evanescent.
According to Auerbach and Sotiropoulos, Hayek gives an unexpected endorsement to socialism that is more sophisticated than Lange's superficial defense of "socialism".
After the Second Punic War, "Castra Nicia" came under Roman rule, but as in the rest of Sicily, the influence of the invaders remained superficial. In AD 829, the city was occupied by the Saracens.
Although the hyfrecator is not used primarily to cut tissue, it may be used in a secondary capacity to control bleeding, after tissue is cut by a standard surgical scalpel, or else it may be used to partly destroy superficial tissue, that is then removed by the scraping action of a curette.
Antoine goes to a dating service, where the receptionist talks about the science of love and how seemingly objective and superficial it really is.
As well, "Grand Designs" was partly written to criticise mainstream music, which the group felt was too superficial. The song also echoes individualistic themes, such as non-conformism.
As with the first change, this language suggested only a superficial physical change, not one of personality, although Jon Pertwee's portrayal of the Third Doctor also differed quite substantially from Troughton's.
At the bottom superficial parts of the dermis.
Besides being superficial, "Las Divinas" were also mean and bullied Patito.
Beyond this superficial resemblance, there is hardly any real similarity between the eyes of cuttle-fish and vertebrates, as may be seen by consulting Hensen's admirable memoir on these organs in the Cephalopoda.
But beneath this superficial calm there were in the heart of the young man, and perhaps in that of the old man, many repressed desires, many stifled sighs, which found vent when Faria was left alone, and when Edmond returned to his cell.
Cubism was not a school, distinguished by some superficial variation on a generally accepted norm.
Don leaves Megan behind in a huff when she tells him that she's come to find the advertising industry hollow and superficial. Megan manages to hitch a ride back to their new apartment, where they fight and ultimately reconcile.
Far darker than Zeffirelli's version, the film is set in the "crass, violent and superficial society" of Verona Beach and Sycamore Grove.
Freud wrote in "The Interpretation of Dreams" that many features of dreams were usually "overdetermined," in that they were caused by multiple factors in the life of the dreamer, from the "residue of the day" (superficial memories of recent life) to deeply repressed traumas and unconscious wishes, these being "potent thoughts".
He has gone out with one or two nice Catholic girls but has rejected them when he found them too superficial and boring.
His early affinities were Neoclassical but his style can be described as Neo-Rococo. After his death, his painting fell out of favor being considered romantic, glossy, and superficial. Little was known about him personally and his art was not taken seriously until recently.
His writings are not superficial; like Ñāṇavīra's, they require the reader to penetrate and reach the essential meaning of the Buddha's Teaching.
Hump of medium size in the bulls and superficial in females.
If the cinematic maven would have stuck to the former, the film's attraction wouldn't only have to rely on superficial physical lure, and later, the tendency to go bloody boom.
Isoetids are aquatic plants or wetland plants named for their superficial similarity to the quillworts, "Isoetes".
It is not that the same species are met with; for in some cases not one species is identically the same, but they belong to the same families, genera, and sections of genera, and sometimes are similarly characterised in such trifling points as mere superficial sculpture.
It is used for the topical treatment of superficial mycoses of the skin.
It must certainly be allowed, that nature has kept us at a great distance from all her secrets, and has afforded us only the knowledge of a few superficial qualities of objects; while she conceals from us those powers and principles on which the influence of those objects entirely depends.
Scientists observing the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests in 1946 named the transitory cloud a "Wilson cloud" for its superficial similarity to the Wilson cloud chamber effect. Gallery.
She received second degree burns on her right hand and superficial burns on her left hand in a crash during practice for the 2011 Indianapolis 500 on 19 May.
Since the discovery of flint tools in the superficial formations of many parts of the world, all geologists believe that barbarian men existed at an enormously remote period; and we know that at the present day there is hardly a tribe so barbarous as not to have domesticated at least the dog.
The "Angel" production department built a set matching the superficial layout of the outside of the hotel, and filmed a window of the set exploding.
The chorda tympani is less responsive to sucrose than is the greater superficial petrosal nerve.
The chorda tympani nerve carries its information to the nucleus of the solitary tract, and shares this area with the greater superficial petrosal and glossopharyngeal nerves.
The dermis is tightly connected to the epidermis through a basement membrane and is structurally divided into two areas: a superficial area adjacent to the epidermis, called the "papillary region", and a deep thicker area known as the "reticular region".
The differences in these observances is for some Eastern Catholics superficial. However, many Roman Catholics object to this doctrine.
The epidermis of fish and of most amphibians consists entirely of live cells, with only minimal quantities of keratin in the cells of the superficial layer.
The main geological formations in the area are named the Nemegt Formation, Barun Goyot Formation and Djadochta Formation, in order of age, from youngest (most superficial) to oldest (deepest).
The only co operation which is commonly possible is exceedingly partial and superficial; and what little true co operation there is, is as if it were not, being a harmony inaudible to men.
The superficial perineal pouch (also superficial perineal compartment/space/sac) is a compartment of the perineum.
The superficial perineal pouch is a fully enclosed compartment:
There are superficial points of comparison with the original Roman "corrector", except that the "missus" was sent out on a regular basis.
They also anastomose with common palmar digital arteries (from the superficial palmar arch), also via perforating arteries.
This gave him huge popular support throughout his political life, but some contemporaries felt that he was merely a superficial person lacking any deeper convictions.
To read with diligence; not to rest satisfied with a light and superficial knowledge, nor quickly to assent to things commonly spoken of: whom also I must thank that ever I lighted upon Epictetus his Hypomnemata, or moral commentaries and common-factions: which also he gave me of his own.
To this, Buckner responded: The asperity of these notes was only superficial; Buckner greeted his old friend warmly when Grant arrived to accept the surrender.
Two days later, she suffered superficial damage from a communist shore battery after her five-inch gun had been put out of action by a fouled bore and an overheated barrel.
Two moorings were lost as a result and a smaller boat received superficial damage, but nobody was hurt and a later inspection by divers revealed that there was no damage to the ferry.
When the greater superficial petrosal and glossopharyngeal nerves are cut, regardless of age, the chorda tympani nerve takes over the space in the terminal field.
With a little familiarity such superficial objections will be forgotten.

More Vocab Words

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::: fulminate - thunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation
::: fertile - producing many young, fruits, or seeds; (of land) producing good crops; V. fertilize
::: preamble - introductory statement
::: homeostasis - tendency of a system or organism to maintain relative stability or internal equilibrium; CF. homeo-: constant; Ex. homeotherm
::: growl - low, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)
::: ragamuffin - dirty child in torn clothes; person wearing tattered clothes
::: mobile - movable; not fixed; N. mobility
::: loath - reluctant; unwilling; disinclined; Ex. Romeo and Juliet were both loath for him to go.
::: officious - meddlesome; excessively pushy in offering one's services; overly eager in offering unwanted services or advices; Ex. officious bellboy