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Vocabulary Word

Word: sundry

Definition: miscellaneous; various; several; N. sundries: small miscellaneous items

Sentences Containing 'sundry'

"Guachupin" was listed among the vessels participating in the expedition and entitled to a share in the "proceeds of sundry articles of provisions, merchandise, stores, and property afloat" that had been captured.
"In a Cup of Tea" is adapted from Hearn's "Kottō: Being Japanese Curios, with Sundry Cobwebs" (1902).
According to "The Register", "The ISSCC event is the second event of each new year, following the Consumer Electronics Show, where new PC processors and sundry other computing gadgets are brought to market."
After making sundry repayments (claimed Maclaine), Plunkett offered to repay him partly in goods, and gave him some clothes which were afterwards identified as having been stolen in one of the Hounslow Heath mounted robberies.
An energy broker can provide a valuable service if they work with a large number of suppliers and can actually compile the sundry prices from suppliers.
At last, after several hours, when sundry summer houses had been pulled down, and some area railings had been torn up, to arm the more belligerent spirits, a rumor got about that the Guards were coming.
Besides these, there were sundry immense manuscript Books of Evidence taken on affidavit, strongly bound, and tied together in massive sets, a set to each cause, as if every cause were a history in ten or twenty volumes.
Chettle wrote, About three months since died M. Robert Greene, leaving many papers in sundry booksellers' hands, among other his Groatsworth of Wit, in which a letter written to divers play-makers is offensively by one or two of them taken, and because on the dead they cannot be avenged, they willfully forge in their conceits a living author [...]
Court of Appeals Judge Jerry Smith has since called the Supreme Court's Tennard opinion an unfair "tongue-lashing" that singled out the Fifth Circuit for abuse when the Court of Appeals was only trying to honestly apply the High Court's own "sundry pronouncements."
Danglars, who really began to experience sundry gnawings at the stomach, arose softly, again applied his eye to the crack of the door, and recognized the intelligent countenance of his guide.
For him, the most important thing is displaying your wealth to all and sundry.
Forster traveled on to the Netherlands, where he sought to recruit settlers for the ranch by offering household heads of land, five cows, two horses and sundry supplies, with rent forestalled for the first two or three years.
From the chocks it hangs in a slight festoon over the bows, and is then passed inside the boat again; and some ten or twenty fathoms (called box-line) being coiled upon the box in the bows, it continues its way to the gunwale still a little further aft, and is then attached to the short-warp--the rope which is immediately connected with the harpoon; but previous to that connexion, the short-warp goes through sundry mystifications too tedious to detail.
He carries on with his "swim," dropping by the pools of sundry other friends as it slowly unfolds that his life has somehow gone quite wrong.
He voiced the cult Ferrero Rocher "Ambassador's Reception" television advertisement (including the immortal 'eccelente' line), and featured as the voice of Hagrid, Peeves the ghost, a death eater and sundry other wizards in all the Harry Potter computer games.
He was also known for his smart, sundry TV interviews.
However, they are, in some important respects, notably different from the sundry received texts known before their discovery.
I had ninety pounds a year (exclusive of my house-rent and sundry collateral matters) from my aunt.
In addition to the sit-down restaurants, there is a deli-bakery, a Pizza Hut and Subway, and an ice cream/sundry concession similar to Cold Stone Creamery.
In conclusion he remarks that he did not tell the story to encourage wives to imitate Griselda, but as a lesson to all and sundry to face adversity with fortitude (1142–1146).
In June 1926, the new publisher made an offer to sundry "labor and liberal organizations", offering to finance half the cost of publishing any book of "permanent educational value", whether it be an original manuscript or a reprint of an existing title.
In May 2012 Colin Ferguson appeared on Tabletop, a show on Geek and Sundry, where during the course of the episode he discusses his experiences and character in "Eureka".
In the space within the horse-shoe, lower than these, that is to say, on about the level of the floor, were sundry other gentlemen, of Mr. Spenlow's rank, and dressed like him in black gowns with white fur upon them, sitting at a long green table.
Into this twilight apartment sundry nimble hands keep coiling away the long blanket-piece as if it were a great live mass of plaited serpents.
Morton likwise (to shew his poetrie) composed sundry rimes verses, some tending to lasciviousnes, and others to the detraction scandall of some persons, which he affixed to this idle or idoll May-polle.
Newly constructed on the north side was the "Produce Market" for fruits and vegetables, in the middle was the "Fish Market" and to the south end was the "Retail/Wholesale Market" for various sundry dry items.
Of his end and death he could learn no particulars, nor would he have ascertained it or known of it, if good fortune had not produced an old physician for him who had in his possession a leaden box, which, according to his account, had been discovered among the crumbling foundations of an ancient hermitage that was being rebuilt; in which box were found certain parchment manuscripts in Gothic character, but in Castilian verse, containing many of his achievements, and setting forth the beauty of Dulcinea, the form of Rocinante, the fidelity of Sancho Panza, and the burial of Don Quixote himself, together with sundry epitaphs and eulogies on his life and character; but all that could be read and deciphered were those which the trustworthy author of this new and unparalleled history here presents.
She stood charged with “Sundry Acts of Witch-craft done or on the [bodies of Mary Walcott, Abigail Williams, and others of Salem Village.” She was apprehended by Ephraim Wildes, constable of Topsfield, on May 29, 1692.
Tamil Nadu filed another contempt petition on Karnataka and soon the issue degenerated into a 'free for all' with all and sundry from both states joining the protests.
Tell me, the first time you tasted oysters, tea, porter, truffles, and sundry other dainties which you now adore, did you like them?
The "Geek And Sundry" network is co-hosted, among others, by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, who made various appearances on "Eureka".
The clash and glare of sundry fiery Works upon the river-side, arose by night to disturb everything except the heavy and unbroken smoke that poured out of their chimneys.
The entire week is considered to be one continuous day, and the name of each day of the week is called "Bright" ("e.g.", "Bright Monday") and the week's services are unique, varying greatly from those during the remainder of the year, entirely sung and with the pascal hymns together with the stichera taken from the Sunday Resurrection propers in the Octoechos, rotating through the sundry tones, so that tone 1 is used Holy Saturday and at Pascal matins on Sunday, tone 2 Sunday night and Monday, etc., skipping the least festive heavy (or grave) tone and ending with the plagial 4th (aka, Tone 8) on Friday night and Saturday.
The manifesto of Azad Hind Government was frequently put on the Radio Himala, which inspired love of freedom among all and sundry.
The title page states that the drama "hath been diverse and sundry times lately acted".
The upper part of this room was fenced off from the rest; and there, on the two sides of a raised platform of the horse-shoe form, sitting on easy old-fashioned dining-room chairs, were sundry gentlemen in red gowns and grey wigs, whom I found to be the Doctors aforesaid.
There is a guard of sundry horsemen riding abreast of the tumbrils, and faces are often turned up to some of them, and they are asked some question.
To the Constable of Topsfield Your are in theyre Majestyes Names hereby Required to Apprehend bring before us Elizabeth Howe the wife of James Howe if Topsfeild Husbandman on Tuesday next being the thirty first day of may about Ten of the Clock forenoone att the house: of Leut Nathaniell Ingersollsof Salem Village, Whoe stande Charged w’th Sundry Acts of Witch-craft done or Committed on the bodyes of Mary Walcott, Abigaill Williams others of Salem Village, to theyr great hurt, in order to hir examination, Relating to the above s’d premises.
We put ashore a well dressed lady and gentleman, and two well dressed, lady like young girls, together with sundry Russia leather bags.
What under the heavens he did it for, I cannot tell, but his next movement was to crush himself--boots in hand, and hat on--under the bed; when, from sundry violent gaspings and strainings, I inferred he was hard at work booting himself; though by no law of propriety that I ever heard of, is any man required to be private when putting on his boots.
Whether they had anything further to do with Siegen is irrelevant.)" Sundry.

More Vocab Words

::: doctrine - teachings in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught; dogma; tenet; ADJ. doctrinal
::: runic - mysterious; set down in an ancient alphabet; N. rune: one of the letters of an alphabet used by ancient Germanic peoples (cut on stone or wood); magic charm
::: choleric - hot-tempered; bad-tempered; irritable; easily angered; CF. cholera
::: chide - scold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)
::: malignant - tending to cause death; highly injurious; aggressively malevolent; Ex. malignant tumor
::: abolish - cancel; put an end to
::: ratiocination - reasoning; act of drawing conclusions from premises; V. ratiocinate: reason logically
::: glean - gather leavings; gather grain left behind by reapers; gather bit by bit (facts or information) often with difficulty
::: replicate - reproduce; duplicate
::: superficial - of the surface; not deep; shallow; not thorough; trivial; Ex. superficial analysis/knowledge