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Vocabulary Word

Word: succulent

Definition: juicy; full of juice or sap; full of richness; N: succulent plant such as a cactus

Sentences Containing 'succulent'

By the summer of 1945, however, its cactus and succulent house reopened, as did the tropical house.
Diets of bears monitored in Yushan National Park include succulent vegetation in spring, soft fruits rich in carbohydrate in summer, and fat-loaded hard mast (e.g., acorn and walnut) in fall/winter.
Each plant has two or more tubercles from 15 to 25 cm in length that are succulent, sweet and rich in starch and protein (9%).
I could feel the succulent giving of flesh and bone under my blows, and for a moment I was free.
In the 1950s, Ruth Bancroft brought home a single succulent, an Aeonium grown by Ms. Glenn Davidson.
It is a medium-sized shrub with slightly succulent leaves, red flowers and fleshy orange or red berries.
Many cacti conduct photosynthesis in succulent stems, rather than leaves, so the surface area of the shoot is very low.
So again, many succulent plants cannot endure a damp climate.
Stipules may be reduced to hairs, glands, or spines, or in succulent species are sometimes absent.
Succulent plants store water in their stems or leaves.
The garden was created by industrialist and plant collector Hermann Gruson, who upon his death in 1895 bequeathed his extensive succulent collection and 100,000 Marks to the city of Magdeburg.
The hollow succulent stems branch at the tops and from the base.
The larvae feed on various succulent plants, including sugar beet and alfalfa.
The list includes the former (and never generally accepted) genus "Chamaesyce", as well as the related genera "Elaeophorbia", "Endadenium", "Monadenium", "Synadenium" and "Pedilanthus" which according to recent DNA sequence-based phylogenetic studies are all nested within "Euphorbia" Noticeably succulent plants are marked by (s).
The remaining area is kept in a natural state; species include "Carpinus orientalis", "Centaurea forojuliensis", "Pinus nigra", "Quercus petraea", "Quercus pubescens", as well as "Dianthus tergestinus", "Euphorbia characias wulfenii", "Potentilla tommasiniana", "Ruscus aculeatus", etc. One greenhouse contains a collection of about 80 species of succulent plants including Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, and Euphorbiaceae; the other is devoted to species of temperate climates.
The Sahabah noticed that the camel had a large fat hump and their appetite for succulent tasty meat was stimulated.
They have reduced their pseudobulbs and instead, some species have thick succulent leaves.
They said the meat of the giant tortoise was 'succulent meat and the oil from their bodies as pure as butter, but best of all, the giants could hibernate in a ship’s damp for a year or more.'" Today, only one of the species of the Indian Ocean survives in the wild, the Aldabra giant tortoise (two more are claimed to exist in captive or re-released populations, but some genetic studies have cast doubt on the validity of these as separate species) and 11 subspecies in the Galápagos.

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