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Vocabulary Word

Word: substantive

Definition: substantial; essential; pertaining to the substance; substantial; considerable; Ex. substantive issues

Sentences Containing 'substantive'

1938 saw a further period of secondment to Military Intelligence, and promotion to substantive captain.
Although Atkins was not appointed as a full, substantive grade general, on January 23, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln nominated Atkins to the grade of brevet brigadier general of volunteers, to rank from January 12, 1865, and the U.S. Senate confirmed the award on February 14, 1865.
Although the stay was lifted, and the government freed of legal constraints that prevented it from deporting Demjanjuk, his appeal for the substantive review of the BIA decision on the merits (wherein the BIA effectively upheld the deportation order itself, by refusing to reopen the case on the ground that "torture" in Germany was more likely than not) was still pending before the Court of Appeals.
As early as January 1920, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began compiling a file on Post and his political leanings, but failed to find substantive evidence of radical connections on his part.
Bracewell lobbying tactics have variously been noted for bipartisanship and stressing substantive expertise over mere access.
Convention on the Unification of Certain Points of Substantive Law on Patents for Invention
Finally she was discovered for substantive roles in films by screenwriter Frances Marion.
For the students that defended the professor’s innocence, “racism was defined as an act of intentional maliciousness.” Yet for African-American’s, racism was broadened to a detrimental influence on “the substantive dynamics of the classroom”.
Furthermore, Virginia could not show at trial any substantive evil flowing from the NAACP's activities.
Governments are legitimated by elections that are free and fair but emptied of substantive meaning in their ability to change the State's policies, motives, and goals.
He finally attained the substantive rank of Lieutenant-Colonel on 1 July 1937 (20 years after he had first held it), and was immediately promoted to Brevet Colonel.
He is best known for advocating a "substantive" understanding landscape, one that incorporates legal and other lived significances of landscape, rather than viewing it in a more purely aesthetic way.
He regained the acting rank of lieutenant colonel on 1 January 1948, his substantive rank was still captain until 30 June 1948 when that was advanced to major.
He was granted the substantive rank of major general on 25 April 1995 with seniority from 1 July 1994.
He was granted the substantive rank of major in 1946, and substantive colonel in 1952.
He was known for his strong use of substantive due process to invalidate regulations of business and property.
He was promoted to substantive Captain during this period, his senority later being antedated to 1 September 1915.
However, policymakers' statements did not accurately convey the intelligence assessments of the nature of these contacts, and left the impression that the contacts led to substantive Iraqi cooperation or support of al-Qa'ida."
In 1996, Olwig published an influential paper on "Recovering the Substantive Nature of Landscape", using his favored philological form of inquiry.
In all European languages, the substantive "history" is still used to mean both "what happened with men", and "the scholarly study of the happened", the latter sense sometimes distinguished with a capital letter, "History", or the word "historiography".
In some jurisdictions, substantive examination of patent applications is not routinely carried out.
In the fall of 2009, Menin launched her own talk show, "Give and Take", a one on one substantive interview show on politics, legal issues and current events which aired on NBC's 24-hour cable network in major markets around the country.
It intended to harmonize substantive patent law but not procedural law.
Nicholas Fonseca from "Entertainment Weekly" stated that "Like a Prayer" is "an official turning point" of Madonna's career, which earned her "a long-awaited, substantive dose of critical acclaim."
Paradigms and research programmes allow anomalies to be set aside, where there is reason to believe that they arise from incomplete knowledge (about either the substantive topic, or some aspect of the theories implicitly used in making observations).
Primarily, however, he wanted to show the academics that the literature of popular culture could be as substantive as the literature of high culture.
Ruggles-Brise was promoted to substantive Major-General for 'distinguished service in the field' on 3 June 1917.
Rumors persist that this was due to the assistance of Alexander Hamilton, though these have been shown to lack the weight of substantive evidence.
She emphasized McCarthy's comment that Rahman was never charged with the "substantive crime" of bombing the World Trade Center.
The Albino is as well made as other men--has no substantive deformity--and yet this mere aspect of all-pervading whiteness makes him more strangely hideous than the ugliest abortion.
The Convention on the Unification of Certain Points of Substantive Law on Patents for Invention, also called Strasbourg Convention or Strasbourg Patent Convention, is a multilateral treaty signed by Member States of the Council of Europe on November 27, 1963 in Strasbourg, France.
The Convention therefore has the status of International Law, using the word "ensure" 32 times in the substantive body of provisions and is not derogated in any way.
The Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution provided that certain substantive rights, such as life, liberty, and property, could not be deprived except pursuant to constitutionally adequate procedures.
The Massachusetts’ Berkshires served as the backdrop for Whitman’s substantive ministry.
The next stage is substantive examination, where the main grounds of objection could be raised: absolute grounds for refusal (e.g. where the mark is inherently not registerable), and relative grounds for refusal (e.g. where the mark is identical or similar to mark covered by an application or registration filed earlier in time).
The parol evidence rule is a substantive common law rule in contract cases that prevents a party to a written contract from presenting extrinsic evidence that discloses an ambiguity and clarifies it or adds to the written terms of the contract that appears to be whole.
The remaining, substantive provisions of the Act must be brought into force by statutory instruments made by the Secretary of State.
The rules are meant "to ensure that substantive and financial issues are subjected to separate and independent analysis."
The Supreme Court held it was an error for the prosecution to use the statement of Rowell as substantive evidence of guilt when it was actually impeachment testimony.
The treatise is "a marked advance on any previous introduction to English law . . including constitutional, civil and criminal law, public and private law, substantive law and procedure, as well as some introductory jurisprudential content".
There are several views that there is a "sea change" happening in the status quo of scientific publishing, and substantive change regarding how scientists share research data.
Therefore, the cognitive model should be correctly defined and closely aligned with the observed response patterns in order to provide a substantive framework for making inferلبلبences about a specific group of examinees’ knowledge and skills.
These brought the first substantive reductions in nuclear weapons, signaled the beginning of the end of Communism and the Cold War, and established the fundamental realignment of global power as America prepared to enter the twenty first century.
These strategy and process elements of negotiations can be combined with an understanding of structure in order to predict outcomes that are both substantive and relationship outcomes.
These traditions have had a complex interrelationship, with the English influence most apparent in procedural aspects of the legal system and methods of adjudication, and the Roman-Dutch influence most visible in its substantive private law.
These were the first substantive signs of the group's emerging disunity and antipathy.
They said that the rebels have been leveling allegations of corruption against the state government with no substantive evidence.
This last morpheme indicates a relationship between two nouns (substantive or adjective) corresponding to a variety of functions (generally attributive or genitive).
Though its name suggests that it is a procedural evidence rule, the consensus of courts and commentators is that the parol evidence rule constitutes substantive contract law.
Typical Board business includes interviewing licensure candidates, considering disciplinary matters and adopting substantive and procedural rules.

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