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Vocabulary Word

Word: subservient

Definition: behaving like a slave; servile; obsequious; subordinate; N. subservience

Sentences Containing 'subservient'

After learning of the Cupians, a human-like race that is subservient to the Formians, Cabot escapes and falls in love with the Cupian princess Lilla. He goes on to introduce the Cupians to gunpowder and leads them in a revolt against their Formian masters.
As an unexpected reward for an unpaid job, Mal finds himself married to a naïve, subservient young woman named Saffron (Christina Hendricks).
But a wise prince would rather choose to employ those who practise the last of these methods; because such zealots prove always the most obsequious and subservient to the will and passions of their master.
But in the universities of Europe, where philosophy was taught only as subservient to theology, it was natural to dwell longer upon these two chapters than upon any other of the science.
Capitalist expansion is seen by eco-socialists as being "hand in glove" with "corrupt and subservient client states" that repress dissent against the system, governed by international organisations "under the overall supervision of the Western powers and the superpower United States", which subordinate peripheral nations economically and militarily.
Cyrus is considered to be the first true king of the Persian Empire, as his predecessors were subservient to the Medes.
Despite this loss of face Benoist-Méchin was an enthusiastic collaborator who claimed that France was working with Germany rather than opposing her and risking further defeat or working for her and thus becoming subservient.
Feminist critics have attacked the scene as representative of an anti-feminist viewpoint in Rand's works that makes women subservient to men.
For the part, she acted utterly subservient to her husband, perpetually huddled in submission, and barely spoke a word of dialogue during the entire film.
God only knows that I retire from thee without pride or hatred, but not without many regrets; he only knows that the power confided to me has never been made subservient to my personal good or to any useless cause.
He is subservient to the wills of others: Dominique Francon's father, the architectural establishment, his mother, even Roark himself.
He received my proposition with more compliance than is usual among writers, especially those of the projecting species, professing “he would be glad to receive further information.” I told him, “that in the kingdom of Tribnia, {454a} by the natives called Langdon, {454b} where I had sojourned some time in my travels, the bulk of the people consist in a manner wholly of discoverers, witnesses, informers, accusers, prosecutors, evidences, swearers, together with their several subservient and subaltern instruments, all under the colours, the conduct, and the pay of ministers of state, and their deputies.
In "", Lorna Jowett calls the song between Willow and Tara the transformational event in their relationship, from Tara's subservient bearing towards Willow, into a relationship of equals.
In contrast, Aderca's final biographical study, the ESPLA-rejected "Goethe şi lumea sa" ("Goethe and His World"), was based on a methodical research that was ostensibly inspired by Scientific Socialism, and that, as Aderca himself claimed, offered insight into the conflicting sides of Goethe's life: his literary genius in contrast with his supposedly subservient position to German aristocracy.
In that philosophy, the duties of human life were treated of as subservient to the happiness and perfection of human life, But when moral, as well as natural philosophy, came to be taught only as subservient to theology, the duties of human life were treated of as chiefly subservient to the happiness of a life to come.
It tends to make government subservient to the interest of monopoly, and consequently to stunt the natural growth of some parts, at least, of the surplus produce of the country, to what is barely sufficient for answering the demand of the company.
It was at this period I learned that the destiny which seemed subservient to every wish formed by Napoleon, had bestowed on him a son, named king of Rome even in his cradle.
Kaye needs a research assistant, and after being turned off by the seemingly plastic and subservient women of Stepford, she jumps at the chance to hire Megan.
ONET's 'Handbook of Rules', which sets out membership criteria etc. remains intact but is subservient to the M New departure.
Some disputed the claim that Suazo was subservient to the military, pointing out the fact that the president refused to increase the budget of the armed forces.
The banks of Venice, Genoa, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Nuremberg, seem to have been all originally established with this view, though some of them may have afterwards been made subservient to other purposes.
The Dalmatian region and its shores were at this time settled by tribes of Croats, a South Slavic people subservient to the Avar khagans (the Avars themselves, i.e. the Avar Khaganate, occupied the more fertile land of the Pannonian Basin).
The weavers of linen and hempen cloth, the principal manufactures of the country, as well as all other artificers subservient to them, wheel-makers, reel-makers, etc.
There now's a patched professor in Queen Nature's granite-founded College; but methinks he's too subservient.
These more-nationalistic, more-isolationist officers saw Álvarez as subservient to the United States, giving up more in terms of sovereignty than he received in aid.
They are considered fifth wives because they are in addition to the four wives a person can legally have in Niger (according to Islamic tradition) and are considered subservient to the official wives.
They later convert a number of subservient humans into an army of "neo-cymeks" to enforce their rule over the universe, and this so-called "Time of Titans" lasts for a century.
This indicates River's knowledge of Saffron's true nature, though at this point Saffron is still playing the subservient wife.
Thus at times the Hakim of Badakhshan has been subservient to the hakim of another region.
To keep them subservient, they must not drink alcohol, miss the medication, or be overstimulated, or the women will become hostile and potentially violent.
Trade, or buying in order to sell again, they still consider as their principal business, and by a strange absurdity, regard the character of the sovereign as but an appendix to that of the merchant; as something which ought to be made subservient to it, or by means of which they may be enabled to buy cheaper in India, and thereby to sell with a better profit in Europe.
While she did appear in such roles, Norman refused to use to play the roles in a subservient or stereotypical manner that was considered the norm.
You would come to me and say: "Epictetus, we can no longer endure being chained to this wretched body, giving food and drink and rest and purification: aye, and for its sake forced to be subservient to this man and that.

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