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Vocabulary Word

Word: subordinate

Definition: occupying a lower rank; inferior; submissive; N. V: put in a lower rank or class

Sentences Containing 'subordinate'

All the members of whole classes are connected together by a chain of affinities, and all can be classed on the same principle, in groups subordinate to groups.
All the modified descendants from A will have inherited something in common from their common parent, as will all the descendants from I; so will it be with each subordinate branch of descendants at each successive stage.
And the fine portrait will express the larger and subordinate the petty individualities, will give you what is of value, and subordinate what is trivial in a person's appearance.
And thus, the forms of life throughout the universe become divided into groups subordinate to groups.
Ashwatthama probably ruled the kingdom being subordinate to the rulers of Hastinapura.
At the time, it was a fortress subordinate to Pskov and protecting it from the south.
Because of this, until Tsarist times Letychiv played a subordinate role to nearby Medzhibozh.
Beneath him might be as many as three subordinate priests who could substitute for him in ceremonies.
Buckner agreed and Floyd offered to turn over command to his subordinate, Pillow.
For neither doth any ordinary particular nature bring anything to pass, that is not to whatsoever is within the sphere of its own proper administration and government agreeable and subordinate.
Great Britain has hitherto suffered her subject and subordinate provinces to disburden themselves upon her of almost this whole expense.
He and his subordinate Korkut Eken were initially handed a six-year sentence.
He orders a resupply from Mo Man via his subordinate Puddin.
He who serves his parents is not arrogant when above, not rebellious when a subordinate, and not quarrelsome when with peers.
I am too well aware that though a subordinate, like myself, is bound to acquaint the shipowner with everything that occurs, there are many things he ought most carefully to conceal from all else.''''
In 1753, Bombay was made subordinate to Calcutta.
In 1930, the okrug was abolished, and the district became subordinate to the central administration of Northern Krai.
In one of his works (epic poem on Nikola Jurišić) a subordinate theme was Skanderbeg.
In Russia and in other parts of the former Soviet Union, a muhtasibat is directly subordinate to a qadiyat.
It is subordinate to the Ministry of Information and Communications and has its head office in Paro.
It is the product of their labour, together with that of the employer and subordinate managers, and of the capital employed."
Its members also tended to be the province's representatives to the States-General, as the Council was a subordinate to it.
Judging the time for this was reserved for the army commander, who would need to rely on the reports of subordinate commanders.
Lafayette McLaws after that subordinate of Longstreet's was charged with poor performance at Knoxville.
McClernand ordered Grant's subordinate, Maj.
Now, with the subordinate phantoms, what wonder remained soon waned away; for in a whaler wonders soon wane.
Other states have generally disburdened themselves, upon their subject and subordinate provinces, of the most considerable part of the expense of defending the empire.
Personality traits of the supervisor, in particular agreeableness, extroversion and emotional stability, are positively related to subordinate attitude and have a greater effect on subordinate satisfaction with supervision than do more general work-related attitudes.
Subordinate to them were roles such as "Chief Accountant" and "Technical Director".
Subordinate's responses to the orders given are either punished or rewarded.
The brigade's subordinate units are as follows:
The Central Academy of Drama is a central subordinate university.
The diocese was founded in 739 by Saint Boniface; it was originally subordinate to the archbishop of Salzburg.
The duchy's army was subordinate to the French Army.
The head temples each oversee a district ("gyogu"), containing a large number of subordinate temples.
The Imperial Forestry Service was organized subordinate to the Imperial Forest Department in 1867.
The Lothian archdeaconry was headed by the Archdeacon of Lothian, a subordinate of the Bishop of St Andrews.
The Mississippi receives and carries to the Gulf water from fifty four subordinate rivers that are navigable by steamboats, and from some hundreds that are navigable by flats and keels.
The neighbouring subordinate town of Tai'an has 354,700 people.
The service is subordinate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.
The several subordinate groups in any class cannot be ranked in a single file, but seem clustered round points, and these round other points, and so on in almost endless cycles.
The subordinate male also forfeits to the dominant male all sexual relations with local females.
The subordinate masses of foliage within these main boundaries are treated in the same way, resolved into masses of infinitely varying edges.
The supervisor's personality strongly influences the subordinate's "satisfaction with the supervisor".
Then, either a male is killed or one male becomes subordinate to the other and avoids confrontation.
This came into effect in 2001 by subordinate legislation.
This inequality is likely to be greatest in a country of which the government is, in some respects, subordinate and dependant upon that of some other.
Upon the transfer, Bombay was made subordinate to the Company's settlement in Surat.
Weiyun faces tremendous pressure and is threatened by her subordinate.
Within this counsel, Jehovah and Michael were subordinate to Elohim, and created the earth under the direction of Elohim.

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