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Vocabulary Word

Word: sturdy

Definition: strong and firm (in the body)

Sentences Containing 'sturdy'

A cigarette case or cigarette box is a sturdy, most commonly metal container to store small numbers of cigarettes safely from crushing.
A young forest growing up under your meadows, and wild sumachs and blackberry vines breaking through into your cellar; sturdy pitch pines rubbing and creaking against the shingles for want of room, their roots reaching quite under the house.
Alley Oop, the strip's title character, was a sturdy citizen in the prehistoric kingdom of Moo.
An-Nuayman then went to a group of Arabs in the suq and said to them: "Would you like to have a strong and sturdy slave whom I can sell to you."
Angolan-Nigerian relations, which are primarily based on their roles as oil exporting nations, are cooperative and sturdy.
Do you bring home money, Sancho, and leave marrying her to my care; there is Lope Tocho, Juan Tocho's son, a stout, sturdy young fellow that we know, and I can see he does not look sour at the girl; and with him, one of our own sort, she will be well married, and we shall have her always under our eyes, and be all one family, parents and children, grandchildren and sons-in-law, and the peace and blessing of God will dwell among us; so don't you go marrying her in those courts and grand palaces where they won't know what to make of her, or she what to make of herself."
Due to the Solar Ark's sturdy building materials, the Ark is able to resist winds of up to 34 meters/second and level 7 earthquakes on the Japanese scale.
During World War II, Antler luggage shifted its focus from personal luggage to sturdy sacks used by soldiers and various military equipment to help in the war effort.
For the reason which such persons commonly assign, and upon which they chiefly rest, is, that the labours of the mind are greater than those of the body, and that arms give employment to the body alone; as if the calling were a porter's trade, for which nothing more is required than sturdy strength; or as if, in what we who profess them call arms, there were not included acts of vigour for the execution of which high intelligence is requisite; or as if the soul of the warrior, when he has an army, or the defence of a city under his care, did not exert itself as much by mind as by body.
From the Ptoan sanctuary in Boeotia we have the Ptoon 12 kouros (NAMA), "softer, less sturdy" suggests Richter it is, she asserts, a native Boeotian product and not an Athenian import.
Gardenia thunbergia is a sturdy large shrub or small tree endemic to the Southern and Eastern regions of South Africa and neighbouring territories such as Swaziland.
He established and created an alguacil of the poor, not to harass them, but to examine them and see whether they really were so; for many a sturdy thief or drunkard goes about under cover of a make-believe crippled limb or a sham sore.
He had been a man of sturdy action all his life, and he knew that in all things wherein he wanted help he must do his own part faithfully, and help himself.
I thought it affecting to see such a sturdy fellow as Ham was now, trembling in the strength of what he felt for the pretty little creature who had won his heart.
If enough minerals make it inside the egg can become sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the overlying sediments.
In an instant he was placed in the stern sheets of the boat, between the gendarmes, while the officer stationed himself at the bow; a shove sent the boat adrift, and four sturdy oarsmen impelled it rapidly towards the Pilon.
In that blessed age all things were in common; to win the daily food no labour was required of any save to stretch forth his hand and gather it from the sturdy oaks that stood generously inviting him with their sweet ripe fruit.
In the week of ferocious storms which followed the battle the sturdy "Prince" was invaluable, providing replacement stores to more battered ships and towing those that needed it.
It grows about 2 ft tall and wide, with a woody rootstock and sturdy appearance, with large (4 inches long) yellow-green elliptical shaped sticky leaves.
It had its beginnings as a cloth canopy, but in other cases it is a sturdy, permanent architectural feature, particularly over high altars in cathedrals, where such a structure is more correctly called a ciborium when it is sufficiently architectural in form.
Jesus Freak Hideout's Alex "Tincan" Caldwell noted "while all the songs are sturdy and ready for the radio, few rise to "memorable" status.
Many critics at the time remarked upon Rogers' changed figure, noting that the elfin girl of the 30's had made way for a sturdy, athletic woman.
Other typical versions are sturdy cases to store standard cigarette packs.
She succeeded her husband Kevin Poirier, who resigned to become director of development at Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
The altars in the main ceremonial hall are made from precious wood, which makes it particularly sturdy.
The Astroblast was a late 1970s-era stomp rocket consisting of a sturdy plastic stomp chamber with a sturdy stomp plunger on top.
The man who entered was a sturdy, middle-sized fellow, some thirty years of age, clean-shaven, and sallow-skinned, with a bland, insinuating manner, and a pair of wonderfully sharp and penetrating grey eyes.
The method of choice depends on how fragile the protein is and how sturdy the cells are.
The SM57 is a popular musicians' choice due to its sturdy construction and ability to work well with instruments that produce high sound pressure levels, such as percussion instruments and electric guitars.
Then, reading from his account-book as if he were repeating some devout prayer, in the middle of his delivery he raised his hand and gave him a sturdy blow on the neck, and then, with his own sword, a smart slap on the shoulder, all the while muttering between his teeth as if he was saying his prayers.
These walls turn out surprisingly sturdy and effectively recycle any trees that may need to be excavated from the building area.
They were simple but well made instruments with sturdy cast alloy frames.
This building was fireproof, sturdy, spacious, and had lots of room for the nursery school to expand and even had room for the new cooperative school for teachers.
Thou must know that a certain widow, fair, young, independent, and rich, and above all free and easy, fell in love with a sturdy strapping young lay-brother; his superior came to know of it, and one day said to the worthy widow by way of brotherly remonstrance, 'I am surprised, senora, and not without good reason, that a woman of such high standing, so fair, and so rich as you are, should have fallen in love with such a mean, low, stupid fellow as So-and-so, when in this house there are so many masters, graduates, and divinity students from among whom you might choose as if they were a lot of pears, saying this one I'll take, that I won't take;' but she replied to him with great sprightliness and candour, 'My dear sir, you are very much mistaken, and your ideas are very old-fashioned, if you think that I have made a bad choice in So-and-so, fool as he seems; because for all I want with him he knows as much and more philosophy than Aristotle.'
To thee, great hero who all praise transcends, La Mancha's lustre and Iberia's star, Don Quixote, wise as brave, to thee I say-- For peerless Dulcinea del Toboso Her pristine form and beauty to regain, 'T is needful that thy esquire Sancho shall, On his own sturdy buttocks bared to heaven, Three thousand and three hundred lashes lay, And that they smart and sting and hurt him well.
Together, they shape the quality of brain architecture and establish either a sturdy or a fragile foundation for all of the learning, health, and behavior that follow."
While so engaged both these gallant soldiers were killed, but their sturdy defensive was a decisive factor in the following success of the attacking battalion.

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