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Vocabulary Word

Word: strident

Definition: loud and harsh; insistent; N. stridency

Sentences Containing 'strident'

(Knox had travelled to Calvin's Geneva during his exile from Scotland, and described it as "the most perfect school of Christ that ever was on earth since the days of the Apostles.") The "Scots Confession" reflects that Calvinist influence, although without the systematic and scholastic nature of the more strident Westminster Confession that would replace it in 1644.
Each stalk served as a perch for a grasshopper, which regaled the passers by through this Egyptian scene with its strident, monotonous note.
Even in her later poetry, we can still break open into a vision uniquely situated in a poetics that remains strident, militant and experimental. Fiction and literary criticism.
In retirement, he became a national selector for twelve years but in recent times is best known for his strident criticism of modern cricket.
John Lennon accentuates McCartney's strident acoustic guitar strumming by triple hitting a low A note on a piano. The tempo of the song moves from ballad to rock and back with a minor to major key change during its middle eight section.
Not only did he actively enlist all able-bodied black men at an unprecedented rate—often with the assistance of all-black recruiting squads, and despite the legislature’s strident objection to the continued presence of black troops in the state—he sustained martial law in the state in order to override the state’s civil courts and governments because of their obvious unwillingness to assume "their clear and positive duty to protect the people from forcible wrongs, whether inflicted under the forms of law or otherwise."
Republicans are very strident on personal issues.
The most common call is a strident "weeka weeka weeka".
The song, which has heavy rock beat with strident lead guitar, deals with the divorce subject. A music video, directed by Olivier Dahan, was released to promote the single.
This was more strident and political than its predecessor, and it was the band's only album (barring compilations) to reach number one in the UK charts.
Verses 9–15 are a strident denunciation of the author's enemies, especially an individual described as "my equal" and "my familiar friend" who has turned against the psalmist (vss.

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