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Vocabulary Word

Word: steep

Definition: soak; saturate; Ex. steep the fabric in the dye bath; ADJ: precipitous

Sentences Containing 'steep'

"First are coastal forested mountains- steep mountains that support perennially flowing streams.
A steep climb from the banks of the river Narmada leads to the village with paved streets.
A steep winding stair centered on the west wall ascends from the basement to the second story.
Along the north edge of the garden, the slope had probably originally been more steep.
Among the hallmarks of Gilman's design are a steep gabled roof, an apse, and buttresses.
As a result, the sequence of changes never gets steep enough to become a singularity.
Because of its unstable, steep cliffs this section of the park is closed to visitors.
Besides the Ofotfjord, there are a number of other fjords that cut into the landscapes, often with steep shorelines.
Both are steep, but there are no technical difficulties.
Cliffs and steep and treacherous ledges dominate the valley area.
During this period Makuria seems to have entered a steep decline.
He continued to work with Ericsson, and in 1830 they patented a method of ascending steep inclines on railways.
Horsecars were the chief transportation, but could not be used on the steep hills.
However, we climbed a pretty steep hill, and in the afternoon returned home.
In the ancient quarter, situated in the west part of the centre, there are various roads with steep inclinations.
It is a steep rocky brook, fast flowing with occasional small water falls.
It is a two story brick residence with characteristic steep gable roofs and arched windows.
It rushes down steep hillsides at about 45 degrees.
It was longer, but less steep, than the existing trail.
Linder Glacier () is a steep tributary glacier in the Lanterman Range, Bowers Mountains, Antarctica.
On his return he takes the steep approach back to Garbadale.
Originally the area was a small, steep, wooded ravine cut through by Phalen Creek.
South of the monastery, on a steep cliff, stands the Hermitage Chapel.
Steep mountain slopes had steps gouged into them for climbing.
The gatehouse was located in the south near a steep cliff.
The historic farmyard and museum is located on the steep shores of the Storfjorden in the Sunnmøre district of the county.
The landscape is rugged topography with steep hillsides and narrow valley floodplains.
The main road runs along the foot of a steep escarpment on which the majority of the older houses are located in a labyrinth of steep narrow lanes.
The path up the mountain was steep, and she considered going up the mountain in a litter.
The railroad later pulled out and the town descended into steep decline.
The rest of the riparian corridors are only a few feet wide due to steep slopes.
The Scott's Creek Forest unit is very steep and difficult to manage.
The spread include of forest extending from steep mountain slopes down to grassy meadows.
The Steep Approach to Garbadale is a novel by the Scottish writer Iain Banks, published in 2007.
The steep river banks, up to 3m high, are a haven for the kingfisher.
The steep terrain also accentuates the many rivers that flow from central St.
The summit overlooks the steep eastern face and is marked by a cairn.
The track is mostly unformed with steep, rocky or muddy sections.
The vines are planted in terraces on steep slopes with walls built of stone.
The wolf would be attracted by the smell, fall in the pit and be unable to scale the steep sides; it could then be killed.
There is a ditch around the base of the knoll, except on the E, where there are steep slopes.
They had steep sides lined with planks, making it impossible for the animal to escape once it had fallen in.
This consists mainly of a steep hill, mainly of rocks and boulders, and is considered dangerous to amateurs.
This gives the skier or boarder an impression of being in a very steep half pipe with moguls.
This layer is very distinctive due to its steep rise.
This place was a tolerable long, steep hill or ridge about forty foot high.
This way a steep climb and descent between Saint-Denis and Creil could be avoided.
Through such an atmosphere, by a steep dark shaft of dirt and poison, the way lay.
To cross to the other side of the deck was like walking up the steep gabled roof of a house.
We had a rough time getting to the top, the sides was so steep and the bushes so thick.

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