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Vocabulary Word

Word: statute

Definition: law enacted by the legislature

Sentences Containing 'statute'

All the freedom which the trade of the inland corn dealer has ever yet enjoyed was bestowed upon it by this statute.
Applying intermediate scrutiny, the court determined that the statute was not substantially related to the stated purpose.
Based on these grounds, the NRA told the Court "the whole Statute must be voided."
Besides this, Canada had limited powers over her own foreign affairs until the Statute of Westminster 1931.
But even this restraint was afterwards thought insufficient, and, by a statute of Elizabeth, the privilege of granting it was confined to the quarter-sessions.
But, as the morals of the great body of the people are not yet so corrupt as those of the contrivers of this statute, I have not heard that any advantage has ever been taken of this clause.
By a strict interpretation of the words, too, the operation of this statute has been limited to those trades which were established in England before the 5th of Elizabeth, and has never been extended to such as have been introduced since that time.
By a subsequent statute, the master suffers six months imprisonment.
However the original statute creating the county does not site a source for the name.
HSV in its club statute recognises the founding of SC Germania as its own date of origin.
I do not observe, at least in our statute book, any encouragement given to the importation of the instruments of trade.
In 1963, the state of Washington enacted a statute to assume such jurisdiction.
In April 2011, the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the FFRF's challenge to the NDoP, holding that the FFRF did not have standing to challenge the NDoP statute or proclamations and that only the President was injured enough to challenge the NDoP statute.
In the composition of this statute, the legislature itself seems to have been as negligent as the copiers were in the transcription of the other.
It was formally repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1867.
It was itself repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1871.
Justice Douglas dissented because he felt that the interpretation of its statute given by SEC was not within its power.
Justice Maureen O'Connor wrote the majority opinion, which ruled that economic benefit alone was insufficient to satisfy the eminent domain statute of the Ohio Constitution; that an Ohio statute allowing for the use of eminent domain seizures in the case of "deteriorating areas" was void for vagueness; and that the rest of this statute should remain in force.
of our Sovereigne Lord Lady the King and Queen, and against the forme of the Statute in that Case made Provided.
Once a bill is enacted into law it is called an "act" or "statute".
One of its more visible accomplishments was its involvement in the effort to extend the statute of limitations in Massachusetts.
Salgar was an outspoken opponent of President Julio César Turbay Ayala's Security Statute.
The Act was expressly repealed as expired by the Statute Law Revision Act 1867.
The Act was formally repealed as expired by the Statute Law Revision Act 1867.
The authority of three justices of the peace was, by the statute of Edward VI.
The biggest of cities are "statute cities" and can have self-governing subdivisions.
The case was a challenge to a West Virginia statute that banned shipments even for personal consumption.
The court observed that a gender neutral statute would still have the effect of providing for needy women, and that the only difference created by the Alabama statute was to also provide support for well off women that did not need support and to exclude needy men from support.
The curing statute does "not" apply to cases for divorce or annulment.
The manufactures of Manchester, Birmingham, and Wolverhampton, are many of them, upon this account, not within the statute, not having been exercised in England before the 5th of Elizabeth.
The NAACP appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, which upheld one statute but not the other.
The passion for passing laws was ridiculed: "Enact, say our modern philosophers, enact. Pass statute after statute.
The Patent Act of 1790 was the first federal patent statute of the United States.
The proposal states that there should be a legal minimum tax, written into statute.
The Provincial Councils have full statute making power with respect to the Provincial Council List, and shared statute making power respect to the Concurrent List. While all matters set out in the Reserved List are under the central government.
The second, "lü" (律), is usually rendered as "statute".
The statute of apprenticeship may oppose it in the one case, and both that and an exclusive corporation in the other.
The statute of limitations for the state kidnapping law had expired in New York, but there is no statute of limitations for the federal law on kidnapping.
The statute of the twelfth of the present king, which repeals almost all the other ancient laws against engrossers and forestallers, does not repeal the restrictions of this particular statute, which therefore still continue in force.
The sterling mark upon plate, and the stamps upon linen and woollen cloth, give the purchaser much greater security than any statute of apprenticeship.
The tax was to be levied for ten years, and was sanctioned by a royal statute.
The treaty was signed in Luxembourg on October 27, 1956 by foreign ministers Heinrich von Brentano of West Germany and Christian Pineau of France, following the Saar Statute referendum on October 23, 1955 which resulted in a majority vote against the Saar Statute.
The unusual harshness of California's train wrecking statute has been expressly recognized by its appellate courts.
There was also discussion of the specific wording of the statute.
This practice had been dealt with in the 1267 Statute of Marlborough.
This statute leaves them subject to all the old duties which had ever been imposed upon them, the old subsidy, and one per cent.
This statute provided that the state would only assume criminal jurisdiction with a tribe's consent, with 8 exceptions.
Title VII also prohibits retaliation against any person for opposing any practice forbidden by statute, or for making a charge, testifying, assisting, or participating in a proceeding under the statute.
Where you find one that pays like St. Anne you find a hundred and fifty that take the benefit of the statute.
Yet, till wheat has risen above this latter price, it was, by this statute, subjected to a very high duty; and, till it had risen above the former, to a duty which amounted to a prohibition.

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