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Vocabulary Word

Word: static

Definition: having no motion; unchanging; lacking development; N. stasis: stable state

Sentences Containing 'static'

A fan with high static pressure is more effective at forcing air through restricted spaces, such as the gaps between a radiator or heatsink; static pressure is more important than airflow in CFM when choosing a fan for use with a heatsink.
A row of locomotives, including 73002 and 08734, is on static display.
A splay tree can be worse than a static tree by at most a constant factor.
And in proportion, as in life, variety is the secret of vitality, only to be suppressed where a static effect is wanted.
BY RAPHAEL -LRB- NATIONAL GALLERY -RRB- A typical example of static balance in composition.
C, F, I -RRB- In B and C the proportions of the third and the quarter are shown, producing the same static effect as the half, although not so completely.
Day and night on Brux is still static like Krigala, but here it is eternally dusk.
East of Gurun, at , there is the HVDC static inverter plant of HVDC Thailand-Malaysia.
For example, "A Humming Song" (1967), an early piano piece composed before Skempton started lessons with Cardew, is a miniature with static, gentle sound.
From then until mid-August the division remained in static positions, holding the left flank of the Allied bridgehead and conducting vigorous patrolling.
He started Static-X with Wayne Static in 1994.
Here we have a maximum of equality and the deadest and most static of results.
His discovery that static electricity could generate light in low-pressure gases led him to speculate that lightning was a form of static electric discharge.
In architecture equality of proportion is more often met with, as the static qualities of repose are of more importance here than in painting.
In fact, Gilbert was the first to draw a clear distinction between magnetism and static electricity and is credited with establishing the term electricity.
In June 1968, 4 Transport Company combined with elements of the static 13 Transport Company.
In October 2001, Takehiko Itō commented that his team only had static, preliminary plans for the sequel series and that they could perhaps continue the manga series in the future.
In order to lengthen the connective tissue, the practitioner holds an asana, engaging in static stretching.
In some melanocytes, the melanosomes remain static within the cell.
In these diagrams a certain static effect is kept up throughout, on account of our lines being vertical and horizontal only, which lines, as we saw in an earlier chapter, are the calmest we have.
It enjoys a strong static type system with type inference.
It is of all curves the most perfect example of static unity.
J-4001 was restored to 1960s conditions before being preserved at "Fliegermuseum" Dübendorf for static display.
James LaBrie stated "The release of Static Impulse is one that the whole band is psyched about.
Late R singer Static Major sampled the chorus on his song "Infatuated".
One of the first additions of Sala was to add a switch for changing the static tuning.
Phase distinction is used in conjunction with static checking.
Plantigrade foot occurs normally in humans in static postures of standing and sitting.
Static pressure is usually stated in either mm Hg or mm H2O.
Technicians had to filter the noise between individual words to eliminate static.
The circular disc of the sun has the same static quality, being the curve most devoid of variety.
The faulty premise, unknown in Olbers' time, was that the universe is not infinite, static, and homogeneous.
The general vertical direction of this leg is also against its look of lightness and motion, tending rather to give it a stationary, static look.
The honour was marked with a parade through the city and several static displays of vehicles and equipment.
The increasingly costly static defence led to disputes in the German high command.
The last C-140A to be retired was placed on static display at Scott AFB, Illinois.
The locomotive was obtained from the now defunct Northwestern Steel and Wire company and is maintained as a static display.
The other songs include two covers, "Static Age" by The Misfits and "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago, and a b-side, "Stick to What You Know".
The phi phenomenon is the apparent motion caused by a changing static image, as in a motion picture.
The relative importance of static pressure depends on the degree to which the airflow is restricted by geometry; static pressure becomes more important as the spacing between heatsink fins decreases.
The speed of rotation (specified in revolutions per minute, RPM) together with the static pressure determine the airflow for a given fan.
The subsequent automated analysis of the Ariane code was the first example of large-scale static code analysis by abstract interpretation.
The versorium (Latin "turn around") was the first crude electroscope, the first instrument that could detect the presence of static electric charge.
There is here no static symmetry, all is energy and force.
This case indicates a static location in space, the space within which an action is carried out, a static location in time, or 'toward'.
This is commonly used by games to provide one moving area of the display (usually the play field) and one static (usually a status display).
This relieved 1 Svc Bn of its static or base responsibilities.
Towards the end of 2011, an electronic billboard replaced the static billboard towards the top of the tower.
Two important functional specifications are the airflow that can be moved, typically stated in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and static pressure.
XRuby was the first Ruby to Java static compiler which compiles Ruby source code (.rb) to Java bytecode (.class).

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