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Vocabulary Word

Word: stamina

Definition: power of endurance; strength; staying power

Sentences Containing 'stamina'

A horse with a strong, stamina-rich pedigree he was unraced as a two-year-old but proved himself one of the best European three-year-olds of 1947, despite a narrow defeat in the St Leger Stakes.
After starting the season with two runs over hurdles, he again showed his aptitude for extreme stamina tests as he carried 160 pounds to victory over three miles, five and a half furlongs in the Welsh National in January.
Although it was not very active and usually slow-moving, it had remarkable stamina and when flying, would cover great distances.
Although Liechtenstein lost 2–0, Houghton was impressed by Burgmeier's stamina and effort.
Although some are still bred for their substance and stamina, the trend is to breed for a pony more suited for riding and driving.
As the fight continues, however, it becomes clear that Neo cannot win with his finite stamina against the tireless Smith, who begins to dominate Neo in the fight; by the end of the fight, he is able to brutally beat Neo into near defeat.
Batman extinguishes the flame and responds to Nigma's assertion that they are now allies with hostile dismissal. In "Detective Comics" #837, Riddler is hired by Bruce Wayne to track down an experimental drug developed by Wayne Enterprises, currently being tested for muscle stamina and cellular regeneration, which has been stolen by a lab assistant named Lisa Newman.
Bolt was initially a 200 metres specialist but Mills suggested that his young charge should improve his stamina to run over 400 metres.
Commentators mainly praised Hutton's concentration and stamina; his slow scoring, particularly when compared to Bradman's innings of 334, was excused on the grounds that the Oval match was played without a time limit, and run accumulation was more important than fast scoring.
During an end of season meeting, it was moved that all playoff games be best-of-five sets, for it was felt that a seven game series, which stretches into eight, not only drains the pocketbooks of the fans, but drains the stamina of the players.
During his playing days he was a versatile midfielder known for his stamina and passing capability.
He built endurance and stamina by swimming between the mountain top islands in the lake, and was occasionally granted permission to swim in a tourist hotel in the capital, Kigali.
He has delivered the best stamina test result in the history of Tromsø, surpassing even former Tromsø player Morten Gamst Pedersen.
He possessed a text-book side-on action which generated great pace and menacing late swing which was coupled with the fitness and stamina to bowl a thousand overs a season.
His one problem was that he was a smoker, so he didn’t have a lot of stamina.
It also has a short band of aerobic "red muscle" along each side, which can contract independently of the regular "white muscle" at a lower energy cost, enhancing the shark's stamina.
Its force provides staying power, stamina, and the power to be assertive.
Like in "Suikoden III", there exists a skill system in "Suikoden V"; for instance, the "Stamina" skill increases a character's hit points.
Maximus Lobo is a lycanthrope able to assume a werewolf form with superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, hyper-keen senses, and razor sharp claws and fangs.
Mills would help Bolt work on his speed for the 100 m initially then turn his focus to the stamina needed for the 200 m. The programme paid off as Bolt set three world records and took gold in both 100 m and 200 m events in Beijing.
Needless to say it is a dangerous endeavor that requires stamina and experience.
Probably that is the reason, In 1999 midterm polls he proved his stamina by winning the seat with 72,600 votes of majority on the same rival candidate.
Species 8472 possess incredible strength and stamina as demonstrated in the episode "", when a single member of Species 8472 is attacked by a Hirogen hunting party with heavy weapons.
Synchronised was still only sixth as the field approached the straight, but his stamina proved decisive as he stayed on strongly to dispute the lead at the last fence before pulling away to win by two and a quarter lengths from the 50/1 outsider The Giant Bolster.
The city of Denver, being a mile (1609 m) above sea level, has thinner air; enough so that it affects the stamina of athletes whose bodies are not used to it.
The race was run on heavy ground making it an extreme test of stamina and only three of the seventeen runners completed the course.
Their most productive years are between eight and eighteen, although they retain their strength and stamina into their twenties.
They also possess superhuman strength, stamina and durability, a healing factor, and they do not age.
They are still used for such work, but are usually enjoyed as all-round ponies, good for jumping and trekking, due to their quietness, stamina, and ability to carry weight.
They possess near limitless stamina, "nerves of steel," and superior strength and speed.
This slows growth rates and reduces stamina and fitness.
Today, Das teaches in this rigorous style with focus on tayari (readiness of technique, speed, and stamina) and laykari (virtuosity of Indian classical rhythmic system), but equally emphasizes khubsurti (beauty) and nazakat (delicacy and refinement).
Volstagg's speed, stamina, and agility are now inferior to that of the majority of his race.
When a herd is threatened by predators, an adult (usually female) will issue a bark to alert the rest of the herd. Despite being very nimble over rocky hillsides and mountains, the greater kudu is not fast enough (and nor does it have enough stamina) to escape its main predators over open terrain, so instead relies on leaping over shrubs and small trees to shake off pursuers.
With conventional sets, some higher tunings increase string-tension until playing requires more finger-strength and stamina or even until a string snaps or the guitar is warped; with lower tunings, strings may be loose and buzz.
Yang Yoga: More strenuous postures for developing core strength and muscle tone, balance, and stamina.

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