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Vocabulary Word

Word: stagnant

Definition: (of water) not flowing (often bad-smelling); motionless; stale; not developing; inactive; dull; Ex. stagnant industrial output

Sentences Containing 'stagnant'

According to the Kalam native, Hooded Mannikins are very fond of the algae that forms a scum on stagnant pools and puddles.
At T-minus 10 seconds, hydrogen igniters were activated under each engine bell to quell the stagnant gas inside the cones before ignition.
But after of decade of stagnant wages in Mexico and a sustained rise in China, Chinese labor is no longer cheap.
But one transparent blue morning, when a stillness almost preternatural spread over the sea, however unattended with any stagnant calm; when the long burnished sun-glade on the waters seemed a golden finger laid across them, enjoining some secrecy; when the slippered waves whispered together as they softly ran on; in this profound hush of the visible sphere a strange spectre was seen by Daggoo from the main-mast-head.
Conditions remained harsh for both former slaves and immigrant agricultural workers, as depressed world sugar prices kept the economy stagnant until the start of the 20th century.
Consider the China pride and stagnant self complacency of mankind.
Cyanobacteria are found in stagnant freshwater enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus from septic tank and agricultural fertilizer runoff, and may be flushed into the ocean when streamflows are high in the rainy season.
During the dry season, water from Spring Creek pools in a small, stagnant pond retained behind the dam, depositing contaminated sediment and acidic mine waste in the reservoir space.
Important gravel spawning beds far upriver, enjoyed by the salmon and trout as recently as the 1990s, have become overgrown and many of the pools upriver once connected to prime gravel runs are now stagnant due the reduced rapids connected to them.
In May 1952, aging Packard president Hugh Ferry resigned and was succeeded by James J. Nance, a marketing hotshot recruited from Hotpoint to turn the stagnant company around (its main factory on Detroit's East Grand Boulevard was operating at only 50% capacity).
It was difficult to realise as we looked at the line of fine shops and stately business premises that they really abutted on the other side upon the faded and stagnant square which we had just quitted.
Later models have been credited with spurring competition in the previously stagnant Palm market, closing many of the gaps that existed between Palm OS PDAs and those powered by Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system, particularly on the multimedia front, but also with Sony's proprietary application launcher interface.
Leach felt that a dollar coin was not a suitable way to commemorate the individuals, as it was impossible to honor such a large group on a coin whose design was likely to remain stagnant for a long period of time.
Mailer draws a distinction, however, between the psychopath, who is able to discharge his frustration with society's stagnant prejudices in spontaneous acts of violent rebellion, and the psychotic, who is not.
Many of the smaller tributaries had either completely dried up or had become isolated, stagnant pools unsuitable as habitat for Fitzroy River turtles.
More over, the municipalities remained stagnant and the establishment charges had increased gradually to reach almost half of the income of the Municipalities.
Most "Vorticella" are found in abundance in stagnant water rich in decaying organic matter and feed largely on bacteria, but "Vorticella campanula" live only in uncontaminated water where bacterial growth is poor.
Naini Lake is deep, but, according to experts, the level of oxygen in the "hypolimnic layer" (the bottom, colder, stagnant, and constant temperature layer) is much lower than is required to sustain fish—and this is mostly due to pollution, which includes illegal dumping of garbage.
No one seriously challenged the 1985 plan until 1992, when Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) assailed Over-the-Rhine as on path toward a "permanent low income, one-race ghetto—a stagnant, decaying 'reservation' for the poor at the doorstep to downtown."
Regular operations commenced on July 25 and while freight traffic was stagnant on the line for many years, passenger traffic and excursions proved extremely popular early on, with many extra passenger trains being hauled by horses until additional locomotives arrived in 1837.
Scholars Michael Burstein and John Kenneth Muir note that the plot of "The Return of the Archons" (in which Kirk and company discover a stagnant society worshipping a god-like being whom Kirk destroys with human illogic) became something of a cliché among fans in the decades after the series ended for being a rather common plot device.
The claim was while NBL, NBA and independent promotional races' purses have gone up over the years, the ABA's purses had remained relatively stagnant.
The German magazine "Der Spiegel" has championed Jaud's books as the rebirth of a stagnant genre, namely that of the German men's novel.
The Japanese demography will drastically change so that more young people will have to support for the older population, which implies that this change in demography is the main culprit for the last two decades of deflation and stagnant economic growth.
The local government is stagnant and it is not doing enough to revive the business in the town.
The temperature of the Boiling Spring the same day was 45x, or the warmest of any water tried, though it is the coldest that I know of in summer, when, beside, shallow and stagnant surface water is not mingled with it.
There were stagnant ponds in the streets, here and there, and a dozen rude scows were scattered about, lying aground wherever they happened to have been when the waters drained off and people could do their visiting and shopping on foot once more.
We eavesdrop on chic gossip about a fashion world so stagnant and corrupt that no one of taste dares be caught dead in the clothes of a successful designer.
While "The Washington Post" writer Hal Hinson characterized it as "a carefully crafted, unapologetically literary accomplishment," he said that Sayles' "directing style hasn't grown much beyond that of a first-year film student," declaring the director was "stagnant."
With his stagnant and predictable marriage, Chris increasingly dwells on the past. He rediscovers naked pictures of his former French girlfriend, Annick (Elsa Zylberstein), and in the coming days he thinks back to 1968 when they were in Paris together.
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