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Vocabulary Word

Word: staccato

Definition: played in an abrupt manner; marked by abrupt sharp sound; Ex. staccato applause

Sentences Containing 'staccato'

"Grade 8" features a pummeling rap metal style with thunderous, staccato riffing in B tuning and harshly delivered rapping.
(in his trademark staccato, stuttering playback as "Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-catch the wave!").
Although in the earlier film the theme was played in a brisk, staccato and comedic style, the melody was the same as the love theme from "The Godfather", and for that reason was deemed ineligible for an Oscar.
As in "Orvonton", after announcing the piece in the first seven lines, the German words from section 8 onward analyse the stages of the work itself: "24 lines of notes for the flute / from 1 to 24 pitches / of the original row / source of all melodies / each line, a different low note / fragments of the groups / jumps in the entire space / fitting dynamics / articulation free / legato or staccato / pauses ad libitum / flexible tempo / one insert per line / for the fantasy / and the play / and the joy / for the magic / the eternal GOD" (Stockhausen 2009e, I).
As with the band's previous album, "October Rust", this album also has a "joke intro": in this case, the intro, appropriately titled "Skip It", is 11 seconds of staccato band noise, meant to sound as if the listener's CD player is skipping.
Cricinfo described the West Indies' efforts with the bat as "staccato", but credited "a disciplined bowling performance", while criticising Pakistan's bowlers for "letthe batsmen dismantle their confidence."
Faster staccato sections continue to alternate with slower flowing sections.
He spoke in a slow staccato fashion, choosing his words with care, and gave the impression generally of a man of learning and letters who had had ill-usage at the hands of fortune.
However, if a dotted note on a line is part of a chord where a higher note is also on a line, the dot for the lower note is placed in the space below:   The dots on dotted notes, which are located to the right of the note, are not to be confused with the dots which indicate staccato articulation, which are located above or below the note as shown in the 3rd and 4th notes of Example 2.
Jon Pareles of "The New York Times" wrote: "Beyoncé needs no distractions from her singing, which can be airy or brassy, tearful or vicious, rapid-fire with staccato syllables or sustained in curlicued melismas.
Philip and Phylis Morrison in "Scientific American" felt it "manages to convey a sense of coherence, even though it deals at staccato length with so many men, trends and ideas ...
So supreme was he at lilting that on hearing him vocalize a tune in that way, the renowned Taylor said: “Ah, Mr. Beatty, if you could only play it that way you’d be a wonder.” But he cou1dn’t. Neither could anyone else, for such rhythmic staccato was beyond their powers of execution."
Soon an 11-piece string section plays a series of unusual slides to match the Indian music idiom where the melody is often "played legato rounded in microtones, rather than staccato as in Western music."
That being said, most coloratura sopranos do utilize the whistle register, particularly when singing staccato notes in rapid succession, during high trills, or other elaborate coloratura ornamentation in the upper tessitura.
The band's lineup changed over the years, but its instrumentation and sound remained basically the same: a solid, driving groove provided by guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, punctuated by staccato blasts from a horn section.
The coda is introduced by rapid ascending scales and staccato play in the flute and piano. A regal restatement of the theme closes the movement.
The English translation, published a decade later in 1966, is in a staccato form of free verse, running to 13 sections and some 5000 lines.
The melody travels to a staccato dance played by both members of the duo.
The students played mandolins which created a background of staccato music.
They have a shrill call given regularly and has been likened to snipping scissors and a staccato "tsit".

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