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Vocabulary Word

Word: sporadic

Definition: occurring irregularly; intermittent

Sentences Containing 'sporadic'

"C. psittaci" serovar A is endemic among psittacine birds and has caused sporadic zoonotic disease in humans, other mammals and tortoises.
Air cover was sporadic for much of the operation because poor weather in the United Kingdom forced the last-minute cancellation of bomber support.
As sporadic fighting broke out again on January 16, there were fears that the informal cease-fire that has generally prevailed since late September 1983 was breaking down.
As well as an album, credited to the Techno Orchestra, there were sporadic outbursts of Casualtease productions throughout the 1980s.
At first, both sides kept at distance, about 250 meters, and exchanged sporadic fire.
Captured examples of the Schwarzlose saw some sporadic use by Russian and Italian units during the First World War.
Dino was best known to the public as a musician, more so than an actor, as he only took sporadic forays into acting over the years.
During much of the 1970s Roma's appearance in the top half of Serie A was sporadic.
During the war years, he had sporadic contact with his son who remained in the south of France with Feodor's ex-wife.
Eventually, in the year 1869, the movement rather suddenly collapsed, although there have been sporadic outbreaks of the same sort since that date.'
For four years after 1797 opposition attendance at Westminster had been sporadic as Fox pursued a strategy of secession from Parliament.
From then until December 2011 he would illustrated several sporadic sets of issues, totaling 22 in all, his last being issue #544.
However, KFVS has sporadic coverage in that state since the DTV transition.
However, the following season, he made only sporadic appearances and was dropped after some low scores.
However, there were no occasions after this when more than two played together in the same match and such occurrences became more sporadic after this as Merv was dropped, while Neil was often away playing for Australia.
In contrast to sporadic cases of hyperparathyroidism, diffuse hyperplasia or multiple adenomas are more common than solitary adenomas.
Its tracks still provide a route for sporadic freight trains between Hartford and Old Saybrook.
Most of the fighting in this first period was sporadic, involving only small groups amid a fluid and rapidly shifting strategic scene.
On 23 April, the Libyan army began withdrawing from Misrata amidst sporadic fighting.
Pathan was then limited to sporadic ODI appearances on the late-2006 tour to South Africa.
Pituitary tumors in MEN 1 patients appear to be larger and behave more aggressively than sporadic pituitary tumors.
Service was sporadic during the time as back-up systems went online.
She made sporadic television and stage appearances following her and her husband's move to Britain, appearing in an episode of the World War II television series "Combat!" in 1965.
Sightings of the species have been sporadic, with the last official sighting of the bird in Serra dos Orgaos for several days in October 1996.
Simons is believed to have started his sporadic series of murders in 29 September 1986, culminating in his arrest nine years later in in April 1995.
Since then, he has been in and out of the limited-overs team, and has only sporadic appearances in Test cricket.
Sporadic and sometimes brutal attempts were made to suppress religionists who seemed to threaten traditional morality and unity, as with the senate's efforts to restrict the Bacchanals in 186 BC.
Sporadic fighting continued for several weeks after the rebels established control over the city.
Sporadic fighting continued, with sniping, grenade attacks and raids, with opposing trenches separated in places by only a few metres.
Sporadic power outages were reported throughout southern California.
Sporadic talks with Christian Heritage continued, with many Christian activists putting pressure on both sides to unify. Eventually, in late 1995, the Christian Coalition was established.
The band prefers the intimacy of smaller clubs and live appearances are sporadic.
The comic's appearances were sporadic due to Webster's commitments as an A-7 pilot in the U.S. Navy.
The continuing obligation of Roman Catholics to fund the established Church of Ireland, however, led to the sporadic skirmishes of the Tithe War of 1831–38.
The history of Northern Ireland has since been dominated by sporadic sectarian conflict between (mainly Catholic) Nationalists and (mainly Protestant) Unionists.
The history of television coverage of the BBL is extremely minimal and sporadic however.
The origin of most sporadic cases is undetermined.
The transcription system, which is phonemic, does not reflect this variation; nor does it reflect sporadic assimilations, deletions, and other features that are typical of allegro speech.
The vast majority of reported cases of foodborne illness occur as individual or sporadic cases.
Their year of sporadic US touring ended with a show at New York's CMJ Music Marathon, when the group appeared at the Brooklyn Bowl with The Duke Spirit.
There was sporadic mining after that, with new operations starting in the 1970s.
This resulted in sporadic and intense touring and recording schedules.
Though sporadic demonstrations continue, the movement had largely subsided by May 2011.
Three DX-peditions have visited the island and there are sporadic landings by tourists.
Three years earlier, Charles Hilton Fagge, also of Guy's Hospital, had produced a paper on 'sporadic cretinism'.
Under later English monarchs, the practice was sporadic, being banned in certain areas, such as Doncaster, Canterbury and Bristol, but continuing in many others, according to the wishes of the local governors.
Up through to the ten page insert, Victoria's Secret growth had been driven by their catalog, sporadic ads in fashion publications, and word of mouth.
Violence nonetheless continues on a sporadic basis.
WIL-FM was heard in Salt Lake City, Utah via a radio phenomenon known as sporadic E-skip.
Yet, the more likely situation for gay and bisexual men is sporadic police blackmail, harassment, fines, and jail sentences Pakistan Constitution.

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