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Vocabulary Word

Word: spontaneity

Definition: lack of premeditation; naturalness; freedom from constraint; ADJ. spontaneous: self-generated; unpremeditated; happening without being planned

Sentences Containing 'spontaneity'

As a performer he stressed lyricism, charm, and spontaneity in music, particularly effective in intimate pieces or passages.
For Homogeneous systems where all of the species of the reaction are in the same phase, Δ"G" cannot accurately predict reaction spontaneity.
George Bernard Shaw referred to the certainty and spontaneity of his roulades.
Hunter Felt on PopMatters wrote "What Eat My Heart Out does have are elements missing in most paint-by-numbers pop-punk: a sense of true fun, not the forced and contrived "fun" of the Blink-182 wannabes, and an infectious energy", adding that the band "actually seem to be able to translate their well-regarded live shows onto a disc without sacrificing the spontaneity their music requires".
I build a painting by putting in blocks of colour to develop a pattern which is pleasing to my eye in colours which are harmonious, bringing in feelings of spontaneity, freshness and freedom."
In addition to group collaboration, artists of the Dada movement depended more on spontaneity and chance than following other established artists.
Several past studies have identified inconsistent sixth factor dimensions (e.g. hedonism-spontaneity) while other research has identified potentially more than six factors.
Similarly, there was a widespread and profound change in the way music was taught, with the traditional conservatory bar-by-bar reading of the text (score) replacing the earlier centuries' interest in spontaneity, imagination and personality in performance.
Spontaneity and irreverent situational ideas are paramount for him over fanciful techniques and linear storytelling.
Spontaneity does not imply that the reaction proceeds with great speed.
The "rate" of a reaction is independent of its spontaneity, and instead depends on the chemical kinetics of the reaction.
The process was geared to promote the expression of instinct and spontaneity without overtly focusing on the sound of the final product. Sections and instrumentals were recorded one at a time in a discontinuous process.
There are ongoing discussions and debates about the relevance of competitions in lindy hop culture, from criticisms that formal, showcase type events encourage a movement away from the improvised spontaneity and energy of lindy hop as a vernacular dance, to arguments that competitions hone dancing and performance skills.
This concealment of all artifice, this artlessness and spontaneity of appearance, is one of the greatest qualities in a composition, any analysis of which is futile.
To the raw energy of punk, Scritti Politti added a creative spontaneity and a mock-philosophical intelligence in their lyrics, with scholarly allusions to Marx, Bakunin, Derrida, Deleuze, and Lacan.
Volodya and Zhanna gave the most precious colouring to the film, that is, the spontaneity and charm of youth.
Wheresoever, therefore, all things together (that is all the parts of one whole) happened like as if they were made for the sake of something, these were preserved, having been appropriately constituted by an internal spontaneity; and whatsoever things were not thus constituted, perished and still perish."

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