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Vocabulary Word

Word: spawn

Definition: lay eggs (in large numbers); produce offspring (in large numbers); N: eggs of aquatic animals

Sentences Containing 'spawn'

"Battlefield Vietnam" has the same point by point objectives of "Battlefield 1942"; In most maps, your objective is to take Control Points around the map to enable friendly players and controllable vehicles to spawn.
A chin-layer, the adult fish will spawn around 2,000 eggs.
Aerogates cannot be captured; however, they still act as spawn points.
After failing to spawn any substantial hits of her last two albums, "Snowflakes" (2001) and "More Than a Woman" (2002), Braxton released her first compilation album, "Ultimate Toni Braxton", in 2003.
After that time the team with the most spawn points will win the game.
Although permit are found close to shore and even in some brackish areas, they spawn offshore.
Ancient influences have helped spawn variant interpretations of the nature of history which have evolved over the centuries and continue to change today.
At about twenty seconds, a voice can be heard saying "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon".
At the time of its release, "Oxyd" gained enough popularity to spawn a number of sequels: "Oxyd Magnum", "Oxyd Extra", and "per.Oxyd" (also known as "Oxyd 2").
Blue team spawn at choose-able locations outside a hedge border around the map.
But as these animals and their spawn are immediately killed (with the exception, as far as known, of one Indian species) by sea-water, there would be great difficulty in their transportal across the sea, and therefore we can see why they do not exist on strictly oceanic islands.
Chinook, coho, pink, rainbow and steelhead, and cutthroat all spawn in Olympic rivers.
Coasters A potamodromous population of brook trout native to Lake Superior, which run into inflowing rivers to spawn, are called "coasters".
Due to this consistent acid pollution from the reservoir, most large fish spawn downstream of Red Bluff Diversion Dam, a dam also on the Sacramento River near Red Bluff, California.
Each side has access to a limited number of blocks (default of 50, but can be set to any value), which can be spawned (using buttons in a spawn bay) and then picked up with the gravity gun and used.
Eventually a pair will spawn, and the female will lay up to 2000 eggs.
Females mature, i.e. are able to spawn, at ages from 3 to 7 years old.
Forty-nine species mass spawn and eighty-four other species spawn elsewhere in their range.
If destroyed, a drone will automatically re-spawn after 30 seconds.
In response to concerns about the dam's likely impact on fisheries on the Mun River, a fish ladder was incorporated into the scheme to allow fish into the Mun River to spawn.
It is noteworthy that Nin's source material —her diaries —was able to spawn two dramatically different narratives about the same time period, both widely read and praised.
Like other Battlefield games, Spawn tickets play a vital role for defeat of a Team.
Longtime Lizzy Borden fan, artist and multimedia entrepreneur Todd McFarlane (best known for his creation of "Spawn" and stylistic revision of Spider-Man) was enlisted to capture the essence of Lizzy Borden for the Stage show and the CD cover art.
Players in "SourceForts" have the ability to spawn and manipulate blocks and panels, being able to freeze and unfreeze the spawned blocks and panels to create and modify the fort.
Reefs in the inner GBR spawn during the week after the full moon in October, while the outer reefs spawn in November and December.
Sickle darters spawn in late winter in shallow gravel shoals and are polyandrous.
Teams fight over the spawn points dotted around the map in order to capture them and achieve a dominant position that will enable them to control the entire map.
The alewife were expected to spawn in the river's headwaters.
The bloodfin dater also needs rocky/gravel bottoms to spawn where the eggs are deposited in between crevices in the rocks.
The boy, Maslin, replies that the territory should be his but was instead given to Imriel, the spawn of traitor.
The disadvantage is to spawn the cheat in the exam.
The doctrine section of the exegesis provides a discourse of the theological concepts which spawn from the verses.
The episode contains many cultural references, which Annette Newitz of io9 attributed to the episode's writers: "It was bound to happen that one day these four supernerds would get together and spawn an episode so packed with in-groupy pop culture references that smacking is probably in order."
The first track, "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon", features a backward message.
The fish return to freshwater tributaries to spawn in the late summer or autumn.
The Ganaraska River Fishway, a fish ladder, allows rainbow trout to travel up river to spawn.
The inclusion of a "Sipi Hole" for the Vietnamese - effectively a mobile spawn point, representative of the vast tunnel networks the Vietnamese used in the actual war - did a great deal to balance the gameplay.
The majority of these spawn gametes, breeding in mass spawning events that are triggered by the rising sea temperatures of spring and summer, the lunar cycle, and the diurnal cycle.
The males arrive first and remain in the location for several weeks while the females only stay long enough to mate and spawn.
The number of drones that spawn per wave is dependent upon the number of players in the match before the wave starts.
The soundtrack for the film was composed by A.R.Rahman, who worked with Priyadarshan in his previous film "Kabhi Na Kabhi" to spawn a critically acclaimed soundtrack.
The Tribe was cast to the Otherworld in the aftermath, and Slaine assisted Gael in finally destroying Odacon and the parasitic spawn with which he had infested the outer-lying villages.
These articles were mostly about 1940s superheroes: "The Spawn of M.C. Gaines" by Ted White; "Me To Your Leader Take" by Richard Ellington; "The Big Red Cheese" by Dick Lupoff; "The First (arf, arf) Superhero of Them All (Popeye)" by Bill Blackbeard; "OK, Axis, Here We Come!" by Don Thompson; "One on All and All on One" by Tom Fagan; "A Swell Bunch of Guys" by Jim Harmon; "The Four-Panelled, Sock-Bang-Powie Saturday Afternoon Screen" by Chris Steinbrunner; "Captain Billy's Whiz Gang!" by Roy Thomas; "The Second Banana Superheroes" by Ron Goulart; and "Comic of the Absurd" by Harlan Ellison.
These fish spawn in the spring and early summer, from May through August. Females reportedly lay between 21 and 131 eggs, which are fertilized by the male and buried in the substrate.
They also argue that the near shore location of the gravel pit will endanger the eelgrass habitat, which is vital for salmon to spawn.
They will breed in the same area in which they live; they are not known for migration or habitat movement to spawn.
They would sometimes alight upon my victuals, and leave their loathsome excrement, or spawn behind, which to me was very visible, though not to the natives of that country, whose large optics were not so acute as mine, in viewing smaller objects.
We cannot, for instance, suppose that in the embryos of the vertebrata the peculiar loop-like courses of the arteries near the branchial slits are related to similar conditions--in the young mammal which is nourished in the womb of its mother, in the egg of the bird which is hatched in a nest, and in the spawn of a frog under water.

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