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Vocabulary Word

Word: spatial

Definition: relating to space

Sentences Containing 'spatial'

"Spatial frequency" is the number of cycles occupying a particular distance (e.g., 10 lines cycles per millimeter).
(Wired, 2013) Sociodemographics, along with spatial and temporal information, are all aspects that crime analysts look at to understand what's going on in their jurisdiction.
A 2008 work shows that more than half of the spin of the proton stems from the motion of its quarks, and the missing spin is produced by the quarks' spatial angular momentum.
A similar approach is also used at some submillimetre and infrared interferometers, such as the Infrared Spatial Interferometer.
A spatial scan system uses (optical) beacons and sensors.
A system of three electromagnets placed perpendicular to each other can define a spatial reference.
Adult mice heterozygous for mutations in either Notch1 or Cbf1 have deficits in spatial learning and memory.
As an example, let us consider a quantum mechanical particle in one spatial dimension, in the configuration space representation.
As for spatial models, both the spatial lag model and the spatial error model, both estimated by maximum likelihood, are included.
But in contrast to a garden city in the original form, in the Moltkeviertel there is no spatial separation of working and living areas.
Cell polarity factors positioned at the cell tips provide spatial cues to limit Cdr2 distribution to the cell middle.
Data from different data sets may be graphically overlaid, with correct spatial and time registration.
Due to his interest in regional survey, Blanton helped to introduce methods of spatial analysis into archaeology.
During a training exercise, he encountered a girl named Maya, who had emerged through a spatial rift from the planet Mirinoi.
Footwork involves keeping balance, closing or furthering the distance, controlling spatial positioning, and/or creating additional momentum for strikes.
GeoDa has powerful capabilities to perform spatial analysis, multivariate exploratory data analysis, and global and local spatial autocorrelation.
GeoDa is a free software package that conducts spatial data analysis, geovisualization, spatial autocorrelation and spatial modeling.
Hierotopic creativity is a sort of art, which can be described as the creation of spatial icons.
It also probes the borders between spatial movement and timbre (Kohl 2012a, 309–10).
It has been claimed there is a hint of architectural value in the ingenious way the wide range of goods are displayed within the spatial confinement of the store.
Its spatial distribution in the Northern Hemisphere is illustrated on this map [http://nsidc.org/fgdc/maps/ipa_browse.html].
It’s also known as the spatial separation of the dual strategies concepts outlined above.
Performance increases in spatial working memory have also been observed in humans.
Produced by ELECTRON-OPTRONIC (now is ELAR [http://www.npp-elar.ru/]) Spatial resolution.
Similar to immersion lithography, the use of SIL can increase spatial resolution of projected photolithographic patterns, creating smaller components on wafers.
So far, gvSIG Mobile is a Geographic Information System, as well as a Spatial Data Infrastructures client for mobile devices.
Southwood's index of spatial aggregation ("k") is defined as where "m" is the mean of the sample and "m"* is Lloyd's index of crowding.
Southwood's index of spatial aggregation.
Spatial epidemiology is a subfield of health geography focused on the study of the spatial distribution of health outcomes.
Spatial icons are essentially dynamic and performative in nature, such that the formal boundary between ‘image’ and ‘beholder’ no longer pertains.
Spatial icons are understood to play a mediating role between the mundane and the sacred.
Specifically, spatial epidemiology is concerned with the description and examination of disease and its geographic variations.
The concept of the "spatial icon" plays a central role in hierotopy and is used to describe the perception of sacred spaces.
The developed tests and experiments are designed avoiding any interaction with other marine spatial uses, respecting and offering the maximum environmental protection guarantees.
The FrFT argument "u" is neither a spatial one "x" nor a frequency ξ.
The Geomatics team is an international leader in spatial data infrastructures and land administration.
The latter can be assessed by means of Local Indicators of Spatial Association - LISA.
The latter is a well-known statistic that accounts for the Global spatial autocorrelation.
The most characteristic of these is the seasonal cycle (caused by the consequences of the Earth's axial tilt), although wind magnitudes additionally have strong spatial components.
The second function constructs a spatial coordinate system to represent the world around us (Neuroskills: TBI Resource Guide).
The Simultaneous scale has nonverbal matrices, verbal spatial relations, and figure memory.
The spatial lag is nothing but a summary of the effects of the neighboring spatial units.
Therefore, it was expected that the quark's wave function is the spherically symmetric s-wave with no spatial contribution to angular momentum.
These values represent regularity, randomness and aggregation of populations in spatial patterns respectively.
This has the effect of raising the spatial solution of the KT scheme to 3rd order.
This results to the assumption that the effective pump wave acting on the bubbles does not depend on the spatial coordinates.
This work uses relativistic effects together with other QCD properties and explains how they boil down to an overall spatial angular momentum that is consistent with the experimental data.
Typically, the beholders of spatial icons are actively involved in some way and become, to a certain extent, co-creators of the icons.
Verbal spatial relations subtest measures the comprehension of logical and grammatical descriptions of spatial relationships.
When both "a" and "b" are equal to 1, then a random spatial pattern is suggested and is best described by the binomial distribution.

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