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Vocabulary Word

Word: solvent

Definition: able to pay all debts; N. solvency

Sentences Containing 'solvent'

A mixture of water and organic solvent allows both hydrophobic and water-soluble (hydrophilic) molecules to dissolve into the solution.
A solution of one of these molecules is made, often in a mixture of highly purified water and an organic solvent (normally acetonitrile (ACN) or ethanol).
After this extraction process soluble proteins will be in the solvent, and can be separated from cell membranes, DNA etc. by centrifugation.
Although butanol is shown to remove more lignin than other solvents and solvent recovery is simplified due to immiscibility in water, its high cost limits its use.
As the coal molecule is broken down, free radicals are formed which are immediately stabilized by absorption of H atoms from the donor solvent.
Consequentially, proteins of a certain range in size will require a variable volume of eluent (solvent) before being collected at the other end of the column of gel.
Dispersal. Brown sold all his horses in 1933 in an attempt to raise funds to keep the Brown Company solvent.
Elements or chemical groups that have an ionic charge can usually be dissolved to form ions in either water or another polar solvent.
Ethanol has been suggested as the preferred solvent due to cost and easy recovery.
Eventually, increasing solvent concentration creates a surface prone to fouling.
For oil-based paints, use the solvent recommended for brush cleaning.
Furthermore, solvent concentration during polymerization affects both of these factors.
Hamaker interactions sum all of the forces between all particles and the solvent(s) involved in the system.
Here a coal extract was prepared under heat and hydrogen pressure using finely pulverized coal and recycle donor solvent.
However, it is often the case that further drying is required, by an oven or other means, in order to remove as much residual solvent as possible.
If the vacuum is provided by a water flow device, an overflow of the solvent could result in the spilling of a hazardous solvent into the wastewater stream, a potential violation of the law, depending on the solvent.
In industrial paper-making processes, organosolv is a pulping technique that uses an organic solvent to solubilise lignin and hemicellulose.
It has been employed in solvent extraction processes for metals valuable to the nuclear industry.
It is essential that the amount of solvent being used be limited to less than what would overflow the flask, otherwise the solvent will be drawn into the vacuum equipment.
It is used in chemical synthesis as a precursor to carvone and as a renewably based solvent in cleaning products.
It reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to the lower solvent content.
Later, Bucherer and Lieb found that 50% alcohol was an effective solvent for the reaction.
Limonene is also finding increased use as a solvent for filament-fused 3D printing.
Limonene is also used as a solvent in some model airplane glues and as a constituent in some paints.
once used methylene chloride, an animal carcinogen on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's list of pollutants, as a solvent in some of its manufacturing processes.
One particularly important example for public health is the organochloride respiration of the dry-cleaning solvent, tetrachloroethylene (PCE), and the engine degreasing solvent trichloroethylene (TCE) by naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria, often members of the candidate genera "Dehalococcoides".
One that shows the most promise is the use of hexane as a solvent.
Similar to solvent exfoliation, graphite is sonicated in a suitable solvent.
Solvent-free material is polymeric, each Na center being bound to three oxygen ligands as well as the phenyl ring.
The Alcohol Pulping and Recovery (APR) process treats wood in 3 stages, each using increasingly cleaner solvent.
The concentration of graphene achieved by this method is higher than solvent exfoliation, but the removal of the surfactant molecules is often necessary and usually requires chemical treatments.
The concentration of solvent in water ranges from 40-80%.
The important process parameters are extraction time, temperature, solvent composition and pH.
The line went bankrupt in 1908, but remained solvent until it was purchased by Henry Ford in 1920.
the maximum concentrations achieved are the points at which the van der Waals forces overcome the interactive forces between the graphene sheets and the solvent molecules.
The opinion of all the commercial men was that, under the reverses which had successively weighed down Morrel, it was impossible for him to remain solvent.
The proteins are eluted by a gradient of increasing amounts of an organic solvent, such as acetonitrile.
The real activity of ground water is due to its great solvent power; every time we put sugar into tea or soap into water we are using water as a solvent.
The solvent composition is typically a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatics, ethers, cellosolves and acetates.
The successive mixing and separation operations performed in each mechanical stage permit the mass transfer of the solutes from the feed solution to the solvent.
Therefore, water can easily be used as a solvent.
This is weighed against the more difficult solvent recovery by distillation.
This older method of extracting uranium from its uraninite ores has been replaced in current practice by such procedures as solvent extraction, ion exchange, and volatility methods.
This way, a centrifugal extractor generates a continuous extraction from one liquid phase (fermentation broth) into another liquid phase (organic solvent).
Typical species in the donor solvent are fused-ring aromatics (tetrahydronaphthalene and up) or the analogous heterocycles.
When the container is reopened, stir the water/solvent into the paint before using.
With this solvent, aldehydes reacted well, and ketones gave excellent yields.
Xtract Technology is a supercritical solvent extraction technology, a type of donor solvent oil shale extraction technologies.
``Is it possible that Thomson&French are not looked upon as safe and solvent bankers?
``Thomson&French are perfectly solvent,''replied Danglars, with an almost mocking smile:``but the word unlimited, in financial affairs, is so extremely vague.''

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