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Vocabulary Word

Word: sojourn

Definition: temporary stay; V: stay for a time

Sentences Containing 'sojourn'

A brief sojourn in Ceylon was followed by a stay in Malta (1836).
After a two-year sojourn away from the major leagues, he signed for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1894.
Because of this sojourn to the USA, Hemery was not eligible to compete in the inaugural 1977 World Final, and he did not compete again in individual Superstars again until the 1981 Challenge of the Champions, where he finished joint fourth with his great hurdling rival John Sherwood.
During the expedition's sojourn on the island, one sailor was killed by natives; twelve islanders were killed in the ensuing battle with the Americans.
He meets up with the narrator and tells him of his first sojourn in Paris, in 1959, when he suffered his first nervous breakdown and was hospitalized; Marie de Verneuil, a young Frenchwoman he acquainted in the library, helps nurse him back to health.
He tried the effect of a sojourn in the south of France, and a winter at Bournemouth, but returned to Liverpool in the spring of 1884, and died on 5 May at his residence, Ashfield, Knotty Ash.
In 1952 Robert and Marian Ricklefs established a boarding school on the Monterey Peninsula which they named in honor of Robert Louis Stevenson, the well-known Scottish author who reportedly found inspiration for his tales of high adventure during his 1870s sojourn in the Monterey area.
In this sojourn he executed in 1451 the famous fresco of "St.
It was his second album upon returning to Columbia Records after a four year sojourn with Mercury Records.
Later, Land began to work at CrossGen Comics, on a series called "Sojourn".
Mithiborwala praised the Iranian regime, saying that the idea for the convoy was inspired by the May 2010 Gaza flotilla and by the active support of Iran, and that the convoy intended to take a stand against “Zionism, which wants to create a hegemony in the world, and especially in Asia.” During the convoy's sojourn in Iran many contributions were received from Iranians.
Not later than 84 it was stationed in Pannonia, though inscriptions at Colonia Agrippina (Cologne) in Germania Inferior suggest that it had a brief sojourn there in between Illyricum and Pannonia.
Some of the settlers bore children during their nine year sojourn in Nova Scotia]; these children were Black Nova Scotians but retained many cultural habits similar to Black Americans.
Symacho married Izates bar Monobaz during the latter's sojourn in Charax as a youth.
They either benefit from legal sojourn in France, which, after a residency of ten years, makes it possible to ask for naturalisation.
Yoko Ono. Lennon was in a fragile state of mind after returning from the band's sojourn in India in early 1968.

More Vocab Words

::: waive - give up temporarily; yield; N. waiver: waiving a right or claim; document that waives a right or claim
::: elliptical - elliptic; oval; of an ellipse; containing an ellipsis; ambiguous either purposely or because key words have been left out
::: conveyance - vehicle; transfer; act of conveying; Ex. public conveyance
::: penchant - strong inclination; strong liking (esp. for something that is disapproved of by other people); Ex. penchant for fast cars
::: seismic - pertaining to earthquakes
::: prudent - cautious; careful; prudential
::: acumen - mental keenness; sharpness of judgment; ability to judge quickly and well; Ex. business acumen
::: petty - trivial; unimportant; very small; small-minded; petty-minded
::: baleful - evil; malignant in intent or effect; deadly; having a malign influence; portending evil; ominous; threatening; Ex. baleful look
::: redress - remedy; compensation; Ex. seek redress for the damage to your car; V: put right; remedy or rectify (a wrong); make amends for