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Vocabulary Word

Word: slew

Definition: large quantity or number; Ex. slew of errands left

Sentences Containing 'slew'

"The State vs. Radric Davis" comes after a slew of independent releases, mixtapes, and features over the past few years.
Al-Wahhab condemned practices of Shia, Sufi and other Muslims as bid'a (innovation of the religion), and al-Wahhab's followers slew many Muslims for allegedly pagan ("kufr") practices.
And let no man doubt this Arkite story; for in the ancient Joppa, now Jaffa, on the Syrian coast, in one of the Pagan temples, there stood for many ages the vast skeleton of a whale, which the city's legends and all the inhabitants asserted to be the identical bones of the monster that Perseus slew.
Both of these tracks use elements of more than one existing song that play off each other in interesting ways, but then add a whole slew of new elements of original production as well.
By afternoon, a huge wooden bow, symbolic of that with which Shiva slew Mallasura, is brought and placed in the middle of a vast area called Denkana maradi.
Doing a slew of festivals along the way.
During that time, he encountered and slew Baiken and his gang.
Giving it three out of five stars, Sal Cinquemani of "Slant Magazine" criticized "Damita Jo" saying it featured "a slew of the gooey, structureless sex ballads that have become Janet's staple, including "Warmth," three-and-a-half minutes dedicated to describing how Ms. Jackson-if-you're-nasty gives a blowjob" but also called the songs "Like You Don't Love Me" and "Moist" "two of the album's best." Robert Christgau of "The Village Voice" called the album "less impressive than janet.
He baptized a great number and summoned a general meeting for confirmation at a place not far from Dokkum, between Franeker and Groningen. Instead of his converts, however, a group of armed inhabitants appeared who slew the aged archbishop.
He thought more of Bernardo del Carpio because at Roncesvalles he slew Roland in spite of enchantments, availing himself of the artifice of Hercules when he strangled Antaeus the son of Terra in his arms.
He was drawing in this circle geometrical lines, and seemed as much absorbed in his problem as Archimedes was when the soldier of Marcellus slew him.
He was owned by Alice and James P. Mills and trained by William H. Turner, Jr. who went on to train the 1977 U.S. Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew.
He was sired by 1992 U.S. Horse of the Year and U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee A.P. Indy, who in turn was a son of 1977 U.S. Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew.
If you mention any giant in your book contrive that it shall be the giant Goliath, and with this alone, which will cost you almost nothing, you have a grand note, for you can put--The giant Golias or Goliath was a Philistine whom the shepherd David slew by a mighty stone-cast in the Terebinth valley, as is related in the Book of Kings--in the chapter where you find it written.
In 1986, the duo was the house band at King Jammy's Studio, which became the center point of late-1980s reggae, by which time Steely Clevie were established production leaders with an immense slew of 12-inch and dub singles.
In 813 the Vikings slaughtered the men of Umall and slew their king DĂșnadach.
It would be refining too much, perhaps, even considering his monomania, to hint that his vindictiveness towards the White Whale might have possibly extended itself in some degree to all sperm whales, and that the more monsters he slew by so much the more he multiplied the chances that each subsequently encountered whale would prove to be the hated one he hunted.
Matthias chased the bird down and slew it, retrieving the ring - and in commemoration of this event, he took the Raven as a symbol for his signet sign.
Not much is available re: business activities in the 1960s, but he became involved to some degree with sports events / related promotion, and The Jacobs Family, owners of the NBA Cincinnati Royals as well as a slew of other enterprises.
Now it is an established fact that all or most famous knights-errant have some special gift, one that of being proof against enchantment, another that of being made of such invulnerable flesh that he cannot be wounded, as was the famous Roland, one of the twelve peers of France, of whom it is related that he could not be wounded except in the sole of his left foot, and that it must be with the point of a stout pin and not with any other sort of weapon whatever; and so, when Bernardo del Carpio slew him at Roncesvalles, finding that he could not wound him with steel, he lifted him up from the ground in his arms and strangled him, calling to mind seasonably the death which Hercules inflicted on Antaeus, the fierce giant that they say was the son of Terra.
Page recruited a slew of celebrity experts and well known authorities - including Congressmen - in order to attract more readers.
Prometheus slew a large ox, and divided it into two piles.
The expansion of the university over a flat meadow coveted by public parks officials wanting to build a visitors center for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area precipitated a slew of litigations and a battle with the school and local environmentalists.
The sages appealed Shiva to protect them; Shiva took on a new form and, taking with him his forces of seven crores goravas, warred with Mallasura and his brother Manikasura for 10 days> He then slew them both with his bow.
The twelve labors of Hercules were trifling in comparison with those which my neighbors have undertaken; for they were only twelve, and had an end; but I could never see that these men slew or captured any monster or finished any labor.
Trebek's colt, Reba's Gold, is the stakes-winning son of Slew o' Gold.
Walter hired the Catalan Company from Aragon, a group of mercenaries founded by Roger de Flor, to fight against the Byzantine successor states of Epirus and Nicaea, but when he tried to cheat and kill them in 1311, they slew him at the Battle of Halmyros and took over the Duchy, making Catalan the official language and replacing the French and Byzantine-derived laws of the Principality of Achaea with the laws of Catalonia.
While lamenting the recent slew of Shakespearean travesties in Bollywood, he states that Ram-Leela is "silly, wasteful, loud" in addition to being "an overplotted, bloody mess".
`Cucumetto had violated thy daughter,'said the bandit;`I loved her, therefore I slew her; for she would have served as the sport of the whole band.'

More Vocab Words

::: evenhanded - impartial; fair
::: fashion - give shape to; make; Ex. fashion the pot out of clay
::: munificent - very generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience
::: frolic - play and jump about happily; frisk; Ex. frolicking young lambs
::: practicable - feasible
::: overwhelm - (of water) cover completely; defeat completely by much greater force; Ex. overwhelmed by grief
::: fawning - courting favor by cringing and flattering; V. fawn: exhibit affection as a dog; seek favor or attention by obsequiousness
::: pulmonary - pertaining to the lungs
::: peruse - read through with care; N. perusal
::: extrapolation - projection; conjecture; V. extrapolate: infer (unknown information) from known information