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Vocabulary Word

Word: slaughter

Definition: killing of animals for food; massacre; V: butcher (animals) for food; kill in large numbers

Sentences Containing 'slaughter'

(Slaughter's Big Rip-Off 1973) Critics Reviews.
As evening comes, everyone gets into position in the trees around the slaughter ring, guns and grenades in hand.
At that slaughter house, the technique used for butchering cattle was to shock their heads.
Being African American did not hinder his lifestyle Slaughter was portrayed as a fierce “black buck” and nothing was going to bring him down.
But, gentlemen, the fool had been branded for the slaughter by the gods.
Byrne, who will later marry Holden, witnesses the slaughter from her flyer but is unable to prevent it.
Duncan, the mobs' new syndicate boss, is the exact opposite of Slaughter.
Following college he worked as a staff member for three members of Congress: Louise Slaughter, Brian Baird, and Darlene Hooley.
His Majesty made great slaughter among them, Š at the edge of the Bitter Lakes."
However, the birds were subject to mass slaughter in the 19th and early 20th Centuries because they were thought of as pests or easy targets for recreational shooting.
Hyomin witnesses Dani slaughter three men that Jiyeon's gang had been chasing and follow obediently after Jiyeon.
I interviewed those fuckin' hair bands: Cinderella, Slaughter."
In 1946, when there was wide-scale slaughter of Muslims, she went to consolidate the affected families and help the widows and children.
In Maryland, they are called Maryland Basins (Rasmussen and Slaughter 1955).
In the 1980s the Society actively campaigned against ritual slaughter.
In the early European history of the area, the gully containing the park and the Slaughter House Creek (now Newmarket Stream) was used as a rubbish dump.
It resulted in the graphic death by headshot of Slaughter's friend which reignited the old spark of fury and rage that Slaughter had when he was told of the death of his parents.
Kane reluctantly helps his cousins revolt and slaughter their tormentors.
Kearns has the woman's body chained in the middle of the slaughter ring.
Minimum intervals between administration and slaughter for food are 27 days (cattle) and 7 days (sheep and goats).
Once the men have finished setting up the 'slaughter ring,' Kearns pulls out the bait he brought with them: a woman's motionless body, "reposed as a corpse."
Rather than being in protective custody under the supervision of Duncan's crooked cops Slaughter remains on the streets and is now out for his new enemy, Duncan.
Ron O'Neal had Super Fly, Richard Roundtree had Shaft, Fred Williamson had Hammer and Jim Brown had Slaughter.
Several slaughter houses operated along Little Cabbage Tree Creek.
Slaughter also has a girlfriend named Marcia,Hendry, who is also being targeted by the mob, under Duncan's orders, to further provoke Slaughter.
Slaughter makes an agreement with Detective Reynolds Peters, to obtain confidential documents of the mafia's operations.
Slaughter was a fierce “black buck” and successfully brought Duncan to his own demise.
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off is a 1973 Blaxploitation film which was released during the 1970s Blaxploitation film era.
Slaughter's new friend, who is a police official, Det. Reynolds, warns him of the looming danger, and that his life is in peril.
Slaughter, and Hillbilly Jim) participating in a roundtable discussion about the goings-on in the WWF.
Some horses are still bred for slaughter, and much of the meat is exported to Japan.
The "Bey", however, has illegally sold the sheep to some sheep traders, who begin to slaughter the animals.
The album for "Slaughter's Big Rip-Off" and the songs associated with it were composed by James Brown.
The commanders of the Aequi begged Cincinnatus not to slaughter them all.
The film opens up with Slaughter (Jim Brown) at a friend's house during a lavish outdoor picnic/lunch celebration.
The housekeeper said the same, so eager were they both for the slaughter of those innocents, but the curate would not agree to it without first reading at any rate the titles.
The issue included a handful of show reviews and "A Subjective History of Punk Rock In Utah" by JD Slaughter.
The last, also known as the "Goliad Massacre", included the deliberate slaughter of Texans who had surrendered.
The mighty bridge, stretching along over our heads, had done its share in the slaughter and spoliation.
The new crime boss, Duncan played by Ed McMahon is now after Slaughter, for having killed ex Mafia Boss, Dominc Hoff from director Jack Starrett's 1972 Slaughter . The viewer sees a change in theme as the mob is now after Slaughter to settle the score.
The plot of "Slaughter's Big Rip-Off" begins where the original "Slaughter" had ended.
The Raiders suffered their only loss of the season in a 48–17 slaughter by the Patriots.
The team owner, and head coach, is Tawan Slaughter, a native of the Buffalo area.
Their slaughter was brought about solely on religious grounds.
These culminated in the Protectorate-wide riots of 1955-1956, which were suppressed only by a considerable slaughter of peasants by the army.
This involves the slaughter of the Japanese and Manchurian guards, and various civilians.
Through the arts Slaughter was portrayed as a hero to not simply just end injustice but more importantly to be an icon and symbol for the African American community.
Vince Neil has toured his solo band, which consisted of Slaughter members Jeff Blando and Dana Strum, as well as drummer Zoltan Chaney.
`O, miserable, miserable me, to slaughter the pitying soul that, stood a friend to my darlings when they were helpless, and would have saved them if he could!
• Jim Brown's “Slaughter” character is the highlight of his filming career.
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